Quintus Aemilius Yee

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Quintus Aemilius Yee
Full name Lieutenant The Honourable
Quintus Aemilius Yee
(socially: "Quin Yee")
Date of Birth May 12th, 2490
Birthplace Wessex County, Londinium
Parents Decimus Aemilius Yee
Jewell ("Julia") Muinsen
Siblings Decimus ("Dezi") Aemilius Yee
Aemilia Yee
Assignment Surrogate Director of Analytics for Peripheral Affairs, Blue Sun
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown eyes / hair
Height and Weight 5'10" (178cm)
10 stone 10 lbs (68kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Private Pedagogue
Military Service
  • 2506 Lieutenant, Alliance 42nd Infantry Brigade
  • 2507 Awarded EC for Valor in the Presence of the Enemy
  • 2508 Brevetted Captain
  • 2508 Transferred to Logistics, Brevet Rescinded
  • 2512 Transferred to 16th Infantry Reserves
Employment History
  • 2512 Blue Sun

Blue Sun

Blue Sun Logo

  • River
Serenity MUSH Staff Liaison
  • Jayne
Serenity MUSH Staff Liaison
  • Dobson
Serenity MUSH Staff Liaison
Surrogate Director, Analytics
Agent, ICV Turbulent
Department Head, Public Relations
  • Violet Smith (Violet)
Associate, Research & Development

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Quintus's name conforms to the nomenclature of ancient Rome of Eartha'twas. This separates the name into three distinct parts.

  • Prenomen: In contemporary Western culture, this constitutes a person's given name. Romans were very traditional with prenomens and it was the norm for eldest sons to bear the same prenomen as their fathers. Quintus' prenomen is Quintus.
  • Nomen: Also called the "gens nomen", this is a person's family name or surname. Quintus' nomen is Aemilius. The pleural form of Aemilius is Aemilii (uh-meal-ee-eye), used when referring to multiple members of the family or of the family as a collective rather than an individual unit. Occasionally, Quintus might refer to himself as an "Aemilius of the Aemilii", which is really just a pretentous way of saying his family is socially prestegious.
  • Cognomen: Cognomens have multiple functions varying from a simple nickname to an extension to the family name to an indicator of personal status. Likewise this has many parallels in contemporary culture, from the addition of a married or maiden name to the appendage of initials designating an educational degree or British honour. Some Romans might have multiple cognomens, others none at all. Quintus bears the cognomen of Yee as an extension of his family name. Frequently he will identify himself by his cognomen alone, using it in the place of his surname for the sake of anonymity.