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Full name Petal Bouganvillea Jones
Date of Birth February 14, 2505
Parents Locals
Siblings Unknown
Spouse None
Assignment To Vend
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blonde, Brown
Height and Weight 5'3"/125 pounds
Status Inactive
Education Information

Some High School

Military Service


Employment History
  • Vender @ Eavesdown Docks
  • Minor Nuisance
  • Lemonaid Stand Proprietor


A vagabond heart tethered to the obligations of family, Petal Jones is the niece of a persistent little crone vending in Eavesdown. Young Pe is charged with a bottom line: to sell, and to sell well. Unfortunately, pig fetuses in jars & hair loss miracle cures ain't what they used to be. Lo, consumer, thy time has come!


A sweet fast talker, Petal is a native if Persephone. She's goal oriented, and cute, which gives her a leg up on some of the Eavesdown vendors with whom she competes with for sales on a daily basis. She can be dogged in her pursuit of a sale, though she tends to back off when she smells impending violence.


Petal Jones is a short woman, standing at barely 5'6", and that's with three inch heeled boots! Her hair is cropped to just about jaw length, and seems to have a life of its own, with the occasional twist collection of locks sticking out a bit from the rest. Her skin is pale, with just the hint of a touch of the sun in the freckles here and there across her nose. Her eyes are brown, dark lashed, and watchful. Seven small steel hoops pierce each of her ears, and a small diamond (nope, glass!) stud pierces her nose. A wide necked tank top adorns her upper body, fitted enough to follow the curves of her body without being tight. It leaves her arms bare, revealing a long, curling tattoo of a delicate green stem, spiral leaves, and tiny thorns which wends up her arm to terminate in a brilliant blossomed red rose across her right shoulder and collarbone. A patchwork skirt falls to her ankles, layers of asymmetric cloth swirling around her legs with each step. A pair of three inch heeled boots adorn her feet, scuffed and well worn, obviously past their prime. The brown leather is dusty with age and, well, dust.

Recent History

Petal has, since April 2524, been a fairly visible presence at Eavesdown Docks vending various wares from glow in the dark rosaries to sno globes to novelty jewelry. She's been known to traffic in special orders for really nice customers, and is always ready with a sales pitch and a kind word.


  • Holds the record for the most glow in the dark rosaries sold in Eavesdown Docks.
  • Yes, someone tracks this.