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Full name Reese Anne Wilde
Date of Birth October 25th, 2502
Parents Celine Shayffer, Thomas Wilde
Siblings Temperance (deceased?)
Assignment Investigations, Ethereal Investigations
Specialization Psychology, Sidearms, Nursing
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'7, 120 lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information

Highschool Diploma, 2 years worth of studies in Psychology, and 9 months worth of studies in nursing and medicine on Ariel.


Normal 024.jpg

Standing at close to 5 feet 7 inches, Reese is a glowing, angelic figure of pale splendour. If not for the redness of her eyes and the near white tone of her skin, her appearance would look welcoming. However, her eyes are tinged in a bloody redness, obscuring her face, and adding to her surreal facade. There looks like a faint glow to her eyes, cast upon her high cheek bones. Most likely from the contrast in the red from the whiteness of her skin. Her hair, a flowing cascade of dark brown, almost black, locks fall to her shoulders, layered around her face in a slight wave. Despite her intimidating impression, theres a soft aura about her. She seems to glow with a warm radiance, telling something of her gentle demeanour, and motives. An ever present smile is spread across her delicate lips, shaded in a darker tone of skin, coated slightly in subtle red.

Distinguishing Marks

  • Splaying scars on both her shoulders, and the soles of her feet.
  • Bloody red eyes
  • Ashen pale skin


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Reese's been through a lot. Most of the crap she's been forced to go through was before she even turned 16. Her parents were divorced when she was around..12? Yeah, 12. She mostly lived with her mother on Ariel, who was a successful psychiatrist. Her mother would teach her how to do a lot of basic things, cooking, some first aid. Even how to play the harp. Her sister lived with her father on Beylix, running a small, poor farm. During the summers, Reese would visit them.
During these summers, her father would teach the two sisters how to use firearms in the fields. Her sister. She didnt think like normal people did. She dreamt of death, and on multiple occasions had tried to kill Reese. Pushing her into traffic, she lived, and wasn't hit. Locked Reese outside during a thunderstorm. Poor girl was struck by lightning. Suffered major burns wounds on the shoulders and on the soles of her feet, also went into a coma for around 3 weeks. Reese suffered a lot when she was around her older sister, who was 3 years her elder. Her sister would not only abuse her verbally, but also physically. Then would blame it on Reeses own carelessness, or one of the animals. Reese never said a thing.
Reese was 12 when it happened, almost 13. Reese looked up to her older sister, would do anything she told her to. One summer, she convinced Reese to commit suicide with her. Taking their fathers guns, they went to the fields. Lucys plans went horribly awry when Reese shot much too soon. Perhaps on purpose, or maybe it was a slip up. Lucy died. Both parents blamed Reese. And Reese never forgave herself.
Onto her social life: she didn't have one. Because of a birth defect, minor albinism, her skin and eyes were oddly coloured. At school, she was ridiculed and bullied for it. Her sister, before she died, was even prone to making fun of her. Her mother didnt even accept her fully. And her father did the same, after Reese killed Lucy.
Now, she works to obtain atonement for her sister's death.