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This is OOC information.
Information detailed here is for OOC uses only.
The Trans-U Model Redemption.
Captain "Gatrius Kriloe"
Class Trans-U
Crew Capacity 24
Cargo Capacity 800 Tons
Top Speed 1704
Command Crew
Piloting Crew
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew
General Crew
Ownership History

"This ship is damnation; and these ghosts, my cross to bear until I can find redemption."


This Trans-U was once used as a cruise liner, but it's obvious that this ship has been modified by her owner with other uses in mind. Sleek and beautiful, her fuselage is vaguely shark-shaped, without the dorsal fins. Built for comfort and a smooth ride, stabilizers protrude from various points from the aft on the ship, giving her a predatory look.

She's been painted in dark tones: black being her primary color, with deep blood red accents along the fuselage and along the wingtips and fins, giving her a simple metallic finish and a low visibility profile when her lights are off. On either side of her is painted her symbol, the Lion Guardant Rampant, underneath which is written in red, 'REDEMPTION'.

From nose to tail, she's 263 feet long, with large armored viewports giving glimpses into the decadent wooden interior, decorated like an old Earth-that-Was ship. Her wingspan is 162 feet, and she stands 80 feet proud, with the Bridge being the highest and foremost point with a 180-degree vantage point viewport.

When in port, she emanates a soft and welcoming glow from her viewports, almost beckoning to weary travelers and weathered Spacers alike. It's said that her Captain is always welcoming to anyone requesting a hot meal, comfortable bed, or congenial conversation and company.


IC Mission

The Redemption is a haven for all weary travelers and weathered Spacers alike. A refuge for those in need and souls in distress, the Redemption's doors are always open to strangers. A flagship in a small contingency of vessels, the Redemption is the housing ship as well as the command post of operations. Operating mostly as an independent merchant ship, she aims to make profit on her trips as much as possible. She takes on all jobs, and flies low under Alliance radar, as her endeavors often times cross the line between legitimate and illegal. But her ultimate goal is freedom, and the one binding element to her disparate crew is loyalty. And in binding together under intense familial loyalty, they find they can accomplish everything set before them, and find freedoms previously unknown from the Core to the farthest reaches of the 'Verse.

OOC Mission

The common goal of the Redemption is to further RP on the Grid in every way possible. This includes facilitating RP between members of the ship, between other ships, on planets, public places, and being involved in and starting TPs that span beyond the reach of just the one org to bring multiple orgs together. We strive to maintain a high standard of RP, character development, and accountability on the Grid in the hopes of one day being held as the standard of RP, character development, and accountability on the Grid. We will go the extra mile. We go to eleven.

Pre-IC History

The Redemption started as The Glorious under the command of Captain Victor Siu, operating under Zodiac Cruises, a luxury cruise line that made use of Luxury Yachts, Trans-U's, and other grand ships to pull on a decadent crowd of credit-spenders. Commissioned into the fleet of Zodiac Cruises in the year 2515, the vessel served five proud years before it was unexpectedly boarded on the ground while docked on Bellerophon by Alan de Sousa and his band of pirates. The crew of the Glorious was killed or ransomed, depending on how much they were worth, and when the last of them were gone, de Sousa renamed the ship The Ephemeral and ran her as a pirate ship: boarding other vessels, smuggling slaves and hostages, running illegal cargo and salvage operations, your standard low-level pirate stuff. From year 2520 to the beginning of year 2522, the Ephemeral was under the Jolly Roger.

IC History

The Beginning

25 Jan 2522 - 'The Ephemeral' sends out a distorted distress call from just above Whitefall. The Invictus responds to the call to investigate; their systems are knocked out by a solar flare storm, including life support. They manage to dock with the Ephemeral, which they find has been boarded by Reavers, and clear the ship. The Red Angel and the Chong Sheng come to aid. The Invictus is boarded by a second Reaver ship; Reavers rig the ship with explosives. The Ephemeral detaches from the Invictus just before she explodes, and makes a hasty landing on Whitefall. The Invictus crew are left with the blood-soaked Ephemeral to clean and repair, but all live to see another day.

The Christening

27 Jan 2522 - 'The Ephemeral' repaired, cleaned, and christened 'Redemption'.

The Fallout

30 Mar 2522 - Vega Enterprises is dissolved, with its assets and funds left to Grey. Isabella permanently leaves the 'Redemption'.

The Return

21 Apr 2522 - Four slave boys who survived the slaughter of 'The Ephemeral' flee to the Redemption, having been left at the St. Augustine Orphanage on Persephone back in January.

The Accord, Part I

25 Apr 2522 - Grey meets with Ashlyn on the Redemption, the first step to consolidating the Accord. They agree to further talks on details, and to have Grey meet with Matty to discuss the Accord with her as well.

The Return, Part II

7 May 2522 - Five Slavers appear on Paquin to reclaim the four returned slaves. With Grey disarmed and beaten to the ground, and weapons trained on anyone else holding a gun, the situation seems hopeless until Crow pretends to defect. A gunfight ensues between the Slavers, the Redemption, and the Chaos Theory, with four wounded on the Redemption, one on the Theory, two Slavers killed and three taken prisoner.

The Retirement

20 May 2522 - Grey retires from Captainship of the Redemption, passing the position on to his then-First Mate, Alabaster Smith. Taking the LRS Defiant as his personal vehicle, he announces his intention to remain the owner of the vessel, and to have a controlling power in her affairs, but that he will be focusing on the Accord and other matters, leaving the ship in capable hands.

The Return, Part III

21 May 2522 - Grey, Alabaster Smith, Crow, Kitty, and Wren take the Hover MULE out into the dark side of Yinyang to return two of the slaves to their homes. Rong Tou Jao is returned, with Wren translating the Cantonese dialect his father speaks to be a warning personally to Grey; when Jia Meng is about to be returned to his house, nobody answers the door. It is opened to reveal the smell of death, and Wren sees the silhouette of a sniper on a nearby rooftop. Zhen Mao is shot dead, and the remainder take cover in the house. Kitty manages a miracle shot through the window and disables the sniper, and they escape back to the Spaceport in the Hover MULE. Grey splits from the main group and takes the LRS Defiant.

Times of Change

May - June 2522 - An extended layover on Persephone becomes a time of change, turnover, and tragedy as the crew suffers a series of losses, both personal and professional. Zora departs the ship to avoid some trouble from her past. Crow is killed in a fight. Werner and Hank both tender their resignations for jobs on Sihnon and Paquin, respectively. And under unknown, mysterious circumstances, Grey is reported dead on Londinium, leaving the Redemption and all its sundry components to a somewhat unready Alabaster. But the stalwart crew doesn't let this stop them for long. Soon enough, they begin a new round of interviews, determined to make their lost friends and family proud. To keep flying.

The Missing Years

  • This is just a holder space for whoever might want to fill in the considerable gap in time here.

Long Time Gone

May 2528 - The ship has changed crew many times over the years, but this month old faces start to return to the ship, bringing the family back together so to speak. With Captain Gatrius missing, the ship's current XO, Laurent Passe starts putting together the pieces so as to keep Redemption flying. Pix and Starling both return to the fold, a little older and in the case of at least one of them, a little wiser.

Inside the Redemption

The Commons - Port Side, Looking Forward


The Commons - Starboard Side, Looking Forward


The Galley



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