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Full name Sachin Vasily Harlow
Date of Birth April 30th 2510
Birthplace Osiris
Parents Thomas and Yulia Harlow
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 5'10"/170lbs
Status Active
Education Information

University of Medicine: Osiris (Did not complete program)

Employment History


Personal Notes

Former member of the Gold Tigers gang.


Sachin is a well built man who stands without a slouch at about five foot, ten inches. His straight hair is short and is parted off to one side, and combed forward. His shoulders are broad and gives the appearance of having a very solid stance. His skin is a lighter medium, and his hands are clean and relatively smooth. His grayish blue eyes are rather cool and distant, and his nose is straight and pointed. His lips are rather full for a man, and his lightly stubbled jaw is narrow and angular.

When Sachin speaks, his voice is pleasantly smokey and raspy, a bit like dark oak wood that has cracked from lack of oil.

"Важно не то, как долго ты прожил, а как хорошо жил."
- It is not how long one lives, but how well.


Sachin was born to Thomas and Yulia Harlow, a family of moderate wealth on Osiris. Raised an only child, he was pushed to high expectations by his parents. His mother gave him her side of the family's gifts: Russian (by means of speaking it to him at home), and red-green color blindness (by means of genetics). He did well in school, (despite never really studying) but had persistent behavioral problems involving convincing other children of false information, leading to fights between other students, or other students performing physically risky behaviors. Despite these challenges, he developed refined tastes for the arts, encouraged by his mother.

When time came for college, Sachin was accepted into the University of Medicine on Osiris. Along with an education, he found himself a boyfriend at the college, and spent less and less time in class and more and more time with him, nicking pain medications from the school for a good time at home. When his boyfriend switched majors, their time together was reduced. Sachin couldn't recover from his habits of ignoring class, and his grades dropped. Not that he cared all that much. Eventually, his lover quit meeting him, and stopped responding to WAVES. Sachin tried to track him down in classes.. To find he wasn't in any of them. He had disappeared. Probably due to worry and finding a way to exercise the difficulty of having a lover completely cut him off, Sachin began spending more time in the blackout zones than in class. Sachin's parents eventually refused to pay for an empty seat in his classes, and he dropped out.

Being the stubborn, smart ass with the easily bruised ego, Sachin decided that he didn't need his parents' assistance. For about a year, Sachin was employed by Blue Sun as a lesser security guard. A few bribes here and there to look the other way temporarily staved off the boredom, but he grew tired of the drudgery and quit.

He kept his.. -Friends- he met in security, and soon began to rely on his charm, elegance and surprisingly, reliability to facilitate deeds of varying dirtiness in the cleaner part of the underworld.. and soon came to be a respected member in the gang known as the Gold Tigers. He liked the freedom it brought, the substances, and the company. He was successful, and it came naturally, how enticing for a young man with a childhood filled with pressure. He still sent WAVES to his lover's last known Cortex address faithfully… usually drunk, high, or on lonely holidays. Finally, after five years of sending WAVES into the black of the 'verse..

You have one new message!
Sach, I'm scared.

Recent Events

The work the Tigers forced upon him became dirtier and dirtier, soon slipping from glamorous work of providing drugs to celebrities, and charming them into buying more from him to roughing people up for money owed, to outright hits on political figures. When Reilly waved him, Sachin used the excuse to drop his ties to the Gold Tigers to seek out his lover. The reunion was strained. Neither was the man they knew six years ago, and it led to tension which couldn't be reconciled.

So, with a nasty split in his heart, Sachin was offered a chance at redemption from the Tigers - getting a few members an in at an Earth-That-Was Art restoration event. He missed his window, and the job went south. It ended with a shootout that left many injured and some dead, and unwanted attention directed at the gang.

Needless to say, the Tigers aren't happy with him.

Rp Hooks

  • Sachin's provided recreational drugs to the upper crust; focusing on performers, singers, actors, dancers.. Is he your hookup?
  • Sachin studied at the University of Osiris for a time. Did you take classes with him?
  • He also attended a lot of parties instead of classes at U of O... have you partied with him before?
  • Sachin's had a reputation with seducing women, and sometimes men. Did you have a one-night stand?
  • Sachin was once a member of the Gold Tigers gang, but recently has tried to distance himself from the "family". You an ex-family member? Or someone who wants to drag him back?

The People

Helen - Tough as nails nurse. Wish she'd kick the habit.
Eleanor - Time heals all wounds.
Victoria - V. Darling.
Fenton - The Companion.
Nuenya - Medic with a heavy past.
Dazey - Nuenya's Sachin's corgi fur baby!
Aubrey - The strangest man Sachin's ever met. Despite Aubrey's....comments...Sachin's protective of this one.
Vega - What a dick.
Katie - May as well be blood. Little sister.
Reilly Kelly


Pavanorama - Deviations Project
Adagio for Strings - Samuel Barber
Tili Tili Bom - Russian Lullaby


  • Brave New World - Adoulus Huxley
  • Carmilla - J. Sheridan LeFanu
  • Frankenstein - Mary Shelley
  • A Clockwork Orange - Anthony Burgess
  • Dracula - Bram Stoker
  • Cloud Atlas - David Mitchell
  • Slaughterhouse Five - Kurt Vonnegut
  • Lolita - Vladimir Nabokov


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