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This is OOC information.
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Full name Ramon Sanchez Zapata
Date of Birth 27 Mar 2482
Birthplace Ezra
Parents Grace Zapata; Tom Sanchez, deceased
Siblings None
Spouse Unwed
Children None
Specialization Pilot, transports
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 1.83m, 82kg
Status Inactive
Education Information

Secondary school & ship apprenticeship

Military Service


Employment History
  • Currently, Chief Pilot on La Paz
  • a large number of stints as pilot to an array of transports and capital ships (including Montenegro), though should note none of those jobs lasted two years, if that.

Common Description

You see a man--late thirties, early forties--whose tanned face seems dominated by dark, brooding eyes. The brunette brows are wide and long and slightly arched. The nose has a strong bridge and leads down to full lips. The jawline is well defined. The creep of age is apparent, creases lining his cheeks, crow's feet on the tail end of his eyes. The hair on his head is dark brown and full, moderate in length. His face is often shadowed with stubble.

He wears a brown, leather bomber jacket over an olive, flannel button-down shirt. The shirt is unbuttoned and untucked, a red T-shirt showing underneath. Partially concealed by the jacket and shirt, he wears a black angle draw shoulder holster with his Slipshot 44, slung on the left. Attached to his tie down on the right are two extra clips. Baggy grey cargo pants cover his legs, and regulation Alliance black combat boots shod his feet.

The Questions

What profession(s) do you think you will be, or are?

Well, I'm a pilot. Have been for the last sixteen years or so. Don't see myself bein' anything else. Don't know I could be anything else. In any case, don't wanna be.

What is your personality like?

Huh. My personality. It's quiet? <snort> Yeah, I don't talk too much. No need for it most times. People talk too much anyway. I'm just balancin' it out, is all <chuckle>. Seriously? I guess you could say I'm a bit reserved. Keep to myself. Take's a while for me to warm up to people, but I usually get there. Less'n I don't. Some people, they just ain't worth the effort.

What is your character's goal(s) in life?

Good question, and not sure I can answer that. Aside from flying, don't really have a goal. Haven't had one since ... well, in awhile leastways <snort>. Might be time I got one. Gettin' harder ta get outta bed some days.


What do you want to develop on a personal level from this point on?

Only thing matters these days is flyin'. Funny, after all these years the urge still moves me. Yup, if I can be just a tad better flyer, I'll do my damnedest to get there.

Do you see yourself as a follower, a leader, a loner, or otherwise?

Loner. Guess I could lead, iffn' I cared enough. I know when I get good an' angry people listen. But, followin'. That .. might be a more difficult prospect. Only a few folk I'd follow, and only they keep me apprised a their current direction, as it were. <snort> Probly reason why I can't seem to stay with a ship for more'n a couple years.

What are your morals like?

Not sure really. Changes from day to day, guess. Some days I could kill without battin' an eye. Other days, might not be so easy. Anyway, I try to be considerate. Not 'specially taken with religiosity or some such. Buddhist or Christian, it's really just different pieces of the same pie.

Pre-PC History

Ramon was born on Ezra to a prostitute, one Grace Zapata. She raised him as best she could with the means and time available to her. Not only her, the bordello she was employed by also ended up looking after Ramon, as well as the other children borne by the 'girls'. It was a unique experience to be raised, more or less, in a whorehouse, but it ended up providing Ramon with an interesting perspective on Life--one he carried with him the rest of his years.

At the age of thirteen, a ship called "Anshan" landed on Ezra. Their captain, Tom Sanchez, came to the bordello to claim Ramon. Apparently, he was the boy's long lost father Grace always glossed over. An agreement had been struck many years ago between Ramon's parents in which Tom had agreed to give his son a trade outside of Ezra. Thirteen was as good an age as any, and Tom was nothing if not a man of his word. There was a tearful departure, if quick, and before Ramon knew it, he was in the Black.

The transition proved difficult at first for Ramon, but he realized soon enough there was something truly exciting about space travel. In time, he was introduced to ship operations by his father, Tom, eventually trying his own hand at the various aspects of running a transport ship. Under Tom's tutelage Ramon became adept at the economics of running cargo and the maintenance of ship systems, but where he took particular interest was in piloting. His father's ship, "Anshan," was one of the swift ox models, pre-dating the firefly series even, and Tom grew to love that ship. As the years rolled by Ramon's piloting skills matured, and his relationship with his father matured as well. The ship paid visits to Ezra at least once a year, sometimes for Ramon's sake, and most other times on business. Whatever the reason, Ramon made it a point to keep in touch with his Mom, who he loved very much.

When the Unification War erupted Ramon was twenty four and acting Bosun of "Anshan." His father was decidedly Independent, and made his sentiments known, doing runs for the Browncoats as needed. Ramon was as dedicated to the Independent cause, too well aware this war was in their own best interests. For five years, the "Anshan" ran cargo for the Independents, sometimes taking damage for her troubles, but always finding a spot to limp to and lick her wounds. One could almost say "Anshan" led a charmed life. Well, that all caught up for her and her crew in the battle of Serenity Valley.


As the battle intensified, supply runs for Independent forces in Serenity Valley were becoming increasingly difficult and dangerous. Ramon's father, Tom, decided to make one last run for desperately needed ammo to a forward position. Tom forbade Ramon to come, and only allowed two volunteers to accompany him. Flak and SAM fire were horrendous on the run, and 'Anshan" was lost with all hands. Ramon was among the prisoners when Independent forces surrendered, and when he was freed after the Armistice, Ramon found a flight back to Ezra.

With the help of Grace, Ramon picked up the pieces, then left to find work as a transport pilot. He spent the years that followed piloting various ships, but never for more than a couple years. He liked flying, but not much else. The end of the war meant the end of an era--and the end of his Dad, a man he had grown to admire and love during their time together.

These days, Ramon continues to find employ as a pilot of some skill and grace. He visits his mother on Ezra from time to time, to see how she's faring. The man has been in freefall for so long, he's barely aware of it anymore. His life has diminished to barely more than a day-to-day existence.

Unknown to Los Tres, Ramon actually owns an established distillery on Ezra that specializes in tequila and mezcal. The name: Valle Viejo.

PC History

About a month or two ago, during some 'down' time between gigs piloting, Ramon received a WAVE from Morena "Morrie" Luz. Now that was a shot to the heart, though Ramon would never admit as much. Morrie. The two had history, the first half as sweet as could be imagined, the latter half, not so sweet. Suffice to say, there is truth to the old adage 'Never mix business with pleasure.' Still it was Morrie. She wanted to meet on Persephone with a proposal. Experience had taught Ramon that with all things Morrie one must expect a certain amount of ... risk. Sometimes, catastrophic. But, it was Morrie. Even as Ramon mulled over the whole prospect, he knew he was going. To Persephone. Simply put: it was Morrie.

And, as events turned out, the pilot is currently up to his knees in work, trying to make an old decommissioned APC2 called Spitfire worth running, along with the critical help of Flint Locke, their chief engineer. Funds don't seem to be a problem so far, and Ramon's not saying just why that is, but he is beginning to wonder how he got himself into this mess. Oh yes. It was Morrie. On the other hand, La Cabrona bullets across the Black at 1,900Mm/hr (sans mods). The Spitfire may be a "Slut", but she's one fine "Slut."

Then again, even a mutiny can ruin ones appetite for a ship. And such has been the case for Los Tres' affair with the Spitfire. After Vallen's and Davin's attempted murder of their captain, Morrie, it all sort of went to hell in a handbasket. The pair volunteered to be brigged, pending Morrie's judgement, and when that judgement came it was death. The sentence, however, was never carried out over Three Hills. Another crew member, Izak, elected to aid the mutineers in an escape, but ran into Marcos and Ramon in the hold where a shoot-out erupted. In the end, Davin was shot dead, and Vallen and Izak were captured by the Feds. At this point, the crew dissolved and Morrie made a deal with Richard, her former XO, to hand over the ship to him for a percentage of their future profits. Some sort of legal snag involving Morrie's cousin, Rico, has resulted in the Spitfire going up for sale, but that is no longer Los Tres' concern. They are done with the APC2.

But a crew needs a ship, and Morrie is nothing if not resourceful. Owning another ship on Boros, Morrie suggested Los Tres make for the junkyard planet, and they did just that. It was a derelict dragonfly that was in need of work, but Ramon was up for it, anything to get that 'bad taste' out of his mouth. Time passed but eventually the "La Paz" was ready, to fly the Black once more.