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Full name Remington LeBlanc
Date of Birth October 19, 2488
Parents 2
Siblings 3
Spouse None
Assignment Pathfinders
Specialization Captain and Owner
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Brown hair
Status Active


Very clean edges and lines frame this well kept brown hair. His face is shaven so very smooth. Somewhere in his late thirites and early forties. His general demeanor causes the corners of his eyes crinkle, a touch of middle age and the movement of his face as he smiles. Evenly tanned features, showing that he's spent some time over the years in the sun. His features may seem a bit charming to some, with a straight nose, fine brow, and a strong handsome chin, all these distinctly Cajun. His eyes convey as soulfully deep blue. The intelligence within those eyes is of laid back curiosity and sensual intensity. Smooth lips that is usually upturned very slightly at the edges, as if its owner is faintly amused at everything; one used to laughter and smiling. He speaks with a thick accent that wanders between drawl and mirth with the sort of voice a gal wants to hear on the other end of a wave call. He holds about himself with an air of confidence, and good natured humor, underscored by the vague shadows of a self confidence.
His body is toned, giving him the look of agility and precision not bulky strength. For the everyday wear he is dressed in comfortable simple clothes: a light gray short - sleeved shirt. Both hands in a pair of -soft- close fitting dark brown leather gloves. Over all he is wearing a plain brown long coat, tailored to fit over his form. The garment is light enough that it moves with the wind, yet provides some extra pockets and concealment if any gear is worn underneath. Finishing with soft tan pants tucked into scuffed dark brown boots, and there you go. The ensemble certainly looks like it's been through a lot. The overall effect is fairly drab and nondescript, which seems intentional.


Raised on Newhall. Rougish Gearhead. I was always tearing down and rebuilding my toys to discover how they worked. After college I signed on the line and fought for the Independents.
Smiles alot, Talkative, Friendly, loves people and have a good time; which might be odd of a person so Tech minded. Easy going however, can be seriously intense when chips are down.


If you want to learn, RP with Remington. Thank you.

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