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Phawn Dunham


Chaos in a Bottle.
The single clenched fist lifted and ready, or the open hand held out and waiting. Choose: For we meet by one or the other

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Full name
  • Fawnette 'Phawn' Dunham
Date of Birth
  • 2493
  • Father: Jasen Dunham. (Unknown).
  • Mother: Billy Dunham (Deceased).
  • None Known.
  • Jakib John (Deceased).
  • None claimed.
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Education Information

Home Schooled.


From her first breath, Fawnetta (Or just Phawn as she calls herself), she was child of the 'Verse but her parents wanted more for their girl so they moved planet side and took up farming. The war that began shortly after claimed her mother and would have claimed her and her father but for the rescue that came from The Exalted Justice and her crew. The EJ quickly became her home and the crew her family. They also became her educators.

When she was but a teen, she was taken along with Beau Compton, and locked up in a PoW camp. Phawn's hatred of the Alliance reached a whole new, unhealthy, totally suicidal level while in the PoW camp. Then she was stricken ill with strep and through that illness ridden delirium, she watched as a member of her family was 'killed' for stealing medication to help her and others like her. Phawn was ill for a long time, moved to another part of the camp and was left unaware that Beau had escaped the camp, the moon, the sector aboard a stolen transport.

It took some time for Phawn to get better but eventually she recovered, in no small part to Beau's stolen medication. Alone for the first time in her life, even among so many people, Phawn pulled in on herself and began to turn all that mental brilliance and chaos causing chromosomes to good work. She began to plot. Unknown to her, on a ship in orbit, another plan was underway - her rescue by a friend of the family trying to pay off a debt to her father. Phawn would make good her escape in the middle of the night under the utter chaos caused by the mass explosions that she set off all over the camp. She wouldn't get away unscathed, however, and by the time she was out of the camp, heavy burns streaked down the length of both legs along the back sides. She wouldn't have made it if fortune hadn't smiled on her in the form of Nikopol. He scooped her up and carried her off to the ship in waiting. She was free.

Nikopol and Phawn made their way to a border planet were, nearly by force, she was married off to a cloth merchant. She hated this life and it took all of her will not to snap many times a day. Thanks to Nik, however, she managed for years to keep her nature under wraps and played the dutiful wife. When Jakib's death came by way of a heart illness, she wasn't heart broken. For the second time in her life, she was free. Now to find any remaining members of her family.

Phawn's Timeline

2493 - Fawnette Dunham was born in the Black. Her birth was registered at Newhall.
2493 - The Dunham family moved to Newhall.
2495 - Billy Dunham, Phawn's mother, was killed in an accident.
2506 - Unification War begins.
2506 - Phawn and Jasen, her father, were rescued by the crew of The Exalted Justice.
2510 - Phawn was captured and taken to a PoW Camp along with other members of the EJ.
2515 - Phawn makes good on her escape from the PoW Camp. She is taken off the moon by Nikopol Jensen - A man indebted to her father. She is badly injured in the escape.
2516 - Phawn marries Jakib John.
2527 - Jakib John dies of natural causes - releasing Phawn and Niko to continue her search for her family.
2528 - Crew of The Arctic Raider II.


What’s most often seen by people is the icy side of Phawn – the side that’s present when her inner chaos is firmly bottled. Let that cap pop, however, and things will go sideways in a hurry. She will cling fiercely to those she sees as her family and protect them beyond good reason. When she hates, it is with a passion that she barely maintains - currently the Alliance holds the center of her hatred because they took her family. Or so she believes. It's possible she could be soft and gentle but you shouldn't hold out for it.

Lil Phawn

The tall woman before you exudes a fierce menace that may be difficult to ignore. A lucid grace and tightly controlled power brand each move she makes. Golden hair, champagne threaded through with platinum, flows back away from a high brow to brush her shoulders in straight waves. Brows, a darker shade then her hair, arch over large cornflower hued eyes before winging off, making her eyes seem larger still. Below a straight nose rests a luscious mouth.

She sports a form caught on the cusp between athletic and curvy though the extent of her form is hidden from view. She wears a shirt of white cotton, the neckline off the shoulder but held up with thin leather straps that display nothing more then the line of her neck and the breath of her shoulders. The shirt is held against her torso with a purple strip of leather that zigzags from neckline to hem. The hem is tucked into dark pants made of coarse cotton. Their hems are well tucked into black boots that fit well and show years of abuse. A narrow belt spans her waist, giving the only true indication of her slight size. Tossed over the whole miss guided affair is a long coat of beaten leather marred with scars and burns, some older then the woman herself.

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The People

  • Niko ~ What was ain't what is and yet, our paths run parallel.
  • Beau ~ One night, deep in our cups, we’ll talk ‘bout you savin’ my life – and condemnin’ me ta hell.
  • Rand ~ Ain't hard on the eyes but I learned long ago - don't touch the delicates. They break.
  • Momma ~ Ain't never had one 'fore and I think she'll get away with everythin' cause of this fact.

RP Hooks

  • Newhall.
  • Scouting
  • Commonwealth
  • PoW Camp
  • New Melbourne


"This Night" by Black Lab