Raker Mallory

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   A squared jaw-line and dark features are the most prominent factors of this
   man's visage. Clearly, he does not take much liberty to shave all that often 
   and his jaw is covered often in a thick black stubble. His eyes are a deep rich 
   brown - the same colour as his scruffy, short hair. As for his physique, he is
   not overly muscular or heavy though his shoulders are quite broad for the proportion
   of the rest of his body. His arms and legs are wrapped with a sinewy muscle and
   his hands show clear signs of heavy work in the past.
   Contrasting starkly to his dark features he wears quite a bland collared
   shirt of white with buttons running down the middle and the collar stiffened into
   an upright position. On his legs he wears a pair of baggy brown trousers that flare
   out at the bottom, infrequently seen as they are tucked into a pair of knee-high
   black leather boots. To hold his trousers he wears some simple leather bracers
   with tiny bronze buckles.

Short Conceptual

After graduating the pilot academy in the main city of Persephone, Raker worked for a large firm that piloted capital ships whose job it was to ensure the safety of a big raw materials shipping company. Towards the end of the war Raker's strong opinions got the better of him and he joined up with the Browncoats where he was to fly independent ships as key air support in the closing stages of the war.


Hailing from the border planet of Persephone, piloting ships was something that Raker was mad about since childhood. On that bustling planet he was raised by two caring parents who saved enough money for him to go through the local city's pilot academy, albeit at an insatiable price for the scholarship he earned himself there.

Raker graduated with just above average marks, even though he got himself the scholarship; reason being he messed around too much with the friends he made there and his interests for a while lay in drinking and womanising. Though, disputedly, they still do, he has matured his affection for piloting much more than he once had.

It was at the academy he learned to fly capital ships and, particularly, the saber class in order to secure an internship after with a piloting company that lent their services to larger trading vessels that needed the security. For some time he busied himself with that profession and worked his way up through the ranks until he was at a point where he managed a handful of the ships on their day-to-day tasks.

For the most part of the war Raker was urged by his parents to stay out of it and was basically threatened to be disowned if he was to join up, regardless of how much his parents loved him - they didn't want to lose him to a war they believed was ridiculous and up until that point thousands of independents had already lost their lives to the Alliance in crushing battles.

Raker joined up anyway with the Browncoats and piloted one of the capital ships for them whose main job was to guarantee the security of drop-off points and to lend air support to the ground forces when ordered to. At this point Raker's outlook on life changed pretty severely and after seeing the number of dead - some friends among them - he knew things were getting serious, and that he should begin to take life more seriously. He wanted to get out and make his own way again doing what he was passionate about - flying.

So after a few months break after the war to find himself and to look for something he was sure to be happy with, he came across Naomi Ida at the spaceport in Persephone. After a conversation it was clear in his mind he wanted to become part of the crew for the Red Angel and that is where is is today as their co-pilot.