Patrice 'Patty' Pike

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Full name Patrice 'Patty' Pike
Date of Birth April 9th 2501
Parents Never Named
Siblings Multiple half siblings, probably
Assignment Store Manager for Phoenix Supplies
Specialization Merchant
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue / Strawberry Blonde
Height and Weight 5' 2" / 110 lbs.
Status Inactive
Education Information

Correspondence degree in marketing

Employment History

Past - House Pearl / Present - Phoenix


Patrice has always been tight lipped about her childhood. It is known that she was born on Beylix. It's also known that she got out of there as soon as she could. There are various arrests on her criminal record involving multiple drug related charges, prostitution, and extortion. However nearly all those were as an accessory, and on none of them was she charged.

Present Status

Patty is presently heavily engaged in the Phoenix Store, The Guan Yin, and improving trade profits on the Phoenix ship. Moving around and trying to keep everything flowing smoothly is a monumental task. But so far one that she's managed to earn a great deal of money at.

Patty's personal life is currently in flux as well. It seems her current string of rotten luck in love is continuing, though with the introduction of at least one new lover things are looking up!


Patrice is a lovely girl, her beauty maybe not up to a thousand ships but certainly thousands of credits. She's a little on the short end at 5' 2", her build athletic and lithe. Her Irish heritage comes through strong in her pale as cream skin, accented by a spray of freckles across the bridge of her nose. The young girl's hair comes in shoulder length unruly waves of her natural strawberry blond, the color leaning more towards the copper berry tones than blond. The delicate arched brows over her ice blue eyes are a slightly more fiery red. Patrice's nose is pert and slightly upturned, just a tad too perfect to be natural. The lush lips below have a natural glossy pink tint though, showing perfect pearly whites when ever she smiles.

Patrice lives on her looks, and takes great care of herself. Every inch of her body is firm and toned, down to buns of steel and chiseled abs. But in total contrast to her athleticism she's got breasts, lending what otherwise might have been a slender figure a ripe lusciousness. Her freckles extend down to her body as well, gentle sprays of little dots across her shoulders and decolletage line. The dark little spots provide the only contrast to an otherwise flawless expanse of cream pale skin. When she speaks it's in a almost childishly high pitched voice, her enunciation clipped in the proper Londinium manner. But in times of stress and emotion she sometimes falls back into her thick rim world brogue of childhood.

Patrice seems to have gotten into some man's closet. Every inch of her almost is covered in clothing, often the same garment folded over many times. Her hair is pulled back into a simple pony tail, more to get it out of her way than any kind of fashion statement. The only feminine accent to her outfit is a slender band of white patent leather around her neck as a choker, a single small pearl set in a silver pendant in it's middle.

A men's pair of khaki slacks hangs off the curve of her hips, folded up around her narrow waist with the legs rolled up. The dark brown suspenders anchored with shiny metal clips are the only hope Patrice has of keeping the pants on. A tent like formal button down shirt billows over her, loose everywhere but across her chest. In that spot the pearl buttons strain to hold as it stretches to cover the one measurement of hers larger than the man she took the white shirt from.

Personality and Demeanor

Patty has problems. While she likes to project confidence, she has deep insecurities and addiction issues. A long partnership with drug abuse doesn't help anything either. So in effect she has two faces. The public one of a woman of business, who has the confidence to get exactly who and what she pleases. And then the private one, where her pain and need sabotage her own actions at every turn.

Recent Activities

By and large Patty tends to the day to day business of running the store. Most recently a number of renovations were made in an effort to keep the store competitive in an increasingly tough market. As well the store facilities were expanded to room and board the staff needed to keep the whole thing running.

As a personal favor to Olivia Piper, Patty spent some weeks aboard the Guan Yin as their cargo master. She developed close bonds with nearly all the members of that crew, and is currently attempting to deal with the stress and depression of misplacing one of them.