Patrick Munroe

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Patrick Munroe
Full name Patrick Munroe
Date of Birth March 11th, 2496
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Guan-Yin II
Specialization Doctor, specialising in internal medicine (gastroenterology, nephrology and endocrinology)
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 6ft 1", slender, about 11st
Status Inactive
Education Information

High school, university, medical school


Patrick Munroe is about six feet tall and slender. He has green eyes, short and dishevelled black hair and a stubbly beard. He looks somewhat handsome and friendly, always having a kind smile on his face. His clothes are rather unflashy, he wears blue jeans and a long-sleeved, black T-Shirt and he carries a small grey bag with first aid material and some medical tools.


Dr. Patrick Munroe was born on Londinium on March 11th 2496. His youth was rather unspectacular. He was always one of the best in school and decided to become a doctor when he was about 14. He liked the thought of being able to help people and cure so many kinds of bodily harm. In fact, he never understood how anyone could do anything else, so when he had finished school, he entered university and went through the usual way of medical education, just a bit faster than most other students.

He got a good, well-paid job as an internist in a hospital on the other side of Londinium and he should have been happy about it, but it just didn't feel right to him. The clean and sterile environment of the Core Worlds was unpleasant and boring to him, so one day he just decided to quit and find a ship to work on as a doctor and see more of the 'verse, which led him to the Guan Yin, where he works now.


Patrick has a strong urge to help people. His philosophy, both professional and private, is "Do no harm", being a doctor is not just a job to him. Whatever he does, he tries to help people and not to do any harm to anyone. He despises violence and would never touch a gun. On a personal level, he is also very helpful and kind, although he does not seem too cheerful most of the time. He has a dry, sometimes sarcastic humour, but never offending, but he seems rather serious and thoughtful most of the time.