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Full name Penelope Consternation Jones
Date of Birth November 22nd, 2499
Parents Lorelei and Alfred Covington
Siblings None
Spouse Married, husband unknown
Assignment Captain of the Redemption
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Light Blue/Auburn
Height and Weight 5'5"/130
Status Inactive
Education Information

Nursing degree, Psychologist degree

Employment History


Penelope was born on Bellerophon to Alfred and Lorelai Covington, a very wealthy family with Old Money. As the years went by, watching her father emotionally tear her mother down, and her mother continue to accept it, she decided to completely disregard their plans for her. Life with her family became miserable and suffocating in the silence. Once she admitted to her father that rather than enter Companion training, as he had planned for her, she would be entering a nursing program instead, she was drastically cut off.

She moved to Ariel on her own, and began making her way through the program. More than halfway through, she realized that she was far better suited for the social work aspect of her job - listening to people's hurts and fears, their loves and desires. She finished out her nursing degree, but almost immediately enrolled again, this time for psychology. This sent her father over the top, and instead of the restricted funds she received from her family, she suddenly got none at all.

For the first time in her life, she had to work, and work HARD for what she wanted. She learned a lot about life during those years. Going to school during the day, and working nursing shifts at night left her with very little time on her hands, and even less of a social life. But somehow, the bright light in her life managed to find her anyway.

Jack Jones was an Alliance officer who came into her clinic late one night, after getting into the middle of a drunken bar fight with his friends. He was everything she knew nothing about - easygoing, charming, and rough. She had dined on fine china and worn expensive clothes all her life, and he had fought along with his family for everything he had, until he'd signed up. He'd seen the world, he'd experienced life, and she was only starting to realize what that was.

He came in every day for a month, telling her she was beautiful, he loved her smile, her hair and her eyes, wouldn't she just go on one date with him? When she finally accepted, by the end of the night she'd fallen hard into his bed, and he'd fallen hard into her heart.

They married the week after she finally graduated for good. Her parents were so furious, they refused to attend. She didn't care. She was happy, she was in love, she was free. She thought she had everything.

The bought a small house on Londinium, and she began seeing clients with a small practice while he plowed through the day to day paperwork of his job, hoping for a promotion. Everything was wonderful, and perfect, until he got noticed at work.

She never knew what happened. All of a sudden, he was being requested for missions offplanet, missions that took him away for days, then weeks, then months at a time. When he returned, she barely recognized him. He yelled, he screamed, he threw things, and began to beat her when she wouldn't let things go. No matter how many times she asked, he insisted that this was routine, that everything was fine, that he was just stressed out with work, and things would get better. He never spoke of the jobs he did when he was away.

On the very last mission, Jack woke her up in the middle of the night, held her tightly and kissed her goodbye. He whispered that he was sorry as he closed the door, and she promptly fell back asleep. It was the last time she ever saw him.

When six months had gone by with no word, she started to panic. After contacting everyone in her husband's unit and being told to simply wait, she knew something was wrong. And when the uniforms showed at her door, with their sad faces and apologetic words, she fell to the floor. Jack was dead.

But she didn't believe them.

Jack's body was never recovered. She was given his medals and his wedding ring, but no explanation as to how this was left behind. No questions were answered, and after a while, their friends and family stopping coming by to visit. All she wanted to talk about was Jack, and how she believed he was somewhere out there, alive.

She packed her things one night and slipped out the door. She started following clues, putting together what happened to her husband in the months after he kissed her goodbye. And what she found shook everything she believed in.

He was definitely still alive. Now, she just wants to find him.







Recent History

Penelope traveled far and searched for a very long time before she ended up on Persephone. Out of money, she decided to try her luck with a hiring ship, the Redemption. Captain Alabaster Smith hired her on, with the understanding that she'd be working as their sole medical personnel, rather than a psychologist - though she'd end up doing that as well. For months, she worked alongside the crew, helping Crow overcome his torture, patching Remus up after a knifefight with Pix. She was there when Janus had a string of mental breakdowns, and when they all realized what that meant. And she was still there when Alabaster decided to sell the ship and retire as owner. Somehow, when the dust settled, she was the new Captain of the Redemption, and nearly all of the crew were gone.

May, 2526

Penelope went on a hiring spree, gathering Keome, Yujin, Kragrim, Zero, and Dezba on board. Soon after, she decided to attempt her first cargo job. Ignoring the warnings about the thruster damage they still had yet to get repaired, she decided that selling their slightly sketchy cargo as fast as possible was priority one, and they left anyway. Of course, as they flew by Three Hills, pieces and parts of the thrusters started falling off.

Long story short (and not even done yet!) they eventually ended up crash landing on Whittier, which left Penelope with a dislocated left shoulder, and a mean black eye. Just like old times.


  • She's allergic to beestings
  • She has severe insomnia