Reilly Kelly

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Full name Reilly Sean Kelly
Date of Birth March 16
Parents Drs. Seamus and Aileen Kelly
Siblings Patrick Kelly, Regan Kelly, Patricia O'Donnell, and Katherine Kelly (Deceased)
Spouse Gailan Connor (Deceased)
Specialization Bounty Hunter/Criminal Profiler
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, Brown
Height and Weight 5'9" / 145lb
Status Inactive
Education Information

Doctorate in Psychology

"Bloodhounds are stubborn creatures when they've caught a scent, but not nearly so stubborn as an Irishman."


Thick dark hair seems to be in a perpetual state of disorganization, always seeming to fall over some part of his face unless pulled back at the nape of his neck. Falling just to his shoulders, his tousled locks and ever present five o'clock shadow only serve to add to his rogue-ish, bad boy charm. Bushy dark eyebrows add expression to big round puppy dog eyes the color of lightly creamed coffee. His cocky little grin brings deep dimples to cheeks that were once full, but are now thin to the point of being almost gaunt. While not overly tall or 'bulked', Reilly has the build of a man that can likely handle himself if push comes to shove, and push often comes to shove with him. Lean musculature indicates one not afraid of a workout in the local gym even if that workout likely leans more toward flexibility and speed training than strength, although these days he's a little too lean and could stand a little more bulk. He speaks with a notable Irish brogue.

Classic style comes together with a hint of punk. Reilly's white shirt is almost western in style, with snaps rather than buttons. A few of those snaps are left undone to reveal the smooth skin of his upper chest, marred by the hint of a ragged, red, new scar peeking out toward the right. Khaki cargo pants hang low on his too slender waist, held in place by a wide leather belt, the bottoms tucked into a pair of clunky boots that reach his mid calf. The belt's holes extend all the way around the leather, inset with metal rings. A brown leather duster, battered and well loved is either worn or carried, depending on the time of day and the weather outside. The chains hanging from the duster add that little flair of 'punk grunge'. A medic alert type bracelet dangles from his left wrist. Bright sunny days often find him donning a pair of green lensed, 'Lennon' style sunglasses.


What's known

Reilly is a bounty hunter, but not of the typical sort. He works with a team and together they track some of the most hideous criminals in the 'Verse using science and technology. They also offer their scientific approach to help others within the Guild when the need arises. Reilly and his team tend to focus more on the violent sociopaths of the criminal world, the sorts that even the criminals would like to see dragged before the courts, the serial killers, rapists, child kidnappers.

Reilly Kelly has a good name within the Guild and in other circles. Despite his previous Alliance involvement, he even does well in Browncoat circles.

Reilly is the Captain of the Suthainn Dochas, a Firefly class transport that he flies under the flag of his Search and Rescue organization, Life-Line, Inc.


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