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Full name Relkin Macker
Date of Birth April 10th, 2499
Parents Horus Macker & Cleolara Macker
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Agent, Red Lion Industries
Specialization Debauchery
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel, Bald
Height and Weight 5'10", 140lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Londinium Boarding School - received 'Early Certificate of Graduation', Flight School Diploma
Military Service
  • No military service.

Background Questions

What is the history of your life?: Born to His Honor Horus Macker and his wife, Cleolara, Relkin Macker was gifted with an affluent family which suffered nothing and enjoyed the privileges of rubbing elbows with Alliance Elite. Being a Judge, Horus always thought it important that his eldest and only son, Relkin, enact the Princely Manners of his Egyptian ancestry - of course, this pressure made Relkin very much find the Ancient Egyptians of Earth-that-was rather boring and snobbish, preferring much more the action and drama of the Spacer's Row, or the villainous characters which were brought in and out of the courthouses on Osiris. So it was that Horus and Cleolara thought it best to send young Relkin to boarding school in Londinium, where perhaps he might be taught better manners. This failed miserable as at 16 years old Relkin was sent home with an 'Early Certificate of Graduation'. Of course, this truly means that he was kicked out for drug use, the truth of which covered up by Horus's money exchanging multiple hands. Thereafter, Relkin was shoved into Pilot school in the hopes that the strict regiment might knock sense into the boy. This, too, failed - but not quite as badly. You see, Relkin is a master manipulator, and managed to forego many of his own examinations by utilizing his father's money in a similar fashion as he had seen previously. This continued until, by the grace of god and natural gifts, Relkin managed to pass his own final exams, and receive a certification in flying. His knack for the skill overpowered his immense laziness.

What were your parents or guardians like?: His Honor Horus Macker is a Judge, sitting on the bench at one of the multiple courthouses which do not truly practice any sort of just type of law. Unacknowledged by any of his peers for fear that they too might be exposed, Horus would accept bribed in exchange for certain sentencing, and was never too righteous to look the other way while the CEO of this company or that managed to escape persecution. Cleolara, like her husband, is a pure descendent of Egyptian blood, and the entire family shares the same dark golden skin tone. Being the wife of a judge, appearance was very important to her, and so whenever possible she would ordain herself like Cleopatra of her namesake, with slinky dresses and asp-laiden bracers that both covered up and highlighted her corrupt nature.

What was the most pivotal or important point in your life?: After graduating from Flight School, His Honor Horus Macker gave Relkin an ultimatum. Either he would be cut off from the family money until he decided to operate as a pilot for legal transportation to and from the courthouse, or he could choose to do so now and remain in his family's good graces. Seeing little of a future for himself in these fields, and nothing but hard work for promotion in either of them, Relkin opted to choose a hidden, third option and cut himself off from the family money in exchange for the freedom of the Border Worlds. Outraged by this, His Honor Horus no longer acknowledges the existence of an heir, and together with his wife, have agreed to ignore him in return.

What events have transpired recently to bring you to this point in time?: After having cut himself off from his parents and taken a shuttle over to Persephone, Relkin quickly spent any of the money he saved up on drugs, sex, and alcohol, until finally with only a couple hundred credits to his name, he crawls out from his shoddy crate in the motel, and decides this'll be the day he attempts to find proper employment. And so with a shower, a reshave of his head, and the application of his eyeliner (a family staple to honor their ancestry that Relkin never dropped due to his looking very sexy with eyeliner), he makes his way out of the hotel to see what is in store for the young dope hound.


Body desc: Standing at five foot ten, this young man transfers between slouching over himself to a regal stature every few moments, revealing nothing of his true nature. His skin is a deep golden hue which speaks of a Middle-Eastern ancestry, made only more evident by the appearance of an Eye of Horus tattoo on the nape of his neck. The entirety of his scalp is shaved clean to the skin, though he is by no means naturally bald. Thick, dark eyelashes sit seriously over his dreadfully intense hazel eyes, which can light up in an instant when one of his rare smiles appears on his thin lips. Long eyelashes block out the sun as a result of his genetic lineage, and as is his culture's wont, he adorns his eyes with black eyeliner which only adds to the intensity of his gaze.

Casual Outfit: Currently the Egyptian wears a casual outfit typical of the fashion on Osiris. This includes a tight white shirt, with a rectangular neck that dips down to his mid chest. The 1/4 length sleeves reveal his slightly defined arms. The shirt is tucked into a very nice pair of charcoal grey slacks, which are held up by a thin black belt made of leather, and equipped with a silver buckle that has upon it the Family Crest of Macker. His polished shoes point our rectangularly from the bottom of his pantlegs. On his left wrist is a watch, and around his neck is a rope neckless upon which is tied a thick, copper ring.

Fancy Suit: Currently the young man wears a finely tailored suit, one of a few with which he, as you might say, hits the night. The jacket is a fitted, seamless article, except for two rings attaching the sleeves to the shoulders. The pocketless suit fastens to look seamless at his chest where the lapels meet, and travels sleekly and straight down to just below his belt buckle. Said belt buckle is a silver affair with his family's crest in the center. His pants are straight legged and also thinly tailored to look seamless, and travel down just far enough so that only the tip of his boot can be seen. Under his jacket, he wears an incredibly tight and massively white shirt, and in the center of its v-neck hang a pair of sunglasses when he isn't wearing them.

Disguise: However, right now, the bottom half of his face is entirely covered with a black bandana, and his head by the maroon hood which is drawn up over his head. The hoodie's sleeves cover both his arms and his hands are wearing gloves. He wears shorts, but the exposed area of leg is covered in black knee-high socks that are partially covered by the shorts, and he wears a rather decent pair of white sneakers, made for running. His identity is almost entirely impossible to discern, unless one were to stop him and expose his face.


Relkin is known by those with a 20 or over in Culture:Nobles as a Celebutard. Think: rich heir doing nothing but partying, and being famous for it. These people will also know his father is Horus Macker, a Judge serving on Osiris. Page with questions.

Underworld: Those with an underworld score of 40 or more would know of a man named Anubis, and that they should wave his Private Wave box to acquire things of a ... extra-curricular nature (read: drugs). Page for details.