Ronel Leight

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Full name Ronel Leight
Date of Birth 27 Nov 2486
Birthplace Bernadette
Parents Sgt.Maj. Tristan + Julie Williams
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Security, Guan-Yin II
Specialization Security / Medic
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, Black
Height and Weight 5' 8", 190 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Officer's basic course
Alliance Medic Course
Combat Medic Course
Special Forces Medical Operator Course
Infantry Officer Course
Physician Assistant's Course

Military Service

2503-2513 - Special Forces Combat Medic
2513 - Promotion to Officer's Rank
Infantry Platoon Commander
2514 - Promotion to First Lieutenant
2521 - Promotion to Captain
2522 - Retirement

Employment History

Valiant - 2522 - 2525
Guan-Yin II - current