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Local Authority Corone Mining Consortium
Population 250 million
Terraformed 2352
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 9 (I)
Class Rim
Orbit Second from Georgia
Coordinates 1860, 2550, -5
Satellites Alexandria
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Parts - Industrial
Exports Low Tech
"Every planet that's been terraformed for human life has its own little quirks. Turns out the air down underground, mixed up with the ore processors, it's a perfect recipe for Bowden's. Everybody gets it: miners, dumpers - hell, I got it and I ain't ever set foot in a mine."
― Bourne in "The Train Job"

Regina is a mineral-rich planet that is known for its massive mining operations. At least three quarters of the planet's inhabitants work in one part of the mining industry or another. The Corone Mining Consortium owns most mines here, though there are a few local miners trying to hang on to their businesses. Those who work for Corone are underpaid and do not work in the best conditions. The air in the mines combined with the ore-processors has created conditions for a disease known as Bowden's Malady. This disease is a degenerative one that affects bones and muscles, leaving its victims weak and in constant pain. While there is no cure, regular treatment with Pasceline-D can halt the progression of the disease and make life tolerable. The Alliance sponsors regular shipments of the expensive drug to Regina and the people are dependent upon this government handout. However, the shipments are not as frequent as they should be.

Hancock and Paradiso are two towns on the "civilized" side of the world, and are adjacent stops on one of the maglev train routes.

Frisco is a wild and independent mining boom town in a desert valley on the far side of Regina, where "there are more shadows than light - a fine place to lose something and let it stay lost." The nearby Hornsilver Mine is owned by a group including J.W. McClarrin, who have ties to the Miner's Guild and are at odds with Corone. Substantial amounts of silver and lead are mined from the two lower levels of "The Horn", despite the top level having collapsed a few years ago. The 14K Triad Tong is also rumored to have a presence in the town.

In The Verse


Birthplace Of...

Canon References

  • Regina is where the crew pulls off "The Train Job" in the episode of the same name.
  • The town of Frisco and the Hornsilver Mine are defined in detail in the Serenity RPG adventure "Out In The Black", and are the primary settings for that adventure.

Behind the Scenes

The town of Frisco is based on the real-life mining boom town of Frisco, Utah, which was the biggest producer of silver in the US during its heyday. Many of the location and NPC names in the adventure are based on the real history of the area.