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Just thought I'd make this public, on the off-chance there's any aspiring TP Planners out there who might like this information. Additionally, I'll try to update it as often as possible for whenever any new person responds to the survey. Thank you all once more for responding!

RP Polls

How do you like to play Serenity?

22 Respondents as of 6/23/2010

When creating a TP, there are countless variables to consider from the perspective of a potential GM. But from a players perspective, often just a few of these variables can tip the scales one way or the other, for whether or no they want to participate in a plot or scene.

Please take just a minute or two to answer the following questions regarding YOUR preferences on what you'd consider "the perfect scene."

Part 1 - Answers

1. If a TP is taking place, what sort of events do you prefer?
Response Percent of total Total votes
Violent Conflict - Wherein person A shoots person B in the head 54.5% 12
Nonviolent Conflict - A competition where outright violence is either avoided (a race, or card game) or minimized (boxing; sports) 27.3% 6
Social 18.2% 4

2. How in-depth do you want your "story" to be? If there is an NPC, do you prefer them to have as deep of a background and complicated a character as a "real" person, or should they be simple to understand?
Response Percent of total Total votes
NPC: Rwar I'm a bad guy shoot me OK I'm done. 9.1% 2
You can find the motivation of each of the involved NPC's on page 17 of the manual, and the average yearly income of their organization on page 45. 40.9% 9
I could go either way. 50.0% 11

3. What is your preference in terms of scene population?
Response Percent of total Total votes
One-on-one 0.0% 0
Between two and five people 68.2% 15
Between five and ten people 27.3% 6
The Sky's the limit! 4.5% 1

4. How do you feel about "grid changing" RP? (IE, a specific TP or Scene that will effect those outside of the TP/Scene)
Response Percent of total Total votes
Love it! 50.0% 11
Hate it! 9.1% 2
I could go one way or the other. 40.9% 9

5. What sort of "tone" do you tend to prefer for your RP?
Response Percent of total Total votes
Gritty, realistic 45.5% 10
Silly, lighthearted fun 0.0% 0
Other (Please specify) 54.5% 12

"Other" responses:

  • Both! Realistic is best, I really dislike when RP becomes so unrealistic that it's like changing the laws of humanity while you RP.
  • Both, with each having its place. Just like the TV series. And let's not forget shades of both.
  • A little of both, Realistic in the descriptions. But silly in their explanations.
  • Both have their place and make for good change of pace.Still remember the 'rain of cows'. Just to remember this is fantasy and watch out for going overboard on realism to the point that a lot of folk couldn't participate.
  • Realistic, good. Gritty, okay. Lighthearted fun, good. 50/50, and a mix of whatever else
  • I can enjoy both, if the story is plausable and holds interest.
  • some of each. I find all angst a bit too much to handle. but silly all the time is not good either.
  • I like a mix. Usually, I do TPs somewhat realistic, and my day-to-day RP as silly fun.
  • All of the above. It just depends on the scene in question, the people involved, and how my character feels at the time.
  • Realistic but fair
  • Both & more
  • I like a little of both

6. What is your preferred length of plot? How often would you like to revisit the NPC's or events in a plot?
Response Percent of total Total votes
One-shot/single scene (Do the plot, but never touch it again) 9.1% 2
Recurring/"Story Arc" (The terrorists are at it AGAIN?!) 90.9% 20

7. What level of "preparation" do you find fun for plots?
Response Percent of total Total votes
Extensive (several "pre-scenes" to set up and prepare) 27.3% 6
Medium (a scene or two whose actions effect the outcome of the TP) 72.7% 16
Minimal (as little as possible) 0.0% 0

Part 2 - Optional Comments

1. If a TP is taking place, what sort of events do you prefer?

  • Why can't it start out with a social card game, with the note that something bad is more than likely to happen. and that ANYONE has the opportunity to get hurt.
  • I'd be more in favor of fighting on this game if it didn't take hours upon hours to run a single combat scene, even with a relatively small number of combatants. No really good way of consistently shortening fights has ever been found, sadly.
  • I really don't want every TP to be violent, but there should be some. Just take a look at the shows.
  • I actually like all three, depending on the situation. All have their different flavor. I have no preference, really.
  • I enjoy them all but I do prefer the adrenaline rush of a real +attack/damage fight
  • Overcoming challenges that have a storyline are my top preference. Social's fun too. I like a variety of things.
  • I can go with any of those depending on the context of the scene and what the TP requires at that point. In some cases, and against my character's hopes, violence DOES become necessary.
  • I prefer both violent and non-violent because it adds spice!
  • I like puzzles. where it may end in viloence but you have clues and such to figure out who the bad guy is.
  • Shoot-outs get kinda old. If there's violence, try to make it something we haven't seen before.
  • But I like other kinds of TPs too.
  • Should be able to check more than one. Also like social.

4. How do you feel about "grid changing" RP? (IE, a specific TP or Scene that will effect those outside of the TP/Scene)

  • I think it sucks for a lot of us when the same person is getting hurt/shot at/ injured/kidnapped/plotted against over and over and over. The rest of us would like our day to be the victim too.
  • The way changes work on this game, when they come they usually are good for one specific group of people (if not one specific person) and bad for everyone else. On almost any other game, I could go either way. If the manner of changes on this game stops being so unfavorable to the bulk of the playerbase, I could change my opinion.
  • As long as it is carefully co-ordinated with the others that might be involved for some balance. I have heard a lot of TP that could directly effect other TPs that are going on being run at the same time. Admin helping that notice such connections could approach the other party and ask if they minded the tie in. Usually they love it.
  • See my answer to Question 7. ;) 1
  • I really do not mind it if everyone on the mush is involved. But a small group blowing up perseohone and killing all the pc's there is just bad.
  • Too many of the staff run TPs on this Mush are either EPIC RAWR or so minor that no one cares. A little more middle of the road, please.

6. What is your preferred length of plot? How often would you like to revisit the NPC's or events in a plot?

  • It would me nice if it was ongoing. That way, people who didn't get involved the first time around have a way to get involved and possibly fit their background into it for a new, fresh take on it.
  • Again, each has its place. But the latter can be (and has been) overdone historically. Tread with caution. Everyone gets tired of killing Dr. Nastybad after it's been done five times already (his mortician's giving him a repeat business discount, for cryin' out loud!!!).
  • Both are good, though I do like story arcs. The hard part with them is getting the players and admin together so you don't end up scene locked for too long. Single scenes linking the arc together can be a good thing for this.
  • I don't need to see the same terrorist group that we overcame last year return again for more. A TP running a week or two is really good. One-shots are good too, but my /preference/ is more involved.
  • Does it every REALLY end? There are always loose threads to tie or tug.
  • Those involved in a 'story arc' should be able to see how it ended. If not by ICly being there, at least OOCly being told how everything wrapped up.
  • I prefer one to three scene plots. I don't like plots that take /months/ to get finished.
  • Actually I prefer linked episodic, where the events of one TP naturally link the the next.
  • All for reusing stuff, bonus points if there are references/tie ins even if it's not defined by the previous plot

7. What level of "preparation" do you find fun for plots?

  • You have to have set up for it...but not weeks of prep. Sprining action upon someone with no warning is exciting, but also it leaves everyone lost as to what the hell is happening. Let EVERYONE have ample opporunity to be hurt and shot. BREAK CLIQUES who hang out together and will ignore anyone who comes along for RP. New people find it hard here on SM (unless they get snagged on a ship right away), and that really sucks.
  • Scheduling usually seems to determine just how complex the level of preparation will be for any given plot. The more scenes you have, theoretically, the more people can get involved. This doesn't always work in practice, but it can help allow more of a player group to affect the outcome than the three-and-a-half crew members who are always on. Also, one gets very tired of being pushed into charging into the teeth of the opposition like drug-fueled Third-World infantry, especially when nobody in the party is anything like stupid enough to think this sort of approach would work, let alone try it (but staffer A wants it all done in one night, started the session an hour late again, and has to go to bed early, so that's how it's going to be, d@##!7!!! If you don't like it, p!$$ off!!!).
  • A lot depends on the type of TP involved. Pre-scenes for a battle can help to involve the non-combatant type characters in a scene that will end up being almost all combat and let them have a feeling of accomplishment. Even multi-day scenes should end on a note of the players actually accomplishing something to make them feel good and eager for the next day.
  • Thanks for setting up this poll :)
  • Somewhere between "In the beginning, God created ..." and "Suddenly, without warning or any hint that it was coming ..." seems good. I like some build-up and drama leading to the "big event(s)." 1
  • If there's no on-camera preparation, there should be at least @mails to make sure everybody knows what was done off-camera. Also, planning is a good source of RP when the necessary people aren't available to do the plot.
  • But I could go whichever way here.
  • I'm not sure if I understood this question.

    One thing, though....In general, I like more scenes. But most of all, I like accessibility. IE, can I as a random joe without previous connections or knowledge get in on it (and do more than just stand around and perhaps shoot something with a bunch of others. ie can I do meaningful things)? Will I understand what's going on? Will I be able to participate throughout if I so wish?

    More that can be done, the better. I like smaller ones because, IMO, they tend to do that a lot better.