Roy Tanner

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Roy Tanner
Full name Roy Tanner
Date of Birth March 15
Parents Jake (father), Petra (mother)
Siblings Dina (sister, elder), Emma (sister, elder), Rita (sister, elder), Carrie (sister, younger), Leslie (sister, younger)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Chief of Security - Bengalo Draba (Firefly - 03)
Specialization Firearms of all types.
Gender M
Eyes and Hair pale grey and dirty blonde
Height and Weight 5' 10" and 173 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Homeschooled
Military Service
  • n/a
Personal Notes

Roy also plays guitar and sings quite well.

Age: 18



He's got a young face. A fresh face. A plain face. Of average height, and of average appearance, this young man could probably be quite easily over-looked in most crowds. His dirty blonde hair, slightly too long to be fashionable, tends to look slightly wind-blown, even if there hasn't been a hint of a breeze for days. His pale grey eyes are probably his best feature. Being the window to one's soul, as they say, his eyes reveal in him a kind of calm, and a warmth that some might find endearing.

He wears mostly well broken-in denim. A once-blue button-down shirt that has faded to a pale blue-grey colour, vaguely thread-bare about the cuffs and collar, but otherwise in good condition is worn over a black t-shirt that looks to have some sort of print on it, though it's mostly covered by the denim. Blue jeans look to be rather better maintained, though they too have been worn down to that almost silky level of comfort that only the best blue jeans can ever attain. His boots are old, and were probably once brown, but have seen much work and have faded to a kind of muddy grey colour that is caked in so densely that they'll never really look clean again. He wears a pair of guns, one at each hip, the one on his left side reversed for cross-side drawing with the right, rather than the way someone would carry it for firing two guns at once.

Areas of Skill


Bengalo Draba