Red Sun

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Red Sun, also known as Zhu Que (Red Phoenix*) in Chinese, shares the first major orbital path around White Sun with Georgia. This is the coldest of all the stars in the verse. The worlds in orbit around Red Sun include:

First: Jiangyin
Second: New Melbourne
Fourth: Greenleaf, orbited by Dyton
Fifth: Harvest, orbited by Higgins' Moon
Sixth: St. Albans
Tenth: protostar Heinlein
First from Heinlein: Triumph
Second from Heinlein: Paquin, orbited by Shinbone
Fourth from Heinlein: Silverhold

(Objects in bold are coded, not all orbits are shown.)

* The traditional name for the Chinese constellation is sometimes given as "Vermilion Bird", however the translation of this star's name has been listed in Firefly canon material as "Red Phoenix".