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Red Lion Industries is a privately-owned company with small stock shares, founded and owned by Lord Damian Carmichael, Ph.D. It has now merged with Starke Industries, owned by Count Salin Fawzy -- as the two owners are cousins, it remains a quasi-independent family-owned business. It employs approximately 50 individuals, including scientists and crew members. While known to old colleagues and customers still as Red Lion Industries, its official incorporated name is now Red Lion & Starke Industries.

The company continues to offer internship opportunities based out of Osiris, where its research and development lab is housed, for promising medical and biotech graduates from universities across the Verse.

The Red Lion logo frequently appears affiliated with charitable works, and commercials highlighting its generic and patent products air semi-frequently across cortex channels. The company's Head of Public Relations, Sebastien Rhys-Carmichael, is the televised face and voice of the company.


Since its incorporation in 2525, Red Lion Industries has been committed to serving the 'Verse with only the highest quality medical products. Originally, the company was based on Osiris, in a live/work luxury compound called Bubastis. Following restructuring of the business and family lives of its CEOs, the company has mobilized and centers its staff and activity around the Falkirk, a Blockade Runner class vessel outfitted to serve the needs of a more diversified, mobilized company.

Red Lion Industries is still known for selling its products at lower prices than the monolithic pharmaceutical companies that comprise the market share of medical suppliers. Red Lion also sells to a larger variety of individuals and businesses than many other pharmaceutical companies will deign to. It respects Blue Sun's patents and remains in compliance with all Alliance regulations, but is not shy about catering to those beyond the Border Worlds.

With a solid product profile of pharmaceuticals solidifying its product base, Red Lion has recently moved forward in partnership with Starke to focus on development of neuropharmaceuticals and cybertechnologies.


The company has weathered its share of controversies in its short life, ranging from preludes to lawsuits by other pharmaceutical companies, regular assassination attempts on its CEO (including one falsified death), kidnap and murder of various staff, and more. Public statements have been made to assure investors and customers that these controversies in no way reflect Red Lion's ethos, culture, or values, nor its ability to deliver quality product.

Product Line

The majority of Red Lion's marketing targets hospitals and physicians directly, maneuvering their products to be the go-to brand for generic supplies as well as a landmark innovator filling market niches and needs. Some products are also available over-the-counter, or by licensed sale through the company outlet on Bubastis (see 'Coded Products').

All Red Lion products come minimally packaged in recycled materials, featuring a sleek design utilizing red, white, and occasionally gold as primary colors. The red lion rampant features prominently alongside any branding.

Generic Products (inexpensive products not patent protected):

  • Analgesics - Several types of ibuprofen and acetaminophen, rapid-delivery.
  • Cold and flu - Several formulations of tablets and syrups for various ailments.
  • Erectile dysfunction - An oral formulation of sildenafil citrate.

Patented Products (products patented under RLI's brand):

  • Panacin - (From Panacea). A hypospray-administered painkiller designed for those with opiate allergies. Side effects: Giggliness, mild euphoria, increase in appetite.
  • Aliset - (From Latin, 'on wings.') Also nicknamed liquid intellect. In healthy subjects, stimulates the brain and gives a limited duration of increased focus and mental clarity. Used off-label as a study drug for that reason. Also has applications in repairing neural pathways after certain types of brain damage, currently under investigation.

Pipeline Development (products and areas currently being explored): CLASSIFIED.

  • Development of elastic, durable myofibre by addition of more biochemical fibres that are similar in property to elastin fibres found in amphibians, allowing for small-scale cyber that retains its shape over along period of time, regardless of stretching or contortion by the body.
  • Slow-dissolving liquid cartilage, to support bone surgery and internal prosthetics, reducing the recovery time for back, knee and hip surgery dramatically.


Botanicals - Several strains of plants have been developed and rendered hardier/more potent to serve as the base crops for extant derived drugs. RLI-brand medical marijuana is particularly esteemed for its analgesic properties.

Coded Products

Out of the Office on Bubastis, RLI distributes the following: