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The Red Angel typically stands out to a lot of different ships, due to its very obvious red color, which covers most major paneling on the vessel. Some panels are a battleship gray color, which gives a very nice contrast to the other red panels. The colored panels themselves are symmetric, giving a somewhat majestic look to the large vessel. She is 410 Feet long, and took up most of the port when she set down on the rim.

Red Angel - Iso Top.jpg

A curious look about this vessel is that there are many 'wings' - not just the standard two that are found on some other vessels. There look to be about eight different wings - four on each side. There is one set of small, short wings on the underside of the vessel, almost near the long nose of the ship. They stick out no more than about eight feet, and are far above the ground when the Angel is landed. Between the small wings, there appears to be a mounting port for a turret, but it does appear that one is not currently mounted there.

Red Angel - Replication Angle.jpg

The next sets of wings are the primary wings of the ship, judging by their large size. The Angel has a wingspan of 155 feet, tip to tip. They are set back, almost near the end of the ship. On the ends of the wings, there appear to be more unused mounting ports for different types of weapons - cannons, perhaps even missiles. There are two ports on top and two underneath each wing; all of them gray in color. Underneath each of the wings is a large gray air intake manifold, presumably used for cooling the engines while in atmospheric flight. In between the intake manifolds, port and starboard, in the center is the long and wide loading ramp,which inclines up into the large cargo bay, perhaps fifteen feet above the ground. The inside of the cargo ramp is a dull metallic color, but when closed, the battleship grey color can be seen.

Red Angel - Landed Ground Underside.jpg

On the top of the ship, some 65 feet off the ground, directly above the loading ramp, is what appears to be the bridge of the ship. Light gleans off the multiple surrounding windows, shedding beams of light on various parts of the ship. Forward of that looks to be viewports for crew quarters, by the spacing of the view ports. Forward and a little above of the crew area is another area set of windows, set right over the forward most pair of wings. This area looks to be the 'pilot house'. Looking back Aft of the Bridge are the engines - they actually appear to comprise nearly the entire aft section of the ship.

Red Angel - Perspective Top.jpg

Two more vertical stabilizers or 'fins' extend out from the tops of the two upper engines. The vertical stabilizers appear to be linked by some sort of scaffolding or some such structure, making it look almost like a spoiler on the back of the ship.


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