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Full name Rose "Epona" Ashley-Babbage
Date of Birth April 14, 2501
Parents Marjolaine and Adrian Ashley
Siblings Joseph Ashley
Spouse Babbage - Proposed Jan. 14, 2526
Children Expected early June.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Blonde
Height and Weight 5'6"/133 lbs
Status Active
Personal Notes

OOC Note: Languages known:

  • English
  • Chinese
  • French

Sheet Information:

  • Good Name and Leaf on the Wind Feats - (Highly skilled land-vehicle operator. Winner of dozens of "unofficial" races.)
  • Phobia - The presence of firearms causes worry; the use of them fear; petrification when aiming at Rose

Rose Ashley-Babbage is a woman composed of pride, confidence, and flesh-- though longer after the lattermost has melted away, the form two will most certainly continue to burn.

She is, at the very least, most certainly a criminal; her records seem to match up more to a planet full of insane drivers, rather than a single woman. And yet, for a criminal, she bucks the trend (in some sense of the word); she's polite, rarely curses (in anything but a dead language, at lea), and won't touch a gun to save her life.


((Pre-grid things))

But in the last two or so years, the woman's undergone a remarkable change; far from her former, rather angsty self, she's begun to appreciate life as it is, rather than hope for some curious fantasy ( "Dieu merci," her mother might remark on the change, "enfin!"). While these last few years have been an adventure unto themselves, only two events seem so unique that they deserve to be separated from the mass of stupidity and flaming Christmas tree's. On the 14th of January, 2526, Robbert Babbage proposed to Rose; that March, they were married atop the Medical Wellness Clinic. It was planned, it was loving, and it was something Rose never in a million years would have envisioned for herself.

That same year, nine months later, Rose and Robbert decided to have a child. Just one, of course; while they'd done a wonderful job of raising Juliet-the-ferret, the idea of a child was still a frightening concept. While noone's really sure whether this was a blessing or a cruel twist of fate, an ultrasound later revealed Rose to be pregnant-- with twins.

Fun facts!

  • Rose has never ridden a horse, or even seen one in person. "Epona" was simply a name the woman "chose," when partaking in less-than-legal races; as the goddess-protector of horses, the name seemed fitting.
  • Rose is the first in her family to know any more than basic English. The fact that she can speak fairly articulately has turned her into the family translator.
  • When excessively nervous, Rose loses that same articulation; the further from a relaxed state she gets, the less English she seems to know-- starting with phrases interspersed within her speech and replacing entire sentences, and ending with a complete lack of comprehension or linguistic ability in the language.
  • Rose has been charged with dozens of small crimes and misdemeanors related to vehicles, including (but not limited to): one case of Grand Theft Auto, fourteen instances of reckless endangerment with a vehicle, seven instances of driving with a suspended license, and two of driving without a valid license.
  • Rose favors skill over safety in almost every instance.
  • Rose favors fun over skill and safety in a fair majority of events.
  • Rose is a pacifist, to some degree. While not above giving someone a good punch in the fase, she finds most "killing" weaponry (guns, rifles, explosives, etcetera) disturbing on a number of levels, and tends to avoid those who use them. The exception to this is non-lethal weaponry; tasers and their ilk.

RP Hooks

This is OOC Information
This information is to be considered OOC knowledge. Scraps of knowledge can be acted upon OOCly to initiate RP-- but when in doubt to the legitimacy of such RP Hooks, go ahead and ask the player; she won't bite, honest!

  • Rose and her husband are in the process of building a motorcycle from scratch. They're in the market for cheap (used or new) parts.
  • Though she'll fervently try to deny it, Rose is something of a nerd. Mention ancient Earth-that-was shows (in particular, Doctor Who) to get a reaction.
  • Rose was recently hired by Rokusaburo as both a piloting instructor and a French language teacher.