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Full name Roberto Chin
Date of Birth June 8th, 2485
Parents Langston and Juliet Chin
Siblings None
Spouse N/A
Assignment CEO, Ricochet Arms
  • (Previously) Staff Surgeon, Dumont Medical Services
  • (Previously) Crown Minister, Pirate Commonwealth
  • (Previously) Fleet Surgeon, Pirate Commonwealth
  • (Previously) Captain, Leviathan
  • (Previously) Chief Medical Office/Surgeon, Leviathan
  • (Previously) Concierge Doctor, Persephone
  • (Previously) Trauma Studies Fellow, Johnston General Hospital (Persephone)
Specialization Trauma Surgery, subspec. in virology
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information

B.S. Kiuly University (Pre-med/Biology), M.D. Hith Medical Center, Trauma Board Certification, Trauma Coordinator Certification

Military Service

Civilian Contractor via Johnston General Hospital, lead trauma instructor


He was born to a wealthy father and mother on Persephone almost forty years ago. His upbringing was quiet and relaxed - servants to take care of him, his family involved now and then as his father wasn't on business trips or his mother attending to one of her various charities that really ultimately did no real good. At seventeen he graduated and attended a nearby prestigious college. Majoring in biochemistry he graduated, attended medical school. After graduating from medical school he began his residency. He specialized in surgery and after a few years of internship became a surgical fellow. During this time he volunteered to take part in training military doctors, nurses and combat medics for the Alliance. He participated in this program for several years before being discharged due to an incident involving two nurses, a student and a case of whiskey. After leaving the program in disgrace (and fired from the hospital, one of the students was a very high ranking diplomat's daughter) he found work as a concierge doctor for the rich. After one or two years of this he was ready to start out into the 'verse, looking for a job on a ship or a business as a doctor. He found the Leviathan, who needed a doctor. He was hired by Nysacire O'Doherty and while the two have been at odds at times, Roberto has found himself not only promoted to chief medical officer/surgeon for the ship, he has also found himself promoted into a position of nobility within the new Pirate Commonwealth. He proved himself in several tough medical situations, showing himself to be a relatively unflappable professional who advocates for his patients and forces sound medical care on the pirate fleet whether they like it or not. Situations like multiple gunshot wound victims and a virus attack proved his skill level and Roberto now feels far more comfortable in the fleet and in his role.

Now he's working with others, trying to make sure that the burgeoning government is tending to medical needs as well as political and military ones. He's become involved in work creating a Commonwealth wide medical system, including medical databases and training programs, as well as his dream for opening a hospital long term on one of the Commonwealth planets.

After a long stint as CMO of the Leviathan, Roberto was promoted even higher within the noble ranks, and promoted to Chief Surgeon for the whole Commonwealth. In time he was promoted to captain of his own ship - the Leviathan, and then to Crown Minister. The right hand of Frost and Lareina, the third in command of the entire Commonwealth and a Marquis in the noble order.

In the fall of 2526 Roberto apparently left the Commonwealth, showing up on Persephone under the employ of Lirin Dumont as a staff surgeon at Dumont Medical Services. It was later revealed that some sort of special pardon from some aspect of the Alliance government had cleared his record, although word on the street is that the Alliance military is not at all happy that the former Crown Minister not only is a legal citizen again, but is carrying some sort of weapons permit. Lirin's sister Caliara has been seen often in his company, perhaps in some sort of security role.

In early 2527 Roberto bought out Ricochet Arms, a Rim and Border renowned company that specializes in firearms. Since then, the company has rebounded and started turning great profits.


This male stands at around six feet tall, perhaps somewhere around two hundred pounds and change - hefty enough to not be extraordinarily skinny but not so well built that he appears bodybuilder-like or really well muscled. He's gifted with dusky skin - either natural or the result of years spent under the sun - and a ready smile that flashes clean teeth every now and then. His pale brown eyes are set under dark eyebrows, dark black hair is worn long enough to settle in front of his eyes now and then, but often pushed back out of the way. He has a strong jawline and cheekbones with slightly angled eyes that suggest some heavy Asian ancestry.

He's wearing a dark blue light cotton button down shirt - short sleeved with a subdued hatch like design and a pair of dark black light cotton slacks that fall onto dark brown, polished loafer-type shoes. He has a simple silver chain around his neck, a small silver hoop earring in his left ear. A simple watch is worn on his left wrist. His fingers are well manicured and tended for, soft hands.

Distinguishing Marks

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Owner & CEO
Axel Cho

Shipping Captain
Kenthadus Grayshade