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"So here's us, on the raggedy edge."
― Mal in "Serenity: The Movie"

news Rim Planets

Since the Rim planets were the last planets to be terraformed and settled, life on these outer worlds is a bit more difficult than elsewhere in the 'Verse. With the expense of technology and power being so high, those who live on the Rim do without such things. It is common to ride horses here, use archaic farm tools, and take part in entertainment that doesn't rely on electricity. The Alliance presence on the Rim worlds is fairly small and therefore, the folks who live here aren't able to get the help that they need. Because of this, they have become accustomed to taking care of themselves and they are often armed and ready to use their arms at a moment's notice. Even though there is sparse technology in this part of the 'Verse, there is still the occasional Cortex access terminal and high-security bank vault.

Note: in terms of canon, the term "Rim" applies to the worlds which are farthest from the Core. On the game, we use "Border" and "Rim" to indicate the socio-economic status of worlds moreso than their locations. Rim worlds orbit Georgia, Red Sun and Kalidasa alongside Border worlds, and make up all of the worlds orbiting Blue Sun.

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