Remus Jacobs

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Full name Remus Jacobs
Parents Allan Jacobs, Meril Jacobs
Assignment None. Ohnoes.
Specialization Pilot. Placing foot in mouth.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Black Hair.
Height and Weight 5'11 - 185 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
  • Homeschooled

"They made him watch. He probably tried to turn away -- they wouldn't let him. You call him a "survivor?" He's not. A man comes up against that kind of will, only way to deal with it, I suspect... is to become it."

Remus Jacobs is a 'pilot' with a short temper, little tolerance for idiots, an affinity for bourbon and chain-smoking cheap cigarettes and an almost passionate urge to hit something whether the current situation is going well or poor. His ability to fly ships of all shapes and sizes has faded ever since he took a few hard blows in a bar, but he still claims to have the general gist.


Remus Jacobs missed out on being a pilot during the war. Born too late to fly, he made up for it afterwards with a shit-load of lessons, a few close calls, and the unnerving ability to fly better when he's three sheets to the wind.

Born on Persephone to Allan and Meril Jacobs. The two were importers of goods, so Remus spent much of his youth watching ships come and go from Eavesdown. Certainly not a rich family, but well above the poverty line. Average over-all. Average food, average clothes. He was being raised to take over the family business when folks eventually passed on, but didn't have much of a mind for it. Living so close to Eavesdown, it was only natural that all he ever wanted to do was fly. Preferably on one of the very ships he watched so intently from day to day.

Things happened, time passed. He passed flight school. Wasn't a prodigy, by any means. Got his first job onboard a Dragonfly transport. Spent a year as the main pilot there before a hazard of the occupation left him in charge of it. Only trouble was that thanks to said hazard, he hated the ship and never wanted to see it again. Three years later, and he's sleeping rough in Persephone. Well, he was, until someone nearly stepped on him.

The longer he spent on the Redemption, the more angry outbursts he'd have. While it was nice to be on a ship, it seemed the Red just wasn't the one for him. Long stints of being on a planet, arguments with crew (Even the ones he actually liked) and the fact she handled like a drunken pirate hooker all balled together to make him a cross between sullen, angry and violent.

The crew started to scatter. When they did, he went soon after, following Pix to parts unknown, turning up in places not long after she did, then disappearing just as quickly. Two years later after it all, in 2528, he shows up again with a few more scars, and a surprisingly calm demeanour. Most of the time.


Remus is a 5'11" caucasian, black-haired guy. He's of slim build, and slimmer face, said hair being longer than a couple of inches, and styled to stick up from his head as if to escape into the skies. His eyes are an icey blue, with the strangest flecks of yellow far from the iris. Various scars marr his face in a few places. Tiny little pock marks scattered here and there that could be from teenage acne or flecks of flying glass, along with a jagged old cut going through his left eyebrow and deep up to the side of his scalp, causing a line of bare skin where there should be hair. As a bonus, his right iris has a pale line to tip the scar off. What seems like an almost permanent shadow of hair follows the line of his chin, seemingly stuck without a chance to shave today.


  • 2498 - Remus Jacobs is born on Persephone.
  • 2506 - Unification War begins. Remus is 8 and doesn't really get it.
  • 2511 - Unification Day and end of the war. 13. Father comes home, shop opens.
  • 2513 - Shop closes due to fire. Parents close due to fire, too. Ouch.
  • 2515 - 2516 Flight lessons and first ship.
  • 2518 - Miranda Tapes. Remus joins new ship and meets future Fiancé.
  • November 16 2519 - 'Final Route' incident begins.
  • 2520-2522 - Remus vanishes.
  • March 15 2523 - Remus resurfaces on Persephone, gets hired aboard the Redemption.
  • April 8 2523 - Uh. Misfortune befalls Passe's face courtesy of Pix's boot(s). Remus learns the hazards of the job.
  • October 11 2523 - After a long time of doing nothing (He really is a great pilot) Remus gets to meet Crow in somewhat... awkward circumstances. Thunderdome Shower Style
  • February 9 2524 - Passe leaves the Redemption. Remus doesn't notice until
  • February 25 2524 - Remus wonders 'where the French guy' is.
  • May 28 2524 - Meets most of the new crew. Bitches, complains, and watches Crow get stabbed.
  • Rest of 2524 - Not all that much happens.
  • Early Februrary 2525 - Remmy gets shot up on Ezra. A knife in the back is just icing on the cake. Bitches about it for weeks.
  • Early April 2525 - A night on the town ends in a little disagreement in the Dregs.
  • Late June/Early July 2525 - Remmy gets marginally involved in a situation on Paquin and ends up airlocking 6 Mercenaries in one go after saying he'd set them free. Neglects to mention this to Jander.
  • August 2525 - Remus disappears from the Redemption soon after Pixie vanishes, no cause or reason given/known to anyone.
  • April 15 2526 - Remus re-appears on Persephone freed from the Redemption. He disappears soon after.
  • January 1 2528 - Remus is seen in a hospital on Ariel.
  • December 1 2528 - After a 2 year absence, Remus shows up in the Absolute Zero, a ship attached to the Redemption. It seems he broke in, and is now a semi-permanent guest aboard the Redemption.

The Final Route Incident

In 2519, a 20-year-old Remus Jacobs was one of eight that made up the crew of a small retrofitted Dragonfly, used as a freelance transport and a home.

After a very dull trip transporting members of an independent mercenary company to Lilac for a security detail, the plan was to export foodstuffs and sell them on at the Silverhold colonies. It was an extended route, off the beaten track and with little room for error thanks mainly to fuel load. All was going well until the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The wrong place was roughly the mid-point of the journey. The wrong time was when a Trans-U running suspiciously without core containment happened to pass the small transport while the crew were distracted with other things. And so it gave chase.

It wasn't long before the ship was boarded and pillaged as only Reavers can. Remus made it into a concealed vent. The rest of the crew did not. Most stood and fought, while some considered the fight already over. It wasn't long before he was found, too, having watched it all. He became a plaything.

He'll never go into detail as to what they did, and he'll never say how much of it he did himself, but the ship was found a month later, drifting and with barely enough life support to support the sole survivor.

Ephemera & Misc. Facts of Note

  • Remus finally learned what 'Ephemera' means.
  • Doesn't like doctors. Well, likes doctors on a personal level, doesn't like the profession.
  • Colorblind. Not much, mind you. Enough to probably warrant avoidance if you're looking for someone to cut the blue wire, y'know?
  • Has a terrible habit of very quickly picking up the speech patterns of others, even going so far as to change back and forth when speaking to two people in the same conversation. Doesn't know why.
  • Mood swings. Remus can be polite and amicable one second, then trying to feed someone their own jaw the next. His anger issues have only increased in severity over time.
  • His bursts of anger have only increased in severity, although they've decreased in amount. The last major one resulted in someone having his teeth sink into their face.
  • Somewhat prudish, to the extent he's often mistaken to be already married, or sly.
  • Really, -really- not a fan of being stuck planetside for long stints.
  • Is running from something. Well, everyone is, but his demons seem to have firearms and short tempers.