Rodney Kilbride

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Full name Rodney Kilbride
Date of Birth March 30, 2483
Spouse Divorced
Children None
Assignment Captain, Wulver


Gender Male
Height and Weight 6'2"/223lbs
Status Active
Education Information

St. Albans Public Education

St Albans U.: BS of Liberal Arts

Military Service

Mustered into Second St. Albans Volunteer Regiment, Independent Army: Elected First Lieutenant by men. 2506

Promoted to Captain, takes command of 1st Company, 2nd St. Albans Volunteers 2507

Promoted to Major, Executive Officer:Second St. Albans Volunteers 2509

Commanding Officer, Second Saint Albans Volunteers 2511 Surrendered: May 2511

Rodney Kilbride(2483- ) : St. Albans was the place of Rodney's birth, with his family having been a particularly large one. He had four brothers, and five sisters, all of whom he was very close to. His father was a fairly well-to-do supervisor at one of the larger mining complexes, which allowed his mother to stay home, and take care of the family. This, as well as the overall sense of community on the frigid planet had left Rodney with a strong sense of loyalty to those that he allows to join his extended 'family'.

This may have been what lead to his election as a Lieutenant within a pure volunteer regiment that was formed on the Rim world, when the War broke out. He lead a platoon of friends and even family, as all of his brothers, and three of his sisters were volunteers within the regiment. As the violence continued, and officers were killed, or promoted, he ended up taking over the First Company of the Second St. Alban's Volunteers. Promoted to Major, he was the Executive Officer until early in the battle of Serenity Valley, when he took command after his Colonel was killed. At war's end, Rod wass still a Major, with his youngest brother surviving as the Regimental Sergeant Major. But, his other siblings were not so lucky, with three of the seven having died, and two of the others surviving crippling injuries. He surrendered at Serenity Valley, the last surviving officer of the Second St. Albans Volunteers.

After his amnesty, the former Major was unable to return to St. Albans, racked with guilt, and took to drifting, earning coin as a gunhand, and gambler. He ended up on Santo, with a pocket full of winnings, and bought a rickety old club, refurbishing it during the early boom days after the war, and meeting a local girl, a former soldier herself. They were married for ten, fairly uneventful years, until his gambling addiction finally caught up with him...and he lost his club in a high-stakes game. She left him, tired of dealing with his addiction, and now he's down to his last few hundred credits, living hand to mouth, and looking for work...back to days of drifting.

Now, finding himself on Hera, not far from the end of his last violent career, he has been reunited with a former comrade. Tuesday Quinn, a Sergeant within his old regiment. They returned to old form quickly, drinking the night away, and making plans to work together, wherever they ended up. She's also taken it upon herself to watch out for him, knowing he's prone to losing far too much money at the card tables.

Sulchar Baobh. Death of Tuesday Quinn. Closure of the Witch.

Rodney left Tienlong...followed by a loyal group of the crew. They're focused on the formation of a new corporation, and the purchase of a starship from which to operate it.

Along with his loyal crew, Rodney has purchased the Sulchar Baobh, a Firefly '03, and set to refurbishing and preparing it for its duties as their small companies vessel. He's found a home that he can call his own, and share with those he cares about.

The Sulchar Baobh was allowed to rust, crew having been dissolved after the loss of Rodney's lover, Tuesday Quinn. But, after almost a year of mourning, he has begun to re-crew the ship, relying on his long-time friend, Cody Martin, as his First Mate.

His home, the Sulchar Boabh was too full of memories, and Rodney officially disbanded the crew, scattering what had been a family to the winds, and selling her to Black Wolf Enterprises. Taking the proceeds, he sought to find adventures, and distraction...perhaps play the part of benefactor to a cause that he felt worth his time and money.

Retire? Rodney? Not So Much.

An extended period of time was spent at his childhood home on Saint Albians, caring for his sick mother. But, Rodney has returned to the world of the living, searching for new challenges.

Rodney has most recently purchased the Wulver, a surplus ASREV, and though he is still working for Shenjing, he has been seeking for a proper crew to help in making the small, but nimble craft functional as more than a mobile home for the frequent drifter.

Trouble and Death?

Rodney has formed a history of having become quick to temper, especially since the apparent death of Tuesday Quinn. This has resulted in numerous gunfights, and brawls...most often ending in his victory, or atleast in the case of the brawls, a draw that lead to some mutual respect. He's also known for a fierce dislike of the Romany people.

These two elements true to a head, when Jade Tycho sucker punched him in the Dregs', taking offence at his 'Gyp' slurs. An inconclusive brawl lead to a gunfight that led to both combatants bloodied, and holed by .585 rounds. But, Kilbride took the worst of it, and died that day, amid a puddle of his own blood. While rumors argue that he was brought back from emptyness of death, it has not been made clear, yet. He was last seen being given hurried first aid by Violet Taylor and Sinklar Fist.

Jilting, Legroom,and Making New Friends

Not too long after his death, Rodney's relationship with Roxana Delos continued to grow more serious, and while drunk, and stoned out of his mind on painkillers, he was moved to sentimentality at Terra Takemoto and Amakaze's wedding. In this perilous state, he proposed to Roxana...alas, he was too drunk to speak proper English, and had fallen into his Scottish slang, and as such, the proposal was noted only by Lord Carmichael.

Upon Kilbride soberly translating this proposal for Roxie, after her questioning the rumours of their pending marriage, the woman refused quite strongly. The jilted Scotsman was butthurt for a short time, but their relaationship did not, apparently suffer for it, as they continued to be seen in shared company quite often,and are frequent visitors to each others ship.

The 'Wulver' was traded in for a larger model, courtesy of Lord Salin Fawzy, and despite the extra legroom, drama exploded upon the APC that Rodney's crew now called home. Most of it, Rod's fault. Over the course of 24 hours, Rodney punched the quite harmless Amakaze in the face, had a brawl with his Senior Gunhand, Kell Draygo, was dumped by Roxana, trashed the galley of his own ship, and was shot three times in an apparent duel with John Mardigan, whom was also nearly fatally shot. The fight seemed to be over Violet Taylor, his Chief Mechanic...and Mr. Mardigan was promptly hired, upon certainty that he wasn't dead.

And then lots of other shit happened. And Rod was ship-wrecked. He's back now. It's a good thing.


As Separatist sentiments came to light on Bernadette, Kilbride found himself taking action against the Alliance, in secret on that world. After a handful of skirmishes, further information was revealed by hackers. A laundry list of nasty things the Alliance had done while in power. In the ensuing fallout, Persephone and Paquin found themselves beset by the possibility of revolution. Rodney was a vocal advocate of resistance, and was labeled as guilty of sedition. He was hit with a fifty thousand credit bounty by the Alliance, and a further twenty thousand credit bounty by 'Charley Wong', in retaliation for the bounty that he placed on the head of 'Heather Jacy' for crimes against humanity.


Duel on Shenjing:A mere few moments after returning to an old crew, an Alliance offers attempts to take Rodney in on bogus charges. A duel is in end result.

Who's Old and Slow Now, Kell?: Rodney, drunk, naked, and full of spunk, ends up teaching Kell to stop calling him old and slow.