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Full name Breona Jade Invaldi
Date of Birth Unknown
Parents Unknown
Siblings Sister, Lizzy
Spouse Weiland Garr (deceased) Alzarath Invaldi (Engaged)
Children Rafael La Vega Invaldi (11) Amber Garrs Invaldi(5)
Assignment Blue Sun Special Agent
Specialization Piloting, Engineering, Weapons.
Gender Female
Height and Weight 5'10/146lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • none


Breanna Jade Ree was born on some colony out on the rim. She grow up with everything she needed but not much of what she wanted. Her parents own a farm and life was good...Her father and uncle we're both mechanically inclined and taught Ree everything she knew, engineering was going to be her talent and it was encouraged as much as possible....Though she was never going to use it on the farm as her father hoped not long after her 16th birthday the colony was attacked some say Reavers, other says mercenaries others could swear it was pirates, Ree herself would always say it was pirates wanting more slaves for their ships. Ree only managed to escape when her mother got passage for her and her sister Liz on a ship heading off the colony. For 2 years Ree and Liz stayed on the ship as slaves for the men that ran it. In order to keep Liz safe and pure Ree willing went to the men and kept them happy, happy enough that they'd leave the younger girl alone. Eventually Ree managed to get herself and Liz passage on another ship one which was headed into the core, somewhere Ree hoped to find work and get her sister an education and decent up bring. While on some core world Liz meet and feel in love with a nobles son. Relieved Ree left her in the families rich and excellent care.

IC History

One of the first jobs Ree found was with a captain called Maverick he was looking for crew for his little bubble Bee class merchant ship and Ree happened to have what he was looking for. She crewed with Mav for a few months they we're joined by other crew. Mav soon went missing and Ree found herself wishing to look for a bigger and better assignment it was at this time she meet and fell in love with Valerous la Vega, the first man she ever let herself open up and care for. It wasn't long after that Ree went to join the Red Angels crew and meet some of the best friends she ever had. Captain Daniel Wallace and Quintessa a kind and beautiful companion whom Ree trusted and loved dearly, she was like the sister she lost and Ree would have done anything for the star crossed couple. Though the woman did have some feelings for a captain, a sort of tension developed between them and not wishing to betray Val whom she was all but married too she left the Red Angel and formed her own crew on the ship called Maru. The Maru was her home and soon became an anchor for her sanity and a warm and caring place with family she thought she lost. Lulu and Vakshlad, they were some of the first people to join Ree's crew. A few others came and went and Ree was desperate for a good First mate someone she could trust and rely on. She appealed to Daniel Wallace her most trusted and oldest friend, whom sent her Weiland Garr. She hated him on sight, he was bossy willful and didn't listen to a word she said and the most perfect First mate she could have asked for. Of course yet again a little tension was made between the two and the pregnant Ree was determined not to let herself stray again. She has already done so once while Val went missing and the guilt eat her up. Enough to drive a wedge between herself and Val, which causes the couple to brake up. Not long after Ree gave Birth to her son then her and Weiland began to have an off and on again relationship which was strained by the fact Ree didn't want another commitment to be spoiled by her tendency to wonder off. Because of this Weiland left the ship for a few months, and in this time Ree meet and fell in love with an Alliance officer by the name of Dyre Esbenson. Ree honestly thought she was going to allow herself to marry this man. He was nothing she's ever experienced before and even with him she could forget about Weiland and Val. It was join her courtship of Dyre that Frost started to take an interest in Ree and even more so her fully upgraded ship the maru which is stole a few weeks later. The crew we're without a ship for almost 4 weeks before they found and restored the phoenix at an old scarp yard. The crew we're back in business and ready to go a few weeks after that, and back out making money. Once the crew had settled into things once again and Ree was beginning to enjoy life with Dyre Forst popped up again and decided that not only would be get at his Nemsis Dyre but also at Ree for escape while they took the maru. She was kidnapped, join which time some of her crew we're injured, by Frost and taken to his base. While there she was beaten and forced to marry Frost and his new Pirate Queen. While in the bit, she meet another pirate one whom had turned against Frost called Alzarath it was him that kept her sane and the desire to throw herself off the cliff into the pit, him and her love for Dyre. Dyre and the rest of the alliance saved the phoenix's captain and life was back to normal....Until Weiland stepped back into her life once again making things complicated for the young woman. Ree decided to go back to Weiland and not long after that Dyre was transferred else where and she never saw him again. Ree and Weiland had a few happy years, she made him captain of the Phoenix while she ran the admin side of their growing empire which now consisted of a shop as well. Their new First mate was an ex alliance officer called John Collins whom Ree admired and respected the 3 ran the phoenix org well and life was good until Weiland was killed not long after their daughter was born in a freak accident. Ree was devastated and lost all heart, she kept going for a few months but life was just too sad for her. Not 4 months after his dead Ree took her children and brought a farm on Paquin a place she'd always liked and said she's retire...She just didn't except to retire at age 21. John Collins joined her there a few years later, and they both raised Rafael and Amber and she truly found peace again....It wasn't until 5 years later that Ree surfaced again, returning to the phoenix and finding it not at all how she left it. Leaving Lulu and Vak incharge Ree went to find somewhere else to call home...She just never excepted it to be the Blue Sun where she is currently working as an Agent and enjoying it far too much.

Phoenix History

Paquin History


  • Rafael Ree Le Vega
  • Amber Jade Ree Garrs


Dyre Esbenson Night on Paquin by CoyotesLaugh.jpg

Valerius De la Vega Her first real true love in life, Ree was always regrateful that she let him slip through her fingers. The two have a child together, though she believes him to be dead.

Weiland Garrs Ree was the most happiest when she and Weiland were together, he was the first she married and one of the few she was truly herself with. His death caused her more grief then she's ever experienced in her life, even know almost five years later she's still not over his death.

Kell Dragyo. A recent lover, whom she allowed herself to fall in love with Despite him not really returning her affections. They have spent a few nights together here and there. But they relationship is nothing more then a casual lay here and there.

Chovian Noravasi Ree also had a resent fling with this Romany, but refused to see him after he basically kept their affair seceret from his current lover. She did have feelings for him also, and would have been happy to settle with him had the situation been right. Now she's angry and resentful towards him. Alzarath Invaldi A friend whom has just recently come back into her life one that she has always loved but never really acknowledged, tired of being along and need to have herself in a stable and lasting relationship Ree has made plans to marry this man and finally give her children the father they need. Ree hopes that this time she'll be able to grow old with someone.

Recent Empolyment

Ree is currently working for Blue Sun as an agent in the Persephone office. She has a reputation for being some what of a ruthless Agent getting the job done at all cost. She's lethal, attractive and dedicated a most perfect employee for the Vast organization.

Around the office she also has the nick name of Black Widow, ether because a lot of her past partner have died or the fact that she's been known to sleep with a few of her targets before assassinating them.