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Sabrina Devereaux
Full name Sabrina Marie Devereaux
Date of Birth February 15th, 2497
Parents Stephan and Mathilda Devereaux
Siblings None
Spouse Negotiable
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'8", 128lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Home Schooled until age 11
  • Companion Academy, Sihnon
Employment History
  • Companion, House Madrassa - Eight Years
  • Companion, House Daska - Recent Transfer

Companion Profile

Sabrina is a new transfer to House Daska from House Madrassa on Sihnon. Still in her mid-twenties, she is blessed with a dedication that some might find difficult to match. Originally from Londinium, she was home-schooled from an early age by an excellent tutor. Recruited at age eleven, she entered the House on Sihnon and began her education there. Sabrina graduated a few days shy of her nineteenth birthday and joined the House with honor.


Sabrina specializes in negotiations and deals that can become very tense. Indeed, this is her preference in contracts. However she has been known to take more romanticly-inclined clients, though it has been a rarity in the past few years. Many would describe Sabrina as a bright soul with a penchant for good humor. She holds discretion in the highest regard and has a solid feeling for when it and its friend 'subtlty' are required. Miss Devereaux is also known to travel to the Rim often enough and take clients in places some other Companions may hesitate.


At a hair over five feet, eight inches, mixed heritage comes together in this woman in a way that few could be blessed with, combining what one might guess at being Italian and possibly French ancestors. Softly tanned skin on a heart-shaped face with defined features and a smallish nose seem to be the physical construction of confidence. Her eyes are infinitely deep but light brown and carry a softness that while in others may be a flashing contrast to the rest of her face, on her they betray a woman who has a depth of experience in her life. Meanwhile her full red lips appear constantly on the verge of a smile as if she was the only one aware of a fun secret. While other women such as herself may opt for intricate, longer styles, Sabrina's dark, thick brown hair is worn just-passed shoulder-length with wheat blonde highlights across the front. It arcs back to her ears but never quite tucks behind, falling to a chunky style at the tips.

Her curves are undoubtedly feminine and her clothing, while conservative, does nothing to try and mute them. An ankle-length midnight blue silk dress hugs her form, closely fitted along her upper body and flaring a bit more loose at the waist to allow a freedom to her legs. A light gold decorative belt holds the ends of a black silk sash that hangs low off her right hip but extends up over her left shoulder and chest to wrap around back into the belt on her hip. At the bottom and center of her dress, a thick piece of layered black silk is attached about halfway up the material to become separate. The fabric's journey continues upward to be tucked up under the belt and back through the buckle. Into the bottom over her dress, black stitching has been sewn into a variety of crisscross patterns that are barely visible and slowly fade to match the blue.