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Full name "Pixie"
Date of Birth 32
Parents Deceased.
Siblings None known.
Spouse Nooooo.
Assignment Private Contract
Specialization Knives
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown hair (red/blonde hilights), green eyes.
Height and Weight 5'4", 140ish
Status Active
Education Information

Hard Knocks!

Military Service


Employment History

Pixie is an OCD greasemonkey who has a compulsion to fix things in alphabetical order, cheats at cards, and enjoys hiding weapons in strange places. A free spirit, Pix is ruled by a raging curiosity, a slight case of sticky fingers, and an affinity for all things mechanical. Most recently, she served as the Operations Officer aboard the Trans-U called Redemption. No, no one knows what that really means. She left the Red and disappeared for 2 years(ish). As of November 2528, she appears to be riding with them as a passenger.

Pixie On...

Her Profession

Oh, that's easy. I'm completely a mechanic type. I mean, I fix things. They get broke, an' I fix 'em. Sometimes someone might suggest I broke 'em first, but that's not true. Okay, it's hardly ever true. And when it is, nobody can prove it anyway. Machines are easy. It's people that give me trouble. Oh, don't ask. One time I lost my boyfriend in a poker game. I got too drunk to cheat, and I don't think he's forgiven me, where ever he is. We're ex now. I ... think.

Been more'n two years gone since I boarded Invictus. Served with 'em since I last dropped on Persephone with no ship an' less cash. Made some good friends an' some enemies. We freed some folks, fought some folks, played footsie with some real unwashed Reavers, an' had our ship boobytrapped an' exploded 'fore inheritin' a new one called Ephemeral. Grey re-christened her Redemption after we done finished up scrapin' out the rotted bits'n fitted her with her engines an' such. She's got a fat ass, but she's fast. Then he went'n died, and left th' boat ta Alabaster Smith, the preacher. I's promoted ta Bosun, head Engineer, an' I had a buncha engine gremlins runnin' for me. Then some family stuff happened, I left near about a year, I came back, an' now'm not so much a mechanic no more as I am an Operations Officer. Ain't nobody rightly know what it means. Near as I can tell I jus' do what I do best an' make sure we stay in more or less one piece. I got my hands full when it comes ta this crew. I mostly try not ta maim 'em or light nobody on fire. So far so--... mostly good. Er. Long as you don't ask Lonnie or Remus.

Oh, an' oh yeah. That boyfriend I mentioned before? We's definitely ex. Jack showed up outta nowhere with a new name (Raine) and a new grift. He ran with us a couple months on Invictus then got himself a better gig. He's runnin' 'round out there somewheres. Was impersonatin' a preacher last I saw him, when he took some shrapnel in th' ass carryin' me outta an explodin' war zone sorta thing. I left my mark on that man more ways'n one. An' he deserved every dang scar, too.
2525: Lot's changed round these parts. Crew comes and goes as crew does, but the core remains more or less the same. It's really jus' me, Smith, an' Lucas. Otherwise t'others is changed up a lot. Next longest is Crow'n Kitty. Heck, even Sam got off her emo ass an' went off without a dang word. I s'pect it's got somethin' ta do with Crow's umpteeth piece of cheap ass he brought on board after breakin' up cos he needed ta find himself. Funny how his compass is in his pants. I don't rightly know, though. Seems he's still in pain. Seems a lotta 'em are. But we's spacers. You gotta have somethin' wrong withya to be ok with livin' mosta your life inside a giant metal tub in the vacuum of space an' all. I guess we get off easy out here. Life's pretty good. It's kinda borin', but at least we ain't dead. An' there's a ready supply of noodles on Persephone. Y'know, I been thinkin' 'bout gettin' my own ship lately. Ever' girl needs a project...

2526 Update (After almost 5 years on the Redemption): Time being what it is, goes on quite a while. Sometimes, through that journey, a body finds theyself considerin' where they been an' what they done. I ain't no 16 year olf mechanic lyin' about my age just ta get passage no more. I ain't no 25 year old runnin' a con with little care ta who ends up dead 'cause of it. Hell, I ain't even a 30 year old head mechanic with a hankerin' for cushy retirement on some beach somewheres. I left passaged on the Red. Them folks is an' always was family, but sometimes you gotta move on ta new. Don't rightly know what I want, but I know when the landscape's changed so's I don't fit in a place no more. I guess it's strikin' out on the road again, lookin' for passage. I been down on Persephone a couple weeks an' already my legs is wishin' for space. I still got my cash from them years on the Red, weapons enough ta get the job done, an' skills as ta be hired on in a couple places on a crew. I guess the question I gotta ask myself now is what do I wanna be when I grow up?

Her Personality

I like ta think I'm easy going. But then I know what I like and I like what I have. Means anybody tries to take what I have, and sometimes I might get a little stabby with my tools, or spare engine parts. Did you know you can turn just about anything into a weapon with proper motivation? Oh, wait, personality. We were talking about that. Yeah, I'm a little OCD sometimes. I don't really know what that stands for, but a doctor said it once, so my parents believed it. Something about how I like things in alphabetical order. Most people put up with it on account of me bein' so charming and all. (Except when I ain't had any sleep and somebody wakes me up unexpectedly. And I don't like ta be touched or grabbed out of the blue. You could lose an eye.) Where was I? Oh, personality. I guess I go on a bit, huh?

I guess y'all could still call me a little OCD. Far as I understand it that means I got certain compulsions--means I got ants in my pants about some stuff an' I just gotta do it. Sometimes a certain way, a certain number 'f times. An' that ain't like havin' sex at least once ever' time 'fore ya get ta th' bed. It's more like... buyin' a snow globe in all th' ports we visit, 'cept in alphabetical order. Or, yanno, cleanin' my tools a certain number 'f times when I get a little stressed out. Not that I do that a lot. I do throw stuff at Lucas a lot though. He walks in, says somethin' stupid, I throw somethin' at his head. But I don't know as you can call that OCD. I say it's just good sense.
2525: I been in this whole Pixie persona so long i kinda forgot what it was ta have any other. It's a real stress reliever, though, sayin' whatever I want when I want. Stabbin' whoever I want when I want. Generally bein' loud an' leavin' an impression. It puts off them folks as don't got the stones for life lived hard an' fast. Tells me right quick who can be counted on, an' who can't.

Her Goals

I want to have my own little mechanical army of two foot--no, I'm just kidding. That would be stupid. And who has time? I need a place to use my gifts, one that doesn't require a stupid uniform, have a lot of those stuffy rules, whether I gotta lie, cheat, and steal ta get on board. You know, whatever. I'm not that picky, really. But I do want a bed. And then I wanna see the 'verse, preferably not with smelly people. This one time, I took a stint on a crap transport just ta get from point ass crack of no where to point B, and by the time we landed in point 'where the hell am I?' I was dizzy from the fumes. Swear. If you're gonna be locked up in a ship with a buncha folk, you better at least semi like some of most of 'em. I would also like a complete collection of snow globes from any planet civilized to have one.

Best thing about 'Demption is they got so few rules. We's a big ol' family. It ain't about who ate th' last cupcakee, cos Maggie's always bakin' up somethin' new, but it's about protectin' each other, which works out anyhow. Luckily, ain't nobody on here that stinky, so that's met. Actually, some of 'em, like Passe, smell real nice. I sniff 'im sometimes when I's feelin' down. I don't rightly know if it's a French thing or what, but he sure is easy on the senses. I ain't sweet on him, so don't go gettin' that idea. I just got a 'ppreciation for effort taken.
Our little family's kinda fallin' apart 'round the edges. Folks jus' go off an' don't so much as leave a note or barely tell the Captain. He ain't about much, less his door's knocked on. I figure he spends a lotta time on his knees in there. Like I said, I's thinkin' about gettin' myself a ship. Seein' what's out there, steada sitting still on 'Sephone on the Red. Somethin' small, somethin' fast, somethin' with potential.

Personal Development

What do I wanna improve? Oh, that's easy. I gotta learn to pick locks better. I tried once on my cousin's diary, and just about blew up the barn in the process. You know, that probably ain't the best story ta be telling right just now. So. Yeah, and I gotta get some more real world skills. I gotta get out there and learn from some people. There's all manner of stuff I ain't got my hands into yet. It's a big 'verse. Lots to discover. (And shove in my pocket.) I'm sure there's more I could learn about engines and different types of ships. That's just it, really. Learnin'. Explorin'. Travelin'.

I learned ta pick locks. Still workin' on it, since they's all kindsa locks. And they's all kindsa booby traps on locks. Man, I could tell ya some stories. I won't, though. Some of 'em ain't all that flatterin'. And half of 'em end up with me pantless. Don't ask. No, seriously. Don't.

Still workin' on th' learnin', explorin', an' travelin' bits. I seen things with this crew I ain't ever think I'd see. Done some things like that too.


... Morals? Uh. I might could cheat at cards a little bit now and then. And that one time I sorta took apart my cousin's vehicle just ta put it back together in the back lake when it ran dry. But everybody's done somethin' like that, huh? I figure it ain't causin' death to somebody else, ain't all that bad. But if it's them or me? Nice knowin' ya. Let's just forget about that whole boyfriend losing thing from that... uh... card game. Yeah. Those details are boring anyway. Moving right along.

Some things has changed on my views about what's right an' acceptable. You do what you gotta do ta keep th' family safe. That's it.

Important Historical Stuff (Pixie-fied)

Story of My Life

Long as I can remember, I been on a ship of one kind or another. I picked up my trade, fixin' stuff, from an Uncle who ended up raisin me in the absence of my parents. Of course mostly I remember my childhood fondly. It was a happy time. Ain't like we went hungry. I got inta a lot of trouble when I was a kid. And when I was an adult, too. I guess trouble just sorta finds me. I'm a free spirit, you know? Wanderin', goin' which ever way the wind blows me, an' where there's the least authorities. I make a livin' wage tradin' my talents for board and food. Sometimes I get a little coin saved up for this or that. I move around a lot, and it's not like you can have a lot of stuff doin' that. It's a good life.

Family & Motivations

My Uncle was a tall, loud, drinkin' type. He liked machines, and had a knack with his hands. He fixed things, made things, and sometimes he broke things. He was kinda what you'd call a bastard. He got that name often enough, but he took me in when my parents died, so who can fuss too much? He taught me a lot of what I know, and didn't smack me around too much when I broke somethin' important tryin' to figure out how it worked. When I was seventeen (ok, maybe fifteen...), I lied about my age professionally, and hopped transport on a different ship when my Uncle got too drunk ta keep an eye on me one night. We'd both been workin' for a slimy sort on a rickety old boat out of one of them backwater towns. Ain't seen him since. 'Magine he was pretty pissed about that. Especially since I took his tools. As for the thing that started it all, I guess you'd say it was when my parents died. Were killed, I think. But ain't like nobody talks about it in my family. And it ain't like I seen any of them since I been old enough ta really care about that stuff. Still, it's what set me on my path--kinda what kicked off the wanderlust. Got me goin', and I ain't stopped since. When you're little, you just know they're gone, and people tell you they ain't comin' back. You don't believe it at first, and then the years go by, and all you got is what you did in between. I never been tied to a place since, and I don't expect I ever will be. Course, I could be wrong. Things have a way of changin', don't they?

Never leave her alone in a gift shop.

Pre-IC Recent Events

Over the last three years, I had a few scrapes and run ins with various folk. I been through three boyfriends, though only the one was serious. And you know how that ended. Note to self: Never drink to excess when you're playin' cards with naughty monkeys (that's bad people, to you). Last few months have been no different. I bounced through three ships, barely scraping by on transport. I'm about outta money, and I'm not sure how much further my mechanical skills are gonna get me. Sooner or later, people start recognizin' your face. Guess it's good for me the 'verse is so big. I need passage, and I need pay. I'm gettin' less and less picky about the circumstances...

My Deep Dark Wading Pool

The deep/dark level of these various sundry secrets is variable. I swear I'd burn any diary I wrote 'em in right after, though. Best this stuff is kept to onesself. When I was seven, I lit my cousin on fire on purpose. But then I shoved him in the lake, so it was ok, and he deserved it. Ain't like his face melted off. And then there's all the destruction or property. I once rigged a ship ta go dead in the water because the captain grabbed my ass when he thought I was too drunk ta remember. I don't really believe in property bein sacred. I hide weapons everywhere. I collect knives, specially if they ain't mine in the first place. I might be responsible for the death of a former crew, but nobody's linked me yet, and I still vote for the previous mechanic's lack of attention ta detail. Not that I would own up to having worked on the ship in the first place. I change my name just about everywhere I go. Pixie ain't the real one, neither.


Just the Facts, Ma'am.


  • 25 January 2494 - 'Pixie' is born.
  • 2506 - Unification War begins. Pixie discovers engines, age 12.
  • 2509 - Pixie abandons her uncle, steals his tools, and lands on Persephone, age 15.
  • 2511 - Unification Day and end of the war. Joins pirate crew, age 17.
  • 2512 - 2517 - Changes her alias 3 times, serves on 6 vessels.
  • 2518 - Miranda Tapes. Pix has nightmares for weeks.
  • 2519 - 2520 - meet Jack/Raine, learns the 2 man grift, current ship destroyed due to mechanical failure, loses Jack in poker game to slaver pirates, changes alias from Sunday to Pixie.
  • 04 Nov 2521 - Pixie lands on Persephone again, shipless.
  • 7 Nov 2521 - joined the crew of Invictus, on Persephone, as a greasemonkey.
  • 25 Jan 2522 - 28th birthday, Invictus is destroyed. (Not her fault!)
  • 27 Jan 2522 - Ephemeral is renamed Redemption, and the crew gets a new start on the Trans-U.
  • Feb 2522 - Feb 2523 - Pixie sails aboard the Redemption for a few months, only to leave the ship for 'personal' reasons, going back to her home world to take care of some family business (Her uncle was killed by someone looking for her. It's a long, sordid tale, but it ended with that guy out of the picture. For good.) None of her old crew seem to hear from her, nor her old friends. Some suspect she has been killed, others pay her disappearance no mind. Eventually, after a few run ins with freelance piratical types, a dirty magistrate or two, and 'verse wide drunken brawls, she returns to her home away from home, Persephone. No crimes that occurred within that period have been linked to her as yet.
  • 07 March 2523 - Pixie returns to Persephone, and runs afoul of Beckett in a bar. So it begins again.
  • 09 March 2523 - Pixie re-boards the Redemption, reuniting with her former crew.
  • 08 April 2523 - Uh. Misfortune befalls Passe's face courtesy of Pix's boot(s). Oh, and also some new crew are about. Impressions, you can never make a more lasting one than with a steel toed boot!
  • Sometime in May 2523, Pixie is promoted to Operations Officer. Er... not that anyone really knows what that means. (Except bigger quarters, a private shower, and dubious duties.)
  • 12 July 2523 - Pixie meets Starling and Lonnie Lee. That... that just ain't right.
  • 25 July 2523 - Pixie attends Matty's Funeral with Passe, Kitty, and Jander. Pix makes an awesome mourning toast, and then gets shitfaced with Starling back on the ship, just after pissing off Remus in the extreme.
  • August 2523 - Pixie & crew get involved in the mysterious Mudder disappearances from Higgins Moon. By some weird twist of fate, Pix actually helps Baltimore out a little with some info on some Ezra crime folks.
  • 11 October 2523 - Er. Well. Crow isn't dead. And he fights back: Thunderdome Shower Style.
  • 24 December 2523 - Appendix nearly explodes, surgery ensues. Pixie gets a neat new scar for the holiday!
  • January-February 2524 - The crew fluctuates a bit, relationships change. Passe jumps ship. Remus and Pixie talk. And fight.
  • March-April 2524 - Uneventful, save a few new acquaintances and probationary crew. Hot tub sees a lot of use.
  • 28 May 2524 - A bunch of new people get hired on. There's some friction mean time. Crow gets knifed. Pixie has a private talk with the Captain.
  • Summer 2524 - Mostly spent getting to know some new crew (Tash, Penelope, Janus). There's friction between some members. A cabin catches afire, etc. Mystery. Ahem.
  • October 1, 2, or 3, 2524 - Tash sticks his foot in it, Pixie hauls off and dresses him down. He and Maggie flee the Redemption for places unknown, perhaps a land where no means yes and job means fuck around all day. Pixie is too enamored of noodles to accurately remember exactly when this was. Crew able to sleep soundly again.
  • October 4, 2524 - Drinkin' time at the Dregs, once again, with half the crew. Nary a brawl breaks out. WTF. (Pix player uses all 15 noms for first time evar.)
  • November 23 - Passe resurfaces. WTF. With a beard.
  • 25 January 2525 - Pixie ignores her 31st birthday. It shows up anyway. Bastard.
  • Early April 2525 - A night on the town ends in a little disagreement in the Dregs.
  • Late June/Early July 2525 - Pixie meets her first real companion, not that she knows it (Verain). She meets a new noodle vendor (Tai), and hatches a plan with Sink that goes a little sideways when the lynchpin explodes in a battle on Paquin, and everything goes to shit. She even missed the airlocking of 6 prisoners. Man, them's just the breaks.
  • August 2525 - Pixie disappears from the Redemption, no cause or reason given/known to anyone.
  • April 15 2526 - Pix re-appears on Persephone. 8 months have gone by since she was seen on the 'docks, but nothing seems different. Except she's no longer crewed with the Red.
  • May 2526 - Pix is spotted hanging out in the Dregs much of the time, though her bar fight quotient has gone down by a fair bit.
  • November 2528 - After a 2 year absence, Pix returns to Persephone and hooks up with a few members of the Redemption crew in Eavesdown. She appears to be a guest aboard the Red.

Ephemera & Misc. Facts of Note

  • Pix's first post on a Dragonfly class transport followed a drunken pirate-style sign-up for the crew, during which she somehow lost her pants. This pants problem has repeated a few times over the years.
  • Raine, a conman who joined the Invictus for a time, was the ex boyfriend Pixie lost in a poker game. Though the crew never really found out all the circumstances of that, they knew something was going on. Raine left the employ of the Invictus just before it was destroyed and the crew took over the Ephemeral.
  • People who ruffle Pixie's hair, sneak up on her, or otherwise startle her tend to get things thrown at them.
  • She brawls, when she's drunk, at the slightest provocation, and if Lucas is around, reverts to the mental age of 5.
  • Any unattended alcoholic beverages are likely to be repossessed in her presence.
  • Ditto for unguarded weapons.
  • The crew member most often to leave Pix speechless: Remus.
  • No ass is safe. Pixie has been known to enter large parties/gatherings, yell "YEEHAW" and go on a honking spree.
  • Collects snow globes from every port, then epoxies them to the wall of her cabin. (Which generally isn't a problem until she's promoted or moves and has to remove them all to go with her. YES, people are crazy enough to promote her. What? Shut up!)
  • Filcher. Yeah, she sees a bit of shine she likes, chances are it's gonna go in her pocket if it'll fit and it ain't bolted down. If it IS bolted down, she's always got a multi-tool in her pocket. Preparedness, baby!
  • Rough Road: Stuff goes wrong for her all the time. Unless, of course, her actions could benefit someone else, then they tend to go right. She has saved her ship from destruction 3 times with awesome feats of brain, skill, and will, but when it comes to running down a corridor with a puddle, she's likely to smack into the wall. Or get shot at. It's just her luck.
  • Pixie has this thing about rich folk--she generally suspects them of being dishonest. She also generally expects workin' folk to be more trustworthy. Generally.
  • Don't feel bad if she's a smartass atcha or throws somethin'. That's just her way. If it's a knife... well. If it's a knife, then you might worry.
  • Has had one song written for her (by Tash), see below:
Dragon's got her Beckett
Serenity's got her Jayne
Redepmtion's got this hot brunette 
The' daughter of a smokin' gun

Yah she's as cute and purty as a girl can be
But sharper than a Sihon knife
And when when she walks the streets of Eavesdown docks
It's time to fear for your life

... just because ...

You don't poke at big cruiser guns
You don't tease a wolf for kicks
You don't stand in front of a growlin' engine
... and you don't mess around with Pix ...

do dedodede do dee

Don't matter if it's a bottle of whiskey
Or an ice cold case of beer
She'll down them like an old time banshee
Then charm you with just her grin

But don't you ever get that mistaken
That you can hang her on your rack
Even if'n there's a hundred hundred of you
she's got Redemption at her back

... for everyone says ...

You don't poke at big cruiser guns
You don't tease a wolf for kicks
You don't stand in front of a growlin' engine
... and you don't mess around with Pix!

Friends & Buddies

Pixie's Peeps (Mostly former crew!)
P pix.jpg This is me. Shut up, it's a cute picture. Obviously, I think I'm awesome otherwise we wouldn't be here. Duh. Some people call me bitchy, but I just think they haven't had their perspective properly corrected, say, with a boot up their ass. Ok, drinkin' t'ogether can get it done, too. Not every damn thing hasta end in violence. I'm willin' ta negotiate.
P becks.jpg Becks is good people. She's kinda got a dirty mouth, but that's part of her charm. I dunno if we should call that charm. It's somethin', anyway. She's real handy with an engine or cattle prod. An' yanno who I'm callin' for a bender, bar hop, bar brawl, or good ol' fashioned kick in the balls.
P lucas.jpg When I first came aboard, me'n Lucas rescued the whole dang crew with but one sidearm between us. Since then, I seen his judgment go from questionable ta downright crazy. But he sure is fun in a gunfight. Least he usedta be, fore all that drinkin'. I think maybe datin' that doc we useta have set him on edge. Nowadays he barely comes outta his room cept ta restock on liquor.
P alabaster.jpg Preacher. Dresses in white. Been my CO for like ever, first as XO of the Invictus, now as Captain of the Rdemption. He's a little weird sometimes, but he's a man a God, whatever that means. Makes a damn fine cuppa hot chocolate. Never matched in all my years travelin the 'verse.
P crow.jpg First time I met Crow, I beat his ass with a plant. Since then, our relationship's been pretty simple. He died, but didn't die, showed up again little more'n a year later. I tried ta stab him. It's just a cycle, you know? Anyhow, now he works for me on the Red as my one an' only Ops Department underling. Did me up a pretty sweet tattoo there on my thigh, too. Not bad.
P sam.jpg Sam's up and down like a pinata, but she's always there to talk if needed, so long as ya can sit through lament about Crow. I swear them two never get it under control, or decide what's what with each other. Sammie's a good drinker. We been celebratin' holidays together since our first Christmas aboard the Red.
P remus.jpg Folks think Remmy's totally nuts. He is. At least it's honest an' out there, and it don't take ya long to figure it out. He wants people, but he hates people. Don't have no home, yet the Red is his home. He's an angry little man, but I don't mind. He's my perfect little punchin' bag.
P nova.jpg Nova's the newest greasemonkey aboard ship. Like me, she got promoted up ta Bosun pretty quick. Good mechanic is hard ta find. She's fair quiet except when she's tryin' ta get in the middle of folk, which she does a little more than she ought. One day I figure it'll catch up ta her. Just hope it's when crew's around. We're good together, us crewmates.
P murphy.jpg Crow's dog. Smelly beast, but he knows when to piss on a vendor. It's like he can smell a ripoff at fifty paces.
P starling.jpg Drunk space whore redneck. She's a solid drinkin' buddy and I've won many a bet on Starling's liquor tolerance. She's a tiny thing, so most folk figure she'll be out like a light. Nope. She's a tank made for beer, I tellya. Fair gunhand. Got a big smelly cousin as was signed up with us for a tour, but he disappeared. Just as well, cos I'm pretty sure he was diseased.
P kitty.jpg Every day is differ'nt with Kitty. Ain't sure what's goin' on there. Ain't seen her in goin' on nine months. Former Bosun.
P jander.jpg Assume Jandy's where Kits is. Also ain't been pokin' his head out. I can pretty well figure what it is he is pokin' though.
P janus.jpg Janus is new meat. He's the junior pilot on our fair boat. Kinda shifty an' has these weird attacks where he needs meds. Not sure what that's about, don't care ta either, long as he flies without droppin' us inta a mountain, lake, or other such deadly type scenario. Always with a smoke an' a drink. Solid guy that way.
P penelope.jpg Penelope boarded 'round the same time as Janus. She's a nurse, an' I gather a headshrinker too. First I thought she was a little prissy an' needed ta step off, but she's learned the line, an' mostly minds her own. Can be counted on for a patch and a kind word.
P passe.jpg Frenchie Went somewheres, then came back. I mean, he's disappeared about a year. Bam, came back with a beard and such. Now, he's always good for a backrub or snuggle, an' I'm pretty sure he's secretly a highly paid man whore or somethin'. Anyhow, he's good people, even if he's fired for not leavin' me his clothes. I broke his nose once, but it was totally an accident, hear? Motherfucker disappeared again. Someone said he's a pirate now. Butt pirate, maybe. Fuckin' French.


  • Dirty Feds & Corrupt Types.
  • People who wear too much perfume.
  • Entitled rich folks as don't bathe enough. See above item.
  • Folks who don't do what they was ruttin' hired ta do.
  • Passive aggressive bitches.
  • Morally superior whiners.
  • Abusive men.
  • Brazilians. Christ.


  • "YEEHAW!"


Sft serenity ansi.jpg

Cowgirl Pix.