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Qi Collins
Full Name: Qi Collins
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 110lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Date of Birth: June 9 2507
Place of Birth: Persephone
Parents: Foster parents - Morgan and Natasha Collins
Siblings: None
Specialties: Entertainment, musical talent.


Qi was born on Persephone to your average family; a mother and a father. Tragically, Qi's mother was killed in a shuttle accident and her father was later murdered after not having paid off his substantial gambling debts. At the age of two Qi was placed in an orphanage that wasn't quite what it seemed. Years later she managed to be placed in a surprisingly good foster home. She was treated as if she was the Collins' own daughter and even took their last name. Upon her eighteenth birthday, Qi went out into the world to seek her destiny. She is currently in the employ of Red Lion Industries as music tutor to Duke Damian Carmichael and Duchess Venadia Trelamaine-Carmichael's children, also teaching other wards of the estate. For now it would seem that Qi has found her home on Osiris.


Qi is an innocent in every sense of the word. Violence and hardships often puzzle her, and the tears she sheds for strangers are genuine. Qi's naivete is sometimes questioned by others, though it too seems genuine. Having been an orphan herself, Qi is partial to most children. Her true passion seems to lie within music; creating, performing, listening.


2507 Qi is born on Persephone.
2509 Placed in an orphanage after the deaths of both of her parents.
2525 Travels to Osiris and gets hired by Duchess Venadia Trelamaine-Carmichael to tutor the children at Bubastis.
2526 Qi is sent a mysterious package in early February. The contents are quite disturbing and provide the staff of Red Lion Industries with a pint-sized mystery to solve. The mystery ends up being a young girl by the name of Mop, whom Qi recognized from her days at the orphanage. Riddled with third degree burns, the medical staff at RLI nursed Mop back to health. Since Mop was an orphan, Qi has taken the girl in as a ward.

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