Ricochet Arms

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Ricochet Arms
Business Name

Ricochet Arms

Owner's Name

Axel Cho and Kenthadus Grayshade

Location of Business


Products for Sale

Firearms, Ammunition & Firearm Modifications

Status of Business


Who Are We?

Ricochet Arms proudly served the Verse from our showroom on Santo since 2417 until 2532 when they moved to Paquin. When it comes to firearms, you don't want to skimp on quality. Here at Ricochet Arms, we offer the best firearms, firearm modifications and ammunition the Verse has to offer at affordable prices. If you can't find what you're looking for at our showroom, let us know! Special orders are welcome and volume discounts are available!

Products & Services

This wrist-mounted computer offers the latest in communication technology. Each unit comes with a wireless earpiece and mic, and most sub-vocal throat mics can be added. The unit combines the use of long range communications and portable computing into one portable device that can be locked either biometrically or through a password set by the owner. Incorporating a water and shatter-proof flip-up touch screen and carbon-nanoweave housing, it is not indestructable, but damned near. Cost-3000 credits Range-450 (though can be upgraded)


We proudly offer a wide variety of sidearms, shotguns and rifles for direct purchase at our showroom on Santo:

Weapon Type Cost License Required
SIG-Sauer P220 Sidearm 750 Level 1
Winchester 1897 12g Rifle 110 None
Colt Peacemaker Sidearm 75 None
Ithaca Hammerless Double 10g Rifle 80 None
Ruger Mk. III Sidearm 50 None
Winchester M1894 Rifle 150 None
Slipshot 44 Sidearm 150 Level 1
Lightfoot 42 Sidearm 110 None
Mauser C-96 Sidearm 300 None
Bersa Thunder 45UC Sidearm 350 Level 1
Webley IV .38/200 Sidearm 250 None
Mossberg 500 Rifle 250 None
Colt Frontier Six-Shooter Sidearm 1000 Level 1
Ariel Arms TZ3R Sidearm 125 Level 1
HK MP-7 Rifle 200 Level 1
Steyr Scout 5.56mm Rifle 200 None
Terra Arms 'Zales' Sidearm Sidearm 3500 Level 1
Colt 1911 A19 Sidearm 150 Level 1
Winchester 1873 Lever-Action Rifle Rifle 500 None

If you're looking for something a bit more exotic, let us know! We're happy to accommodate you, and we can custom order anything you might have had your eye on.

(Please note that any firearm requiring license minimums will require verification of a valid Alliance weapons license before the weapon can be delivered.)


If it's in stock, we've got it. If it's not in stock, we can get it.

Calibre Cost
.45ACP-Standard Ammo 24
5.56/45mm Standard Ammo 15
12-Gauge Shot Ammo 15
AA Battery Box 11
6mm Standard Ammo 5
9mm-Non-Lethal Ammo 15
10-Gauge Slug Ammo 11
7.62mm Standard Ammo 30
9mm-Standard Ammo 8
10mm Standard Ammo 8
.38 Standard Ammo 11
.44/40WCF Standard Ammo 11
Taser Jufeng barrel 45
6mm Jufeng barrel 40
10mm Jufeng barrel 40
12.25mm Jufeng barrel 50

Ammunition Modifications

Want customized ammunition? Our ballistics experts can create armor piercing rounds, incendiary rounds, sabot or case-less ammunition. If you can dream of it, we'll do our best to bring it to life for you! Please see our showroom or one of our sales people for more information!

Firearm Modifications

Let our world-class gunsmiths tailor your weapon(s) to fit your individual needs! We can truly make your personal weapon personal in every regard. The only limit is your imagination and budget, so don't hesitate to ask what we can do for you!

Regardless of modifications, there is a maximum of +10% bonus on accuracy.

Olympus Line

The newest in firearm technology in the 'verse. The Olympus line is built in house on Paquin. Each weapon is handcrafted and perfectly fitted by our expert gunsmiths, using the most advanced machinery that money can buy. Each comes with a lifetime guarantee because we know your life often depends on the weapon you wield. Each new firearm purchase comes with several boxes of ammunition and the Ricochet Arms warranty, which includes lifetime repair/replacement and free combat tuning and cleaning.

RA 'Hermes' Sniper System RA Sniper 2.jpg
RA 'Zeus' Assault Carbine RA Assault 3.jpg
RA 'Hades' Sub-Machine Gun RA SMG.jpg
RA 'Ares' Combat Pistol RA Pistol 3.jpg

Bounty Hunter and Alliance Only

RA 'Aequitas' Bracer