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Full name Klara R. Aedan
Date of Birth June 21, 2504
Parents Daniel and Marina Aedan
Siblings None
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue / Brown
Height and Weight 5'6" (1.68 meters)

132 lbs (60 kg)

Status Inactive
Education Information

Current: University of Londinium (2522- )

  • Accelerated Alliance Schooling (2514-2520)
  • Private Tutelage (2504-2514)
Military Service

Current: Prematurely Retired

  • Lance Corporal, 182nd Auxiliary (Reserves)
  • 4-Year Contract (Oct. 2523 - Oct. 2527) canceled after 1.5 years.

When out of disguise, she is recognized as Klara R. Aedan

Out-of-Uniform Description

Loose auburn ringlets crown her lofty forehead while the rest of her hair is restrained behind her head with a simple hair tie. Large, though wary baby-blue eyes often appear shadowed, usually veiled by lengthy eyelashes, the contacts rarely detectable. Eyebrows matching the shade of her hair curve above her eyes while her high cheekbones accentuate her hollow, though healthily flushed cheeks. Her face is framed by a pair of lightly pointed ears, determinedly-set jaw, and a stubborn chin. A thin, though lightly muscled neck sporting the slimmest of narrow scars which stretches from the base of her right ear to her collar bone leads to the rest of her slight body structure, which might be an inch or two over five and a half feet in height. Her features and figure suggest that she is either in her late teens or early twenties, her limbs grown into successfully without mishap. She seems to carry herself with a sense of propriety though she lacks the stiffness of most soldiers in uniform.

The Random Rumors of the 'Verse

Word on the Street

She ain't so bad for a purp-belly...
... that was actually efficiently diffused...

Within-Alliance Reputation

... amazingly polite while shooting people...
... one level-headed, crazy sniper...
... ever see her in a fighter? ... that's why she's the death bird...

Briefest Explanation of WHY

Only a select few would know the real reason as to why such a person who had served under a WANTED Browncoat officer would ever think of joining the Alliance Military-- it wasn't her decision. Or at least, that's her side of the story. In her guardian's attempt to ensure that she would 'make something of herself' rather than simply fly around in cargo ships willy-nilly, day and night, he threatened to pull her financial support, which covered the 4000-credit per semester tuition of the University of Londinium. Where else to put a granddaughter who lacks discipline other than the military?

Of course, it's only the beginning that always a bit rocky. It didn't take very long for her to eventually come to care about those with whom she served, even going so far as to accept the reasons behind their policies. As she served, her vision of the political and economical situation broadened, and she began to realize that adopting a neutral, personal stance on most matters would be best.

Alliance Goals

A simple goal that seems to be paradoxically impossibly complicated, as described in the following excerpt from basic training:

"What am I going to do? Well maybe we can start fix the bloody problem of Alliance coming off as being completely asinine."
"Dream on, kid. That's idealism."
"Well then, at least I'll make sure not to be the epitome of four-legged inanity when in uniform. Enough insecure people in the enlisted to do that for me."
"... You've just insulted the majority of the officers in that. Half of them were enlisted before going to officer's school..."
"... Ah... well then, doesn't that just explain why the Alliance have such a horrid reputation among the common civilians..."