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This is, for the moment, little more than a concept being worked on. If you've suggestions, feel free to add them to the discussion page.

Underground Racing


  • Teams (Engineer and Racer) will be formed. The duo will have one week to prepare for the race.
  • Get in your car and drive. First driver to cross the finish line wins.
  • No sabotaging the other racers. Seriously now, no cutting fuel lines or removing brakes!

OOC Procedure

  • The engineer's will undergo a series of moderated taskrolls, each one mimicking the rolls drivers will eventually make. A success on that roll will indicate a bonus for the drivers taskrolls-- higher engineering skill results in a better vehicle, increasing the odds that the pilot will survive. Or, better, win.
  • The pilot's will undergo a series of moderated taskrolls, respective difficulties adjusted by their individual engineer's previous rolls-- for better or for worse. Any failed roll indicates a crash.
  • The "winner" is determined by the driver who successfully finishes all required taskrolls, with the highest total "success" number.

Engie1 rolls Systems: MULE against a 120 difficulty. The result is successful (34).
Pilot1's roll would be Pilot: Mule at 86 (120-34).
Furthermore, if Pilot1 passes that roll with a success of 27, 27 would be added to Team1's final score.

IC Event

  • All the racers will be placed in a room separated from the rest of the "scene," to ensure any driving poses made won't spam the heck out of non-participating players. Each pose round will match a round of taskrolls; if there are five rolls made, there will be five rounds of posing.
  • Race details will be relayed to a second room where an "announcer" will provide a brief summary whenever it's determined important. Players in the "watching" room can have a little shindig whilst waiting for the final results.


  • Players in the "watching" room may participate in any number of activities, depending on the legality of the race in question. Money might change hands, or hamburger's eaten; this is left up to the discretion of whoever's around at the time. Any gambling done will likely only be ICly enforced-- so if you think your friend cheated, suit up and start a shoot-out.