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Full name Rickart Bordicchia
Date of Birth 20 Mar 2502
Birthplace On board the civilian transport "Hermes"
Parents Robert and Paula Bordicchia
Siblings None
Spouse none
Children None
Assignment Captain & Owner, Pathfinder
Specialization Transport and Capital ship's Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue, Dark Blonde
Height and Weight 180 cm, 78kg
Status Active
Education Information

Homemade Education

Military Service

No military service

Employment History

Hermes Safe Expeditions - Previous
Pilot of Evening Star- Previous
Pilot of Meretrix_Industries-Previous
XO of Ethereal Embrace-Previous
Head Security & Pilot of Pathfinder-Previous
Captain & Owner of Pathfinder-Previous
Captain & Owner of Tranquility-Active

Personal Notes

Rickart's theme song


He's an man, looks rather young, however his eyes betray great experience, even if he might be a lot older than he looks. His head is covered by a dark blonde hair, which is combed backwards, hanging loosely down the sides of his head. His eyes are of a deep blue and stand just a bit apart. Between them is a well proportionated nose, standing out just slightly from his face, curved up, nor downwards. His lips are a light pink and are thin and subtle as well. Under his face is a strong, thick neck, from which muscled shoulders can be seen. Going further down is a large, muscular chest. His arms are not too thick, although muscles can clearly be seen through the thin layer of skin covering them. His waiste is rather thin but under that is a pair of large, muscled legs.

Scars & Tattoos

On his right feet there's a scar between the second and third toe about 4 ichs long that works up to his ankle, and a big cal. bullet two inches from his heart and a scar on his right hip probably made by a stab of a survive knife. On his left shoulder there's a emblem of a very ancient Military Brigate, the spoils of his family ancient Military tradition that is tattooed on each kid of his family at his 17 years old. Tattoo image


Rickart Bordicchia was born 27 years ago on the freelance ship Hermes son of Paula and Robert Bordicchia. Robert was the ships chief engineer his mother instead was the co-pilot. He spent his childhood on board of the Hermes almost never leaving the ship during the trade courses, since he was an expert on getting in troubles. At 14 years old his father attempted on training him on Engineering, hoping that at the right time he could replace him on board of the Hermes. Rickart otherwise even if wasnt a bad student, was more interested on the helm than to the spanner, and thanks the shipss Captain Alan Kastor became quite skilled in piloting. At 20 years old his father died on an explosion of a plasma conduict, the Captain offered him a job as engineer on the ship, but he didnt felt enough skilled to cover such of position neither willing to stay anymore on board the Hermes, and now hes searching for a new job. He after having briefs experiences with few independents crews, got recruited from Meretrix Industries and he's currently under probation period as pilot.

Who's Rickart

Rickart is basically an opportunist not for sure an idealist. If you get him enough drunk you could let him say that "alliance, browncoats and pirates are all the same stuff... sheeps slaves of power, ideals or money", more likely he would beeing influenced by love but he wouldn't admit it even under torture. This doesn't mean that isn't able to be loyal to someone special or to his own crew. He use to be kind almost with anyone, even if many times he do so to gain something. Even if might not show the most times he is quite touchy and could harbour hate for very long time.

Rickat's Motto

Clik Here

Rickar's Alignment

In few words: Click Here