Phoenix Organization

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Phoenix Organization
Current Members:
White Star, The White Star and Crew
Laverna, The Laverna



Org-wide positions available. Contact command staff (Lulu, Tissa) regarding work.

The Phoenix Organisation incorporates both the White Star and the Laverna. It was first established by Captain Breona Jade Ree, in the first expansion phase of the newly formed Phoenx org. Current ownership falls to Elunara Miles, while the Laverna is owned by Mantissa Avaria.


Previously, the biggest threat the Phoenix faced was the kidnapping of their Captain by the pirate Frost. He had planned on using her to get to his arch rival, but it failed. Rumor surrounds the event, pointing to an inside man for the failure. However, there's no way to truly know if Frost was betrayed, but if he was, it may seem that the great Pirate Lord isn't as in control as he thought. However, one could note the strange hiring on of a new man only a few days after the fiasco as proof of an inside source.

OOC: Event was retconned.

The joy was short lived as the XO and then the Captain herself disappeared through their own desire, with the previous Captain Weiland Garr falling prey to dangers that live within Eavesdown Docks. There wasn't much the crew could do but keep flying. John Collin's took over as Owner from there and Vakshlad Vor'Dav stepped up to take on the role of ship captain. This arrangement stands to day.

With two locations needing crew and protection, the members of the org are currently working between the store, Phoenix Supplies, and the ship, also Persephone based.