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Full name Quinton Camden Bardrick
Date of Birth December 25, 2501
Birthplace Yinyang
Parents Isis and Camden Bardrick
Spouse Bachelor
Children None he knows of
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Sapphire and Chestnut
Height and Weight 6'2, 210 lbs.
Education Information

St. Albans High School

Employment History

Caldwell Chalets, Bartender and Assistant Manager

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The man before you has a rather impressive height of 6'2" and at 210 pounds he's a fair bit of fella. With dark hair cut to just above the shoulders, and intense blue eyes looking down his hawk like nose, rugged features that perhaps cut a bit of a dashing figure. While he doesn't seem to be prone to smiles, the occasional smirk might be seen from those cupid's bow lips.


Happy go lucky - At least on the surface. There's always the attempt to stay positive, though that's normally to glaze over past hardships. He has his dark spots, but the comfort of a warm meal, or perhaps a warm bed is always helpful in picking one's spirits up. All that is set aside when he's actually cooking, however; or when he's doing anything he cares about, really. He's very intense... Intense and passionate about it.


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Family History

Isis and Camden were good folk. Cam's side of the family was very Scottish, such that you can pick out the Scottish accent quicker than the Yinyang itself. Mom was a great cook, she was the last survivor of her side of the family, least that she knew of. Camden tried to teach Quin to be a man, and Isis taught him to care about folk. Both taught him to do right, take pride in his work, and as much as anyone on Yinyang would to pay his debts.

Education and Employment History

Quinton was smart enough to mostly coast through his younger years of school, but his decent grades and his skill in the kitchen won him a scholarship to attend Culinary school on Sihnon. Once his studies focused on an area that interested him, he buckled down and became a truly exceptional student. He graduated at the top of his class, winning honors and accolades during his years at the Culinary Academy. After graduation he spent a few years interning at various resorts and restaurants across the 'verse, honing his skills not only as a chef, but taking time to apprentice with master pastry chefs and chocolatiers. When Caldwell Chalets bought out a locally owned resort on Saint Albans they were looking to hire the best chef they could find, wanting to make a name for their resort through a fantastic restaurant they planned to renovate during the takeover. After an extensive interview process to weed out hundreds of applications, Quinton landed himself the job. He has full reign of the kitchen and the menu, and in addition to head chef he's also been hired as the restaurant and kitchen manager as well. If nothing else, the busy schedule keeps him running at a fast enough clip to keep him warm out there in the icy mountains of his new home.