Rhonwen O'Neil

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Rhonwen O'Neil- McCoy
Rhonwen O'Neil
Full name Rhonwen O'Neil- McCoy
Date of Birth October 14, 2484
Spouse Divorced from Lord Matthew Cobrainne (deceased), Married to Jonah McCoy(deceased)
Children Cassidy McCoy, Cody Cobrainne, Alex McCoy and Carwen McCoy
Specialization Lawyer
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Hair Silver and eyes are green
Height and Weight 6'1, it is never polite to ask a woman her weight.
Status Active
Education Information

Londinium University for undergraduate degree in Criminology and Political Sciences and she then went to Londinium University School of Law for law school she graduated from both with honors, she also holds a Phd in Law and History.

Military Service


Employment History


Personal Notes

Blood Type: O positive This page is a work in progress