Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub

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Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub
Business Name

Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub

Owner's Name
Location of Business

Paquin at The Great Carnival

Products for Sale

Food, Banquets, Drinks, Weddings, Entertainment, Special Events.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat: 11 AM to 2AM
Sun: 5 AM to 10 PM

Status of Business



Just off the main Space Port, Red Eye's Steakhouse & Pub rests right inside The Great Carnival for easy access and a great atmosphere. Our service is top notch and if you don't leave with a smile on your face and your stomach in need of a good pumping, we'll give you a dinner for free! With fresh meat, pork, and poultry from the Holliday Ranch up in the mountains shipped in daily there's no way you can beat our home made steaks and other meals. Fresh seafood from local markets as well as vegetables, fruits, and other foods. Check out our menu and see what interest's you. Get most any meal with your choice of two sides for Free! Bring the family or your friends. We promise you'll have a great time.

We open early on Sunday for a Special Irish Hangover Breakfast!

Ask us about:
Event Hosting
Booking your local Band
Anything you might have in mind.

For a detailed copy of the Menu please click here

Apartments above the restaurant for rent.

Directions: Once on Paquin, go to the Space Port. From there head north into The Great Carnival. Then head into the Steak House Labeled there.