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"Made You Look." -- Jake Roman's Motto
Jake Roman
Full name Jake Roman
aka Rome, Trick, Stop! Thief!
Date of Birth 12 June 2506
Birthplace Unknown
Parents Unknown
The Magnificent Merlynne (former "guardian")
Siblings James Roman (older brother)
Assignment Street Magician, Professional Illusionist
Specialization Magic. Women.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, Brown
Height and Weight 5'7"
154 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

No Formal Education.

  • Street Scholar
  • Private Tutoring in Magic and Illusions by The Magnificent Merlynne
Employment History
  • Public: Street Magician.
  • Underworld: Con Artist, Thief
Personal Notes
  • Allergy: Soy
  • Suffers From: Nightmares, Kleptomania

Look Closer

Between his hair and his eyes, this young man's heritage provides a few shades of brown to choose from. His hair is styled into a short neat cut, although parts of his hair have been flicked upwards in a messy style that fits his overall appearance. He's a bit on the average side in terms of height, with a slim and athletic frame that resembles a swimmer's build. He sports a strong jawline in the midst of a clean shaven face. All in all, his entire physical stature is not imposing in the least. Almost as if it were designed to be as unassuming and average as possible.

As if "street" were a defining term in his chosen attire, his clothes are on the lower end of the color scale. Dark denim leads down to a pair of black work boots, complete with dark gray laces. His shirt is of a soft material, casually dressy with the top two buttons left undone. Thrown over all of his is a soft black leather jacket. Here and there the glint of silver themed jewelry peeks out from his neck area or his sleeves for just a single moment.

The Set Up

Jake Roman doesn't know where he comes from. He doesn't know or can't even remember his parents. The only family that he's ever really known was his brother, James. James was older and took care of Jake in the various spaceports that they spent their time in. It was always constant movement with James, traveling from planet to planet on any ship or any shuttle they could get passage on. No matter where they went, they never spent more than a few days there. Honestly, Jake had probably seen most of the 'Verse by the time he was seven years old. Not that he was paying that much attention. He was a kid on a whirlwind adventure with his big brother. What could possibly have gone wrong?

Something did.

Jake doesn't even remember which 'port they were in when he last saw his brother. All he remembers was some commotion and suddenly James was shoving him onto the shuttle headed for Londinium. Without only a knapsack, a reminder note about his allergy of soy and a deck of cards, Jake was forced to his own devices at the crisp young age of 8. Thrown to the wolves, in a manner of speaking, it was Jake's lonely card shuffling that grabbed the attention of former celebrity and Mistress of Magic: The Magnificent Merlynne. Practically a queen in the magician community and a well-known celebrity 'Versewide, Merlynne took pity on the young lad and after hearing his sad, sad story, took him in as a ward and apprentice.

Jake's training began in earnest. Merlynne took him through the history of magic and illusion, laying the foundation first and letting Jake blossom from there and on his own. He already had a knack for card tricks, something that just seemed to come naturally to him and that is what he used to branch out into other various illusions and practices. Over time, Jake came to realize that using magic effects and creating enjoyable illusions could get him a little recognition and quite a few credits. Not that he needed them, Merlynne was loaded beyond loaded, but it was always nice to earn a little something on his own.

No formal education was needed. Merlynne taught him everything she knew and Jake took it and ran with it. He worked his magic for two reasons: Credits and Girls. And he would often get both at the same time. It wasn't until he started to realize that he could use his magician talents for some of the more unsavory things did he start to get yanked in a different direction than his Mentor. Becoming a slave to a gradual kleptomania compulsion, Jake Roman turned to a life of misdirection and petty theft. Distracting his victims with clever card tricks and illusions, while picking pockets and relieving people of their valuables. He made quite a recognizable name for himself among those unsavory sorts beneath the street. Rome had gotten a taste of the Underworld and couldn't let go.

Roman and Merlynne clashed like titans when she found out what he was doing. The argument went on for days before Roman decided he'd be better off alone. He stormed out and hasn't spoken to his mentor since. Granted, he has been keeping tabs to make sure she's alright but his stubbornness just won't allow him to be the one to apologize first. Even if it became obvious that she was right all along. Not long after striking out on his own, to become a magician of his own credit, did Jake realize just how dangerous living life on the edge of the Underworld could be. But he also began to see the pain and the poverty that others were going through. His eyes had been opened to the reality of many situations and he began to see why Merlynne did what she did. To boost morale. To lighten the load. To make someone, somewhere smile.

That's what magic is all about.

So. What do you believe in?

Behind The Curtain

Personality Coming Soon.

Stacking The Deck

Street Magic: Roman is an incredible street magician. He can take ordinary items from around his immediate area and perform amazing effects and magic tricks with them. He's very talented with close up magic effects, sleight of hand, misdirection and a host of other tricks of the magician's trade.

Card Throwing: Perhaps the only combative ability he has, Roman is an expert in throwing cards. While others may need guns or knives to inflict pain, Roman only needs a handful of playing cards. He can throw them with keen precision and talent. After all, what hurts worse than a paper cut?

Illusions: A well learned magician, Roman has illusory abilities beyond the average individual. Whether it be something he's set up prior or something impromptu, Roman kind of has an innate ability in the crafting and designing of illusions and magic effects or tricks. His skill level is high enough that he could probably hold the attention of an audience if he could ever gather a big enough one.

Escape Artistry: Sort of a by product of being a magician, Roman is somewhat talented in the art of escaping. Handcuffs, cells, boxes and other such captivity elements are child's play to the magician stylings of Jake Roman. He's not exactly an easy target for capture.

Ambidextrous: "Look ma'. Both hands." Yeah, that's pretty much it. Roman is as talented with one hand as he is with both. He doesn't favor a particular side and can honestly perform his tricks with practiced ease

Pick A Card. Any Card.

Relationships Coming Soon.

Wanna' See A Magic Trick?

Do You Believe In Magic?
Not real magic, of course, but Roman is a professional illusionist and street magician. Maybe you've seen his act? Maybe you just like magic? Or maybe you want to hire him to provide some much needed morale boosting for your company or ship?
That's What She Said
Rumors about Jake Roman circulate throughout the 'Verse. He's not exactly a womanizer or a ladies man. Though, he does tend to spend quite a bit of time with the opposite sex for any number of reasons. Are you on this list? Do you want to be?
Crime Pays
For those that know of him in the Underworld, Jake Roman is known as something of a thief and a con artist. Need one?
Stop! Thief!
Jake Roman can be found in almost any spaceport performing his magic. This is more often than not a front so he can get his hands on things that don't belong to him. Has he stolen from you in the past? Do you want something stolen?
Wanna' Bet?
While he doesn't have a gambling problem, he does like to play. Especially when cards on involved. Have we played before? Who won? Did he cheat you? Does he owe you?
Double Take
Jake looks a lot like his brother, James. Not exactly like twins but the resemblance can be uncanny sometimes. A case of mistaken identity? Maybe you're a sniper looking for James (for some reason) and shoot at Jake instead? Did James womanize you and Jake gets the accidental revenge?
The Sorceress' Apprentice
Who doesn't know The Magnificent Merlynne? Did we meet through Merlynne's high profile connections? Are we second-hand acquaintances or enemies?
The Magician's Code
Are you a magician? Want to be a magician? Or do you just want to try and crack the code? Roman has taken the Magician's Oath and is a welcomed member of the community. Are you?
Riff Raff. Street Rat. I Don't Buy That.
Jake has spent some time on the streets of various planets. He always seems to hook up with the street rats and runners of the planets. He can relate to them more often than not. Have you ran the streets together? Pissed off the same law enforcement?
Parental Guidance Is Suggested
Jake has no idea who his parents are or anything about them. James never spoke of them. Not that he's that interested in finding out where he came from but the possibility and curiosity is always there. Beneath the surface. Got any leads?

The Magic Words

Quotes Coming Soon.

Avada Kedavra

Now You See Me


Logs Coming Soon.