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Full name Riley O'Hare
Date of Birth March 19, 2501
Birthplace Boros
Spouse Kit (Kitrina) Wilson (it's complicated)
Assignment Co-Pilot Aces and Eights
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green/Dirty Blonde
Height and Weight 5'10, 174lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Homeschool/ Hard-knocks


Riley is average in height and build, with messy blond hair and green eyes. He has a beard that he seems overly fond of. He keeps it pretty neatly trimmed. Because he spends most of his time in space, and his ancestors back on Earth-that-was were Welsh-Irish, his skin is about as pasty white as humanly possible.

He's dressed in jeans and an ironic t-shirt. His clothes looks well worn, and very comfortable. The hems of his pants are rolled up and he's also not wearing any shoes. Judging by the calloused look of his feet, this seems to be his normal state.


Muddle free spirit with a dash of mercenary. Add Whiskey. Serve on the rocks with a Garnish of Womanizer. Best consumed at the helm of a starship. Riley is a high-functioning alcoholic and professional smart-ass who fancies himself a ladies man.


A fly-boy for hire, with two great loves; whiskey and women. Riley never cared much for politics and didn't choose sides in the war. As long as his cut could keep him sexed and sauced, he never really cared who he flew for. Though, truth to tell, he's got no love for the Alliance.

He was born on Boros to the typical, loving farmer type of parents, and learned to fly dusting crops on the family farm. The rural life didn't suit him, so left home at 16 and took a job piloting for a local shipping outfit (lieing about his age and experience of course) and cut his teeth in the black. After an embarrassing ordeal with an arranged marriage a few years later (she disappeared on their wedding night after he fell asleep) he decided to leave Boros, and never went back. He signed on with a crew of rather unsavory means, heading for the outer rim worlds. Got rather fond of flying ships and making money. Never could manage to hang on to much of it for very long though.

Riley bounced around the verse for years taking jobs as they came, and saw a good deal of what there is out there. His previous employment was terminated rather abruptly when the captain of the cargo ship he was flying caught him between the sheets with his wife. He was promptly dropped on Whitefall...out of the cargo bay about thirty feet from the ground.

Recently he's signed on as Co-Pilot to the Aces & Eights, where he's fared pretty well. Apart from perpetual conflict with their viking of an XO, life was pretty good. That is until, Esther hired a new junior mechanic and the hedonistic pilot suddenly found himself reunited with his runaway bride. Things from here on should prove to be rather....interesting.


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