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Quick Draw Outfitters
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  • May,7 2526
  • Persephone
  • New Hall
Ships Spectral Heart

Words from the Company

Welcome to Quick Draw Outfitters. We are there for you in all of your needs for weapons, armor and ammunition. We have been working non-stop to provide you, the consumer, with the best that our developers and experts have to offer. With new products always on the way, we are delighted to know that we can serve you.

With our owner, Corin Anders, we are looking to expand our services with the selling of Impax Armor and weaponry added to our collection presently in stock. With the recent purchase of Impax Defense Industries, we strive to be stocked with the latest and greatest that this company has to offer. We are more than happy to help you in all of your purchasing needs. Below are several lists of the weapons, armor and other items we provide. Most of our weapons and body armor are located in our main store. Our outlet store holds more of what the rim is looking for in items and equipment.

For custom weapons we provide the packages below for your consideration. All weapon purchases must have a licensed buyer with the security clearance for package of their choice. For any questions please visit our store or +wave Corin Anders and he will get back to you at his earliest convenience. From all of us here at Quick Draw Outfitters, we hope you have a wonderful day!

We're available any time and we can deliver to anyplace in the 'Verse for a nominal fee. If you need anything, please contact Corin Anders or any member of the Persephone Supply Staff in person or by wave, and you can always reach us on your iComm on channel 176.00 if we're in your system. Let us know if you have any questions or if you see something you need that we don't carry.


  • Persephone
    • Main branch
      • Located in the City Commons, south of the Spaceport
  • Newhall
    • Outlet store
      • Located in the City Center just north of the Spaceport

Services offered

Please be patient - We are currently formulating packages for our weapons and making them affordable for you. As soon as we have them all compiled, priced and ready for your perusal we will list them here for you. Thank you for our understanding.

Product List

  • Here is what we offer to you!
    • Defense Items
Ammo Cost Location
Paintball – Standard Ammo box 20 Persephone
Paintball – Cookie Dough Ammo 15 Persephone
Arrows 6 Persephone
10-Gauge Slug Ammo 13 Persephone
12-Gauge Shot Ammo 17 Persephone and Newhall (20c @ NH)
5.56mm - Standard Ammo 20 Persephone
6mm Standard Ammo 12 Persephone
7.62mm Standard Ammo 25 Persephone
9mm-Standard Ammo 9 Persephone and Newhall (10c @ NH)
9mm – Non-Leathal Ammo 15 Persephone
10mm Standard Ammo 18 Persephone
.38 Standard Ammo 11 Persephone and Newhall (15c @ NH)
.45APR and Standard Ammo 20 Persephone
Product Name Type Cost Notes Location
Mesh Amor Body Armor 120 Persephone and Newhall (65 @ NH)
Flack Jacket Body Armor 100 Persephone and Newhall
Armored Duster Body Armor 225 Persephone and Newhall (250c @ NH)
NBC Mask Body Armor 300 Persephone
NBC Body Suit Body Armor 400 Persephone
Brass Knuckles Melee Weapon 30 Persephone
Nuckhaku Melee Weapon 18 Persephone
Blackjack Melee Weapon 50 Persephone
Survival Knife Melee Weapon 20 Persephone and Newhall
Sword Melee Weapon 60 Please contact Corin Persephone
Katana Melee Weapon 90 Please contact Corin Persephone
Weapon Type Calibre Cost License Needed Notes Location
Recurve Bow Archery Weapon Arrows 60 None Persephone
Paintball – Pistol Sidearm Paintballs or Cookie Dough ammo 125 None Persephone
Glock 9x19mm Sidearm 9mm 80 Level 1 Persephone
Ruger Mk. III Sidearm 6mm 50 None Persephone
Colt Peacemaker Sidearm .38 Cal 70 None Please see Corin Persephone
Steyer TMP(Manual Pull) Sidearm 9mm 90 Level 2 Please see Corin Persephone
Lightfoot 42 Sidearm 9mm 110 None Persephone and Newhall
Webley IV .38/200 Sidearm .38 Cal 250 None Please see Corin Persephone
Desert Eagle 50AE Sidearm .50 Cal 1000 Level 2 Please see Corin Persephone
Kriss Super V Repeater .45 ACP 800 Level 3 Please see Corin Persephone
HK VP70M Repeator 10mm 550 Level 3 Persephone
Winchester 1897 12g Shotgun 12g 100 None Persephone and Newhall (110c @NH)
Paintball – Rifle Rifle Paintballs or Cookie Dough Ammo 175 None Persephone
Ithaca Hammerless Double 10g Rifle 10g 85 None Persephone
Winchester M1894 Rifle .38 Cal 140 None Please see Corin Persephone and Newhall (150c @ NH)
Colt M4A17 Rifle 5.56mm 1200 Level 3 Please see Corin Persephone
HK MSG-1A9 Rifle 7.62mm 1100 Level 3 Persephone
  • Non-Defense Items based on Customer demographics in the area where items are sold.
Product Name Type Cost Location
Rag Doll Children’s Toy 15 Newhall
Carved Wooden Swan Decoration 25 Newhall
Religious Tent Tents 30 Newhall
Basic Jewelry Apparel 25 Newhall
Copper Jewelry Apparel 50 Newhall
Money Belt Storage 50 Persephone and Newhall
Backpack Storage 75 Persephone and Newhall
Storage Locker Storage 100 Persephone and Newhall (110 @ NH)
Blackboard Informational Listing 100 Persephone and Newhall
iComm Communication devise 95 Persephone and Newhall (100c @ NH)
Transmitter Upgrade Communication 1000 Persephone and Newhall
Scroll Writing Needs 5 Persephone and Newhall
PDA Writing and Organizational Needs 75 Persephone and Newhall (100c @ NH)
Core Maps Navagation 25 Persephone and Newhall
First Aid Medpack Medical 500 Persephone and Newhall
First Aid Supplies Medical 50 Persephone and Newhall
Medsupplies Medical 150 Persephone
Pair of Dice Entertainment 5 Persephone and Newhall
Cards Entertainment 10 Newhall
Othello Game Entertainment 10 Persephone and Newhall
Scrabble game Entertainment 10 Persephone and Newhall
Game of Uno Entertainment 10 Persephone and Newhall
Holo Dart Board Entertainment 40 Persephone and Newhall