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This is IC information.
This information is displayed publicly on the cortex, and may be used ICly.

SCS : Special Commando Service
Special Commando Service
Inception Fall 2525
Location Mobile Combat Platform
Multiple Operating Bases & Training Sites Across 'Verse
Unit Members
  • Information Unavailable

[Deadpool]: This is Deadpool.
[Caller]: The Mercenary?
[Deadpool]: I prefer "Well-Compensated Establishment Provocateur."
- Cable & Deadpool, Issue 1

The unofficially official badge of the SCS. Specifically, the knife in skull.

Special Commando Service

We're not your average security company, or private military contractors, or anything of those ilk. In fact, we'd prefer it if you'd just go ahead and call us by what we really are: soldiers of fortune, professionals, mercenaries, or traveling opportunists.

We don't pretend to sell any other service nor do we act in a strictly defensive role. We are, at our core, soldiers paid to fight for your cause. We're not Alliance. We're not an army either. We're mobile, highly capable, and willing to put our lives on the line to protect your best interests.

We're the SCS.

And now we're at your service.


The Special Commando Service has two distinctive periods of activity to its name.

It initially started out as but a dream in the aging mercenary Marc Orrell's head, who then struck a lucrative deal with the Tienlong Fleet to form his own freelance team of highly-skilled, trained, and armed soldiers of fortune. The team would support the Tienlong extensively and the Tienlong would, in turn, provide a mobile headquarters. Since that start, things had panned out well enough for the team to move out of the ship and off of the radar of society as a whole.

Around this time is where they named themselves the Special Commando Service.

Sev Desera then joined the command branch of the team while Marc Orrell placed himself into a more administrative position. The SCS has still kept to its private nature and has since founded more permanent bases on a handful of planets in order to properly fine-tune their practices and training operations. Their numbers have also swelled from the initial squad, and now boast more than five specialized forward-operating teams and support personnel. Business has thus began to boom.

Now headed by Sev Desera, this is arguably a peak of performance for the SCS.

The multi-hundred thousand credit purchase of Persephone's famed Helios Grand Hotel in late October of 2527 attests to their strength and connections with varying influential people from Nobles to the Underworld.


Special Commando Service, colloquially referred to as 'SCS' is a multinational special operations force composed of the best members of paramilitary, civilian and other armed forces with various Special Operations experience. They are the best handpicked group of warriors out of all the 'Verse.

Specific information on personnel strength is currently unavailable. However, the Special Commando Service has been rumored to field upwards to twenty forward-operating ten-man teams simultaneously between modified freighter transport ships that serve as mobile bases and decommissioned short-range vehicles, in particular ASREVs, as gunship/dropships. Publicly known licensed vehicles include the Dragonflys Aigaion, Gryphon, and Ouroboros, and ASREVs Aphis, Galm, Gyges, Kottos, Manticore, and Typhon. They have openly used different types of all-terrain armored vehicles for ground operations. They use call-signs during field operations and make use of military-grade equipment and their own personalized variants of body armors.

Members of the Gryphon