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Persyphonie Vanderbelt
Full name Persyphonie Vanderbelt
Date of Birth April 23rd, 2501
Parents Lord Bryron Vanderbelt and Lady Henrietta Vanderbelt
Siblings N/A
Assignment Currently Unassigned
Specialization Seduction, Diplomacy, Public Relations
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green, Raven Black
Height and Weight 5' 6", 105lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No Formal Education
Military Service
  • No Military Service
Employment History
  • Currently Unemployed, Scheduled to have a spot on the hit Cortex show 'The Bachelor'


A woman of average height with a whip-thin frame, locks of Raven Black fall off of her oval-shaped face in elegant waves. Eyebrows swoop over a pair of eyes that are a brilliant Emerald Green, enveloped in a thin line of ebony and kohl. Mascara and eyeshadow have been applied as well in subtle ways to enhance the womans looks, but not overly so. High cheekbones that are highlighted with light blush sit on either side of a nose that can almost be described as perfect for her face. Her lips aren't quite full or pouty, but are almost always upturned in a smile of some sort.

Her body is sheathed in a dress of deep emerald green, slit up the right leg to reveal a generous ammount of thigh and perfect leg, covered by shimmering nude hosiery. The dress is rather plain, with little to no embroidery upon its length. Cradling her feet are a pair of black high-heeled shoes that could be simply called 'screw me' pumps, a four and a half inch stiletto heel making the wmoan appear slightly taller and her legs a bit more shapely. Emerald chandeleir ear-rings hang from either ear, dangling and shimmering with each move she makes. Her fingernails and toenails bear clear nail polish with french tips, easily seen through her open toed attire and the fact that she wears no gloves.