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Full name Robert Curly Forge
Date of Birth April 1, 2495
Birthplace Hera, Citizen of Athens
Parents Deceased
  • Schon Nevile
  • Samantha Nevile
  • Mary Forge
  • Noric Forge
Siblings Deceased
  • Jeremiah
  • Billy
  • Martha
Assignment Life Line Corporation
Specialization Gunslinger
  • Merchant
  • Deckhand
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Black
Height and Weight 6'7 / 210LB
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • 2513: Graduated from High School
Employment History
  • 2510: works on Paranoia as a Deckhand
  • 2511: Works on cabana as a Deckhand
  • 2512: Works at the Forge Farm Center
  • 2513: Works on Lost Cause as a Deckhand
  • 2514: Works on Hope as a Gunslinger
  • 2515: Works on Fantasy as a Security Officer
  • 2516-2517: Works on StarScream as a rescue operator
  • 2519: Works on Faith as a Gunslinger
  • 2520: Works on Turbo as a Gunslinger
  • 2520: Joins Alliance Reserves; Ground
  • 2522: Hired by Life Line
  • 2522: Brought Active by Alliance; Ground
  • 2522: Quits Life Line
  • 2523: Retires from Alliance Military
  • 2523: Joins the Bounty Hunter Guild
  • 2523: Begins work on Casino

Robert C. Forge is a fictional character in the Science Fiction game called Senerity: A FireFly Mush. This a game based on Joss Whedon's FireFly tv show and the Movie Serenity. The game takes place 3 years after the credits of Serenity. He is a 27 year old man who has recently lost his family to Revears and his father to alcoholism. He is searching for his place in the 'verse and a identity of his own.
Click here for undercover character Karl Urban


PreIC Timeline

  • 04/01/2495 - Born on Hera
  • 05/23/2498 - Parents killed in a crash on Hera
  • 01/12/2500 - Adopted by the Forge Family
  • 01/01/2510 - Contracted by Paranoia crew: Deckhand
  • 01/01/2511 - Contracted by Cabana crew: Deckhand
  • 01/01/2512 - Works at the farm
  • 05/02/2513 - Graduates High School
  • 06/24/2513 - Contracted by Lost cause crew: Deckhand
  • 06/24/2514 - Contracted by Hope crew: Gunslinger
  • 06/24/2515 - Contracted by Fantasy crew: Security
  • 06/24/2516 - Contracted by StarScream: Rescuer
  • 11/05/2518 - Brothers, Sister and mother killed on Athens
  • 01/01/2519 - Contracted by Faith crew: Gunslinger
  • 01/01/2520 - Contracted by Turbo crew: Gunslinger
  • 12/20/2520 - Joins Ita Alliance Ground Reserves
  • 02/02/2521 - Farm is foreclosed by bank
  • 06/13/2521 - Father dies of alchoholism

IC Timeline

  • 07/29/2522 - Hired by LLI: Gunslinger
  • 08/17/2522 - Brought active by Alliance
  • 09/08/2522 - Quits LLI
  • 12/20/2522 - Assigned to Reserves
  • 03/01/2523 - Retires from the Alliance
  • 03/01/2523 - Joins the Bounty Hunter Guild
  • 03/01/2523 - Begins work on Casino
  • 03/08/2523 - Quits the Guan-Yin
  • 03/12/2523 - Potential Captain: Twisted Halo

Employment (2522 - Current)

Current Employment

  • Bounty Hunters Guild
  • Rank  : Apprentice
  • Year  : 2523 -

Former Employment

  • Life Line Corporation
  • Post  : Gunslinger/Security
  • Year  : 2522 - 2522
  • Alliance Military
  • Rank  : Lance Corporal
  • Year  : 2520 - 2523
  • Guan-Yin Medical Transport
  • Post  : Security
  • Year  : 2520 - 2523

IC History: Alliance Public Records

2495 - 2500

Robert Curly Nevile was born on Hera, at the Hera Hospital at 11:30 AM April 1, 2495. He was born to Alliance Officer Schon Nevile and his loving wife Samantha Nevile. Schon Nevile worked as a public relations officer, rank of sergeant on Hera. Samantha Nevile worked as nurse at the hospital.

April 1, 2498, Robert C. Nevile turned three years of age. Upon Heraian traditions for most of the citizens, Robert was placed into 'Bonding Marriage' with Susana Stark, daughter of Tony Stark. He would thus marry Susana Stark when he turned 21 years of age; so was the tradition of Bonding Marriage. This arrangement was done through Schon and Tony since they were born. It wasn't until the age of three when a deal was struck. Schon was a Alliance Officer, wealthy in almost every degree and his son was one who would be worthy to bond to Susana.

May 23 2498 would go down as one of Roberts worst days of his life. The Nevile family was coming home from a theater performance. Robert was being babysat by local sitter. Schon and Samantha picked up Robert around 11:30 PM, Heraian Standard Time. At around 12:00 AM Herian Standard Time, the Nevile's were involved in a serious accident when the hover-car they were in was ran into.

The impact of the crash caved in the right side of the craft, killing Samantha Nevile on impact. Resulting frame damage and glass broke and shattered, slit Schons neck artery open; the result was that he bled to death and died at the hospital. Samantha Nevile was pronounced dead at the scene at 12:10 AM on May 23, 2498. Schon was pronounced dead at 1:30 Am, May 23 2498.

The impact damage broke several of Robert's bones in his arm, wrist and leg. The metallic fragments and glass cut him badly. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and was believed he'd die within a few days. The results were the opposite. Slowly, the three year old Heraian boy made a full recovery. However, Robert was no a displaced kid with no parents.

On a cold, drizzly day Schon and Samantha Nevile were laid to rest in a grave plot next to one another. Schon Robert Nevile was given a twenty-one gun salute in his honor by the local color-guard of the Alliance Military. He was remembered as a warrior and hero to the Alliance, a officer whose life was cut short. Samantha was recognized as a caring, devoted wife whose work in the hospital would be great missed by her death. Robert could not make it, instead he watched the event through a vid-feed, and at three years of age and wonder only what was happening. He never could fully comprehend until much later what May 26, 2498 meant.

It would take a full month for Robert to recover from most of the wounds inflicted by the car accident. A Hera CPS officer, Jennie Togoodie, checked on Robert every day for the month. When Robert was released on June 23, 2499 he was taken not to his home, but instead the local Hera Orphanage - New Life Orphanage. Here, the staff would watch and care for the distraught kid.

The Mathew Dumara, one of the Psychologist for the New Life Orphanage, was assigned to Robert Nevile's case. After first, Robert was very distant with Mathew. he was unwilling to talk, speak or do anything around Mathew. Instead, Dumara would result into watching Robert from a distance and gage his mind with the interaction with the other kids. Mathew found that Robert was distant with the kids, constantly moving away from the social group to play on his own; or in worse case scenarios, beating up kids who would persistently try to play with him. After two months of watching, Mathew finally was able to gain some trust with Robert and had him sitting in the offices where he got Robert to talk and draw out his feelings through the therapy sessions. This would continue on until April of 2499.

Noric and Mary Forge were proud parents of two wonderful children; Jeremiah and Billy. However, they were looking forward to having another kid, but were unable to. The Forge family were a moderately wealthy family on the Rim world of Athens. Most Athenians new them for the farm they had which was known as the Forge Farming Center. the farm raised cows, chickens and brought in wheat and many other exported items that were known on Athens. They also employed about five percent of the population.

Having no actual Orphanage on Athens, Noric and Mary opted to head to Hera. They began searching and researching the various orphanages in January 2499 and in March of 2499 they came to New Life Orphanage. After days of meeting the various kids, they finally came upon Robert Nevile. Robert was slowly regaining trust with the various kids, but was still a shy boy. Meeting the Forge family was, for the most part, terrible. He was shy, hardly talking and opted to leave quickly.

After spending near a month with of spending time with Robert, the Forge family were able to gain his trust. Robert liked the family, and, on April 9th, 2499, he was taken in as a foster kid by the family. After two more months on Hera, Robert was taken to Athens.

Noric and Tony spoke once before they left Hera and it was agreed that the Bonding Marriage would continue; for the sake of Herian tradition. On January 12th, 2500 the Forge family adopted Robert Nevile. A few months later, Roberts name was changed to Robert C. Forge.

2500 - 2513

Robert arrived on Athens in the summer months, on June 12, 2499. At first he opted to only stay in his room, scared of leaving and still felt pretty unsure of what was going on. He was only four years of age. Scare, alone and still missing his own parents, Mary found Robert crying himself to sleep at nights. However, this progressively changed as time went on, and by the summer of the next year, Robert seemed to be responding well.

Mary worked at the center, but also in the primary city on Athens as a school teacher. Her methods of teaching were very similar to border world teachings. Grammar, history, math and science were the basic educational information taught.

By the age of 7 (April 1, 2502), Robert Forge was beginning to help work on the farm. His main chores would include feeding chickens and milking cows. During the day he'd be at school. this became a routine for Robert up until he was fifteen years of age. Also, at the age of 7, Robert began learning basic survival, first aide and even gunslinging. It was necessary because of the wildlife around the farm and even the occasional attacks by Reavers or raiders.

2506, the year hell broke loss and the first civil war began. Alliance versus the Independents. Rim worlds succeeding left and right, core worlds building armies to reclaim. Athens joined the Independents during the war. Jeremiah opted to stay on the farm to become the head house hold male while his father went off to serve in the war. It was the second time Robert saw his father leave and he became pained and the nightmares started again; visions of the past of the last days when the accident occurred. Slowly, Robert became use to his father figure being gone. Letters were written home almost monthly, talking of the shift in the war, the loss of life but most importantly that he was alive.

In 2510 and parts of 2511, Robert served aboard two vessels - The Paranoia in 2510 and Cabana in 2511. He served as basic deckhand for the ship, assisting with cargo being off loaded and loaded. His brother, Jeremiah worked as the security officer for both ships. The Cabana was searched twice by the Alliance during the war.

late 2511, the war ended. Noric Forge returned home scared and torn. It was noted that he began drinking and retreating to the attic where his locker was. It was heard many times at night that crying was heard. Noric also had his named changed to Mark Forge; his brothers name whom was killed during the war. Mark served as a Alliance Officer. Noric became increasingly detached from the family and would serve on various ships after the war. Just after Noric's arrival back on Athens, in 2512, Martha was born.

2513 - 2522

Robert went on to graduate from high school and was given his degree at the Athens City Hall on May 2nd, 2513. Robert would then follow his father, both because his brothers asked, but also because he feared what may happen to him. He would go on to serve aboard the Lost Cause, Hope, Fantasy, and StarScream mostly as a gunslinger or security officer; working with his father as a subordinate most of the time.

During a run to Ita aboard the Turbo, Robert was involved in a murder that was cleared up by the local authorities. During a standard run, the crew enjoyed a night at the bar. A disgruntled patron grew annoyed with the Captain, whom was a brown coat, and attempted to attack Captain Don. Robert was quicker and shot the boy of only sixteen years dead. Six days later, Robert signed and joined the Alliance Reserves; Ground forces.

Good times would not last. Instead a darker chapter came. On November 5th, 2518 Athens suffered a attack by the Reavers. Ninety people were killed, eleven captured. Among them were Jeremiah and Billy Forge. Captured and presumed dead is Martha and Mary Forge. And then, On June 13th, 2521, Noric Forge died of alcoholism. Prior to the death, the Forge farm was bought by the bank after foreclosure and bankruptcy claimed the farm.


July 29th, Finally running out of money, Robert headed to Persephone to find a job. He didn't have to wait long though. Robert was hired by the Life Line Corporation to work on the Red Deuce.

August 17th, Robert was involved in a shooting death of a Gang member of the Swords and Crosses On Ezra. The leader, Spikey had declared vengeance if he ever saw anyone again. Robert is then called into active duty by the Alliance. Order to report to the IAV Mao Zedong on Persephone

Unknown day/date, Robert was involved in the shooting death of Purse snatcher on Persephone. This happened while he was on duty. The incident was considered accidental shooting after reviewing the information.

8th, Robert quits the Life Line Corporation. His reasoning are unknown.
14th Robert is involved in a Alliance involved firefight on the planet Regina. In the fire fight, one friend of his was killed in Action (Gailan). During the attack by the Miners of Freedom, Robert's leg was hit by a fifty-cal bullet. The resulting hit caused damages to his nerves in the thigh region and muscular damage.


Robert retires from the Alliance Military, feeling that it was time. He has recently joined the Bounty Hunter Guild and continues to serve aboard the Guan-Yin. Also recently, he has bought a warehouse, bar and tarmac refueling center and is in the process of converting it to a Casino. Held at gun point of by an unknown man (Hasser). After nearly being shot to death, managed to take down Hasser without injury and handed him over to Alliance Military. Few days later, Forge was beaten down by two Alliance Military Officers (Brenn and Malchoir). Later quit his position and informed his Girlfriend, Donna, that he would no longer return to Persephone. Currently, tracking a bounty known as Rusty Zane as well as looking at Captaining the ship known as Twisted Halo.

Donna and Robert break it off, finding that working on two ships is difficult, and they hardly seen one another. Robert takes it the hardest. Begins to push himself deeper into the captain position, finding weird and sometimes reckless jobs.

Allergy Report

Robert is allergic to various forms of pollen grains, found on multiple core and border world planets. When coming into contact with the anemophilous plants (most types of weeds, birch trees), hay fever sets in. With Pollen, the allergy is only seasonal. This also happens when he comes into contact with dust particles perennial. He is also allergic to most long haired domestic and wild dogs.