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Pirate Commonwealth
Licentia illi subpono

Owners Admiral Frost and Lareina Pirata
Inception SECRET!
Location TOP SECRET!
Ships Arctic Raider II ... and many others!
  • Admiral Frost - King of the Pirates, Lord of the Commonwealth, Admiral of the Armada, Defender of the Rim, Avenger of Paquin, Hero of Ita...
  • Lareina Pirata - The Queen... enough said!
Royal Corsair
  • ... who? No Royal Corsairs here... move along...
High Command
First Mate
  • Could definitely use some more pilots...

WHAT IS IT?... "The Freedom of those Forgotten"

Contrary to popular belief, both IC and OOC, the Pirate Commonwealth is not a straight-up criminal or terrorist organization. To put it simply, the Pirate Commonwealth represents a libertarian alternative to the fascist government that is the Union of Allied Planets.

It is not an organization that advocates complete anarchy and the absence of government. Rather, it seeks to offer people true freedom, liberty, and choice in their daily lives; something the Alliance is fundamentally opposed to. The Commonwealth is not the enemy. It seeks to liberate good and true folk in the 'Verse from the chains of the tyrannical organization that calls itself the Alliance.

The motto of the Pirate Commonwealth represents this ideal that the Brethren strive for... Licentia illi subpono... "The Freedom of Those Forgotten!"

Current State of the Pirate Commonwealth

It is a time of upheaval and stability for the Brethren. Admiral Frost and his Queen, Lareina, have embarked on a top secret sojourn to unknown parts of the 'Verse. Their adventures will no doubt one day become the stuff of legends and myths... in the meantime, the Brethren continue their never-ending mission to liberate the good people of the 'Verse, to seek out new opportunities and new prospects, to boldly go where no organization has gone before!

In the absence of the Crown, the Brethren has established the Council of Regents, or CoR for short, to handle overall strategic direction and general management of the Commonwealth until their return. Day-to-day affairs and administration remain the jurisdiction of First Mates and Chiefs.

The Council of Regents is currently composed of the following Brethren:

CHAIR = Captain: Amber-Jeanne Charlotte
VICE-CHAIR & GENERAL-SECRETARY = Acting Admiral & Spymaster of the Commonwealth: Harold Mackenzie
COUNCILLOR = First Mate: Devlin Delaney
COUNCILLOR = Chief Corsair: Rand Cedris
COUNCILLOR = Chief Engineer: Jing-Wei Halloran
COUNCILLOR = Chief Doctor: Harmon DeShaw
COUNCILLOR = Engineer: Mo Lin Hong
COUNCILLOR = Corsair: Yvaine Sterling

Decisions of the Council of Regents carry the weight of the Crown and are binding on all Brethren in the absence of the Admiral or the Queen.

By the Hand of Frost, so it is decreed!

Interview with the FROST

In the year of Frost, 2529, on May 09...

FROST, the first of his name, King of the Pirates, Lord of the Commonwealth and Admiral of the Armada, of the House... Frost... granted an interview to the inter-dimensional being known as AUBREY...

This is their tale...

Warning... the following may induce laughter, sadness, amazement, and feelings of admiration and shock. View at your own risk. The Pirate Commonwealth is not liable for any mental anguish or glee suffered as a result of viewing the following. Children under the age of 18 should NOT view the following. When reading, please do not drink a hot beverage at the same time...


The Quiz

Pop quiz... you're facing a dangerous criminal who's just taken some random civilian hostage. Do you:

  • A: Bat your pretty eyelashes, whimper and purr, then slink your way over, gently stroke the criminal's face and ask them to release their hostage... for you...
  • B: Pontificate to the criminal about the evils of big government and the downfall of the social safety net in the 'Verse today and that's why he, a normally upright citizen, is forced to take a hostage so his plight may be heard...
  • C: Take out a cigarette and light it, thereby giving your elite snipers already in position the go ahead so they shoot the criminal in the head, killing him instantly...
  • D: Inform the criminal that unless he releases the hostage and surrender himself, his entire family will be bound by law on charges of aiding and abetting a known fugitive and thrown on a penal moon...

Jeopardy music plays

  • If you answered A then you're probably a Companion... sorry, not interested in being distracted all the time.
  • If you answered B then you're likely a member of Red Lion Industries... You've been listening to Lord Carmichael preach all day and it's beginning to rub off on you... ya, not huge fans of the nobility.
  • If you answered C then you're probably with the Phoenix Brotherhood... badasses, rather not mess with them.
  • If you answered D then you're definitely with the Alliance... pompous pieces of... *coughs*... ya, go sleep with your cousin or something.

On the other hand, if you answered secret choice E... grope the Companion; gag the Red Lion Industries dude; drug the Phoenix Brotherhood fellow; moon the Alliance minion... Then, shoot the hostage and offer the criminal a job... well, you're perfect for the Pirate Commonwealth!

The Ships

Darcke Moon

Pirate Headquarters... orbits the border world Newhall... fun place to hang!

New Tortuga

Pirate Space Station... secret hiding place... shhh! Don't tell the Alliance!