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Ripley Keefe.


Ripley Keefe, Companion of House Daska

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Full name
  • Ripley Keefe
Date of Birth
  • March 15, 2500
  • Father: Kyo Makoto
  • Mother: Lyda Keefe
  • None
  • November 1, 2530 was a day he will never forget, but he'll never tell, either.
  • Companion of House Daska
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown Hair, Green eyes
  • Registered Companion
Education Information

Graduated with honors from the companion academy.


Born to affluent parents on Ariel, Ripley was the son of an Irish mother and a Japanese father of industry. He was treated to many fine things as a child and was put into Companion school on Persephone at the age of seven. He studied hard and was proud of his work for the whole time in school. He graduated at the top of his class. When he entered the school, he took his Mother's maiden name so as to not have any kind of unfair treatment (Good or bad) due to his father's name. Once he graduated, he began to seek out his new home for a few years. It took him onto a few ships to travel the verse for a bit before he ended at back at House Daska.

Recent Events

Ripley is a registered Companion at House Daska on Persephone and is accepting clients. He is quite skilled in many different arts of the companion including dance, languages, and entertaining. One must simply become a client of the House and then request his presence.


A very helpful man in and about town and very caring to his clients needs. He's often seen with a smile or a cordial bow to those he meets out in the world.

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Other looks

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