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  • BOUNTY: Current listed bounty on Eleanor Quinn is 5,000 credits.

  • CONDITIONS: Dead or Alive

  • WARNINGS: Quinn is well-trained in all forms of personal combat, including hand-to-hand and firearms. She should be assumed to be armed and dangerous. Approach with /EXTREME/ caution.

Full name Eleanor Vivianne Quinn
Date of Birth September 21, 2497
Parents Stephen and Melanie Quinn
Siblings Christopher and Gabrial
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue Eyes, Black-brown Hair
Height and Weight 5'10, 140 lbs
Status Active


Eleanor Vivianne Quinn was born September, 21st, 2497, in the town of St. Paul's, on Osiris, to Stephen and Melanie Quinn. The family moved to the city Lucasti when she was five, when her father got a job there as manager in an airplane factory. She grew up with twin brothers, Christopher and Gabrial.

Being raised with two boys, Ellie's early childhood was dominated by tree-climbing, spelunking and sports. She grew up an utter tomboy, and suffered the social evils of highschool as result of her plain-Jane looks and her shapeless, nondescript clothing; mostly hand-me-downs from her brothers.

Ellie attended the military academy on Osiris after highschool, taking the officer's training course. She graduated in the top twenty percent of her class, and immediately signed up with an Ensign's commission in the Alliance military.

The Face

Being a late bloomer, and a tomboy, Ellie was no particular beauty. Mostly, she was invisible, lost in a sea of uniformed individuals. She was assigned, during a particularly tense period, politically, on a shuttle carrying politicians to a landing strip near the Governor's Conference that happens, every ten years, on Londinium. On one day, she stepped out of the shuttle, which set off a firebomb mine, embedded under the asphalt and was immediately engulfed in an enormous ball of flame, as was the shuttle and all its contents. Ellie lost 89 percent of the skin on her head, including her eyes, ears, nose, tongue and scalp. She was the only survivor of the bombing.

Plain, but not ugly, she'd never garnered much attention for her looks. The Londinium surgeon the Alliance found, Dr. Sandy Rees, more used to working on vid stars and rich men's wives, tackled the enormous job of reconstructing her face. The result was spectacular. No longer the plain jane tomboy, suddenly Quinn had a face that stopped traffic. The perfect planes of her face draw the eye, as do her now-sparkling, wide blue eyes and perfect lips and teeth. Formerly invisible, Quinn was now ostentatiously stunning, which delighted her until the first time a soldier made a pass at her, instead of following an order.

Military Career

After her facial regeneration, she was posted as private secretary to General Benin. Years of desk and diplomatic work frustrated her enormously, until, finally, he retired, and she managed to transfer herself to the IAV Temperance. She began as XO for Captain Brenn, and she has risen quickly, since. She was, briefly, CO of Beta Company, but after the devastating losses at Three Hills, Alpha and Beta were formed together into a single company. She then served as Company XO, under Major Adrian Calhoun. However, she has recently left the military, to accept the position of Director of Interpol, established her base on Persephone, but was eventually transferred to Londinium.

The Pirates

Following orders, Quinn arrested Dr. Roberto Chin, self-proclaimed "Crown Minster" of the "Commonwealth". He was held in the Temperance brig for over a week, during which he came to know Majors Quinn and Calhoun. He escaped, during his transfer to a penal colony. Several weeks later, Quinn was kidnapped and brought to the pirate Station, The New Tortuga, and held there for six days. On the sixth day, she was freed by two of the pirates, Jupiter Barnes and Maryl Marly, who brought her safely to the Alliance, although suffering an abdominal gunshot wound, in the process.

The Defection

The infamous "Pirate Queen", Lareina Pirata, was captured by the Alliance and held in the Fed Station on Londinium. Apparently during an interrogation, Pirata revealed that Quinn had fed some classified information to Pirata's husband, Admiral Frost (see below). Quinn immediately began a prisoner transfer, during which she suddenly turned on her own people, rendering seven guards helpless, and escaped with Pirata, in one of the most infamous jailbreaks in Alliance history. Reports on the escape, after the fact, note that only someone of Quinn's high rank could have accomplished this, using her rank and high security codes to get Pirata out through layers of security, until, at the final check, she was finally stopped and forced to fight her way out. Neither Quinn nor Lareina have been apprehended since, and Quinn appears to have disappeared, abandoning her home, her friends and her cat without a word. The prisoner transport they escaped in was found, abandoned, on an unoccupied moon called Nyree. Quinn's icomm, badges, insignia and awards were also found, clearly torn from her uniform. Her weapons were not found, and she is assumed to be armed and dangerous.

The Espionage

Alliance analyst Suzi Flynn headed a team that went through Quinn's computer history and discovered that she had, in fact, created two files, which were then copied to a data key, which was not found anywhere in her apartment or office, and can be assumed to have been delivered to Frost. One of the files detailed the security and shipping schedules for one of the high-security penal moons; APC-088. The other was a complete dossier on Minister of Justice, Lord Mire. Quinn also had, in her computer files, exhaustive research into APC-088, including a file of images that were, apparently, taken without Alliance knowledge or authorization. Many of those images correspond to the media report about the prison, which was quickly suppressed, some six months before Quinn's disappearance, indicating that Quinn may have leaked the information to the underground press.