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Full name Paxton Geir
Date of Birth July 1st 2504
Birthplace St Albans
Parents Tristan and Sharla Geir
Siblings Erikson, Sys, and Thyra
Spouse None
Children None
Specialization Cookslinger
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue and Blonde
Height and Weight 6'1" and 190lbs
Status Single
Employment History

Crew member on the Wulver

Unless stuff has been RPed out, or you know Pax enough for possibly having infomation on any of this (ask me, can always work something out if your interested in knowing!) Then none of it is public knowledge.


Standing at over 6 feet tall, Pax is only as imposing as his will provides. His body is lithe and very leanly muscled with wiry strength evident in the corded musculature. Honey blonde hair is worn fairly long, though it doesn't rest downward, the hair is worn up in a messy sort of disarray that never seemed to be brushed, as if it were only ever arranged with fingers, forget the comb. Piercing, dark blue eyes settle into a face that is well formed and pleasant to look at. A consistent shading of stubble touches his jaw and shades it well.

Lean fit black pants rest comfortably on his body and seem to have been well worn into flexibility. His simple black T-shirt has a pocket on the left side. Under the black T-shirt is a long sleeved, oatmeal colored thermal shirt that is unbuttoned at the top. His boots are sturdy, black leather work boots with steel toes that lace up and tie, laces tucked away.

This Diesel leather jacket is a deep, inky blue that looks black in low light. Sleek and designed to fit close to the body, there are no extra adornments on the jacket itself but it fits well as if it were tailored just for him.


Pax has a complex personality that many never explore in its entirety. He is daunting and possessed of many layers. On the surface, many see gentle kindness and a soft-spoken, delicate young man. Certainly concern for others is something that shows through in his relations with them. He rarely raises his voice in conversation, unless it is necessary or unless something has deeply affected him. Similarly, he tries not to be unnecessarily confrontational, considering that it might be hurtful.

He is not deceptive, but he is not an open book, by any means. To most, he shows a disciplined, deeply focused individual, able to withstand whatever could be thrown at him. Even if others cannot be strong, his unique position forces him to do so. If allowed to become more familiar with him, his friends will find a perhaps surprisingly vulnerable man, one who must maintain his strength so that he of all people will believe in it. He would like to be cared for, but more important on his list of priorities is the protection of others, the caring for others so that they will be able to live fully. Nonetheless, he is remarkably sensitive and can sympathise with others effortlessly. He knows when the time is right to show what is necessary, in order to win the trust of another or to show them that he is acting in good faith, or that they may reciprocate. He is very sensitive to the things that others will respond to, naturally, and tends to employ this empathy in his relations with others. Yet he carefully makes it so that most will not get too close to him, for their safety and his own. He often maintains himself as an outsider until or unless he can be persuaded otherwise.

It can be difficult to get him to volunteer information unless it is directly applicable to the situation at hand. Usually he is not a fan of filling a void with chatter, but he can discuss intelligent topics in depth. Meaningless chit-chat does not fit into his area of expertise, and it may contribute to others thinking that he might be awkward in certain situations. He can and does express himself freely, though, and that occurs not only through words, but through actions. When he meets someone to whom he can relate deeply or easily, he will express himself in his unique ways to them; to him, communication occurs on so many levels, and only one of those happens to be the verbal level.



Recent IC Events

Recently Pax has left St. Albans for the first time and decided to travel the 'Verse on the Wulver as their Cookslinger. He has offered up his talents as a cook and a gunslinger.


Paxton is allergic to all spider bites. It nearly killed him a few years back. He is scared to death of any and all spiders because of it.


'The quickest way to someone's heart is thru their stomach.'

Rp Hooks

Pax loves to cook and if your hungry, he will cook for you.


Just a small amount of music that Pax can be found listening often, all from the-earth-that-was and from all walks of life.

  • Love on Top: Beyonce
  • Everything: Pitbull
  • Mr. Right : White Tie Affair
  • Rock and Roll: Eric Hutchson
  • VNV Nation: Dark Angel
  • Geek in the Pink: Jason Mraz
  • One Republic: Apologize
  • Kelly Clarkson: Stronger
  • Pink: Raise your Glass


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