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Cal Perdo
Full name Cal Perdo
Parents Deceased
Siblings None
Assignment Ship's doctor / Baxtalo Chor
Specialization Medical
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, short black hair.
Height and Weight 1.74 mts, 185lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Boros Medical Institute.
  • 2 years Interniship (Completed)
  • First year residency (Completed)

Cal Perdo is a med resident.

Pre-PC History

Cal Perdo was born on Boros to a fairly simple life. Grandpa Perdo raised the small brat, after his parents where killed by Reavers when he turned three. He was a somewhat shy child, and was prone to be left alone and undisturbed by the other kids at his school. In his early teens he grew a bit more talkative, but he was still considered an introvert. Much like his late mother, he has a fascination for biology and chemistry. A small store Agador Perdo owned helped put Cal thru his first years of medical school, but after his death, Cal had to drop out and find a job on the alloy warehouses to make end's meat. He spent some time with the cargo captains that come in and out on their merchant runs and that sparked his interest for space piloting, just like it did his dad.


Red Angel / Apr 25, 2526 Baxtalo Chor / Current

PC History

Nov 09, 2524 - Recruited by Jack Carson as one of his combat medics for the Red Angel. Dec 15, 2524 - Meets Kuyio, the cheif engineer.

QUOTE: " The 'verse brought me here to heal souls, not take them."