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Ravine Havoc
Full name Ravine Scotts Havoc
Date of Birth July 27, 2498
Parents Arietta (deceased) and Scott Havoc
Siblings Radenko, Hughes, Malchior
Assignment Ashes of an Urn
Specialization Weaponry
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green-brown eyes, blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'7", 147lbs
Status Deceased
Education Information
  • College Diploma; Londinium
Military Service
  • Little Military Service; Discharged Medically at Corporal
Employment History


Ravine has lived with her family most of her life. She was born July 27th, 2498 almost near midnight. The labor was harsh to her mother. Arietta and Santiago Havoc were both pleased to find that they had finally given birth to a girl. It was a drug baby, at that, but no one shone any light upon the deal. However, the joy never lasted too long..

Mommy was always a drug addict. Had been even before she had married daddy. Somehow, the eldest male of the house never really saw it until later years of marriage. Arietta killed herself shortly after Ravine's seventh birthday. The withdrawal in her system had been too painful for the weak woman to handle. This impacted most of the family; Hell, the boys were scared to touch anything like a drug now.

And that was Ravine's story, really. She wasn't treated like a girl, being the eldest daughter with three brothers of varying ages. Hughes was calm and gentle, almost like an angel. Malchior was somehow opposite. And Radenko was special in his own ways. He was a little mischievous kid with a tenancy to get himself into trouble. Really, all four children were bipolar.. Between the three 'kids' and her father, Ravine usually had a lot to take care of. She became somewhat of a caretaker for the bunch, and they still treated her like the best of family as she was. They all cherished each other, not wanting to loose someone to anything. Because really, that's all they had left in their lives. One another.

Both boys went into different styles of life. Malchior willingly went into the local Alliance group, figuring it was something to get rid of his boundless energy. Instead, Hughes began a band of his own to create music that he liked. Ravine learned how to play the bass through him and self-taught the guitar while he was playing it at home. For her birthday, all the men pitched in to purchase her an elaborate and expensive looking upright bass. She loved the deeper sounds behind music..

However, Ravine got bored at home. High school and college lead to many boyfriends and girlfriends, led to 'great' classes to take, and there was even beautiful music that she could listen to. But.. Londinum just got too awkward. There was something about it that made her skin crawl. She never saw her mother's grave. There was much refusal from her. There wasn't much hesitation when there were postings for crewmates in the employment section. And gratefully, the woman took one of them. And that's where she really began to appreciate the black.

She began off on the Red Deuce, the first sentry to apply and attain the Chief position. The woman found life on this ship pretty easy and laid back. However, once she was pushed out to find a new job, her life on the Tienlong really began.

Friends, family, and all she lived with for so long.. From the very beginning of the start of that love able ship.. All lost. She's left them, continuing her life on. But.. A purple belly? Yeah.. That'd be Private Havoc, now.

But no longer after she's lost her memory! Most of it is fuzzy with silly bits and pieces of information she wishes that she could remember. But, for now, Robert Forge has taken up the task of welcoming the woman onto his ship from a good friendship while in the Alliance.

But things do not ever last for too long. Ravine quickly took to liking Chovian as a good friend and helped the Gypsy where she could. But things got sour when she took it passed her limit to find Yaw. Her life was claimed after she killed the man whom mortally wounded her at the expense of gaining information on the location of Yaw.


This German woman seems to have the genetic trait of simple beauty on her side. Standing at her tallest without an inch of slouching, her height can be tallied at just about 5ft7in. With her shoes on. Her body is thin and wiry, giving her the easy appearance of a model in many aspects.

Her face almost seems delicate like a porcelain doll; cherubic with lips that are painted a soft rose color. Her eyes shine brightly from underneath her long threshes of blonde hair. Eyes that are always a-glint with mischief in their haphazard mixture of Green and Brown. It's almost hazel, but barely so with the mix-matching balance of the colors. Her hair has an odd style to it; The top most section is cut with the care of a blunt razor, it would seem. Layered to the extreme with sections turning downward before they curl up at the cheekbones. Bangs hide her eyes, only slightly held in placeto keep from being totally blind with a set of workman's goggles. The rest of the long blonde colored strands cascade in curls down her back that cut away just a few inches above her knees. Make up is light, a touch of skin tone, deep blush, and some blue eye-shadow that mix together pleasantly with long lashes. Piercings on her body are numerous; There is a barbel through her right brow and a metallic piece that curls over her left ear. Through her lobes are two green-colored saftey pins. A necklace drops around her chest and falls into the curve of her abundant breast. The charm on it is a small treble clef and a dogtag that holds a role number and the symbol for the Alliance. On close inspection, the name on the tag is for one 'Malchior M. Havoc'.

Clothing isn't forgotten! Holding her upper body in place is a tight black corset, strings tied in the back. However, most of this is covered by a worn blue colored jump suit. The suit is double-stitch reinforced with padding and a thick black fabric on the elbows, hips, and knees. The zipper is pulled up just a few inches below the swell of her breast to show off just a bit. A brown belt is pulled around her waist with a few little utilities on it; Flashlight, PDA, other such things. Black boots with a steel toe are tied up on her feet to keep herself well fit for rough work